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Avatar n tn I started in March to finally get healthy...eating the right things and excercizing 5x week and I have gained 9 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel awful. I cannot understand why this is happening. I hate to say this, but jeez, I should have left well enough alone. I was a normal person before now I am completely consumed with my weight. I feel fat and ugly...I work so between 1300-1500 calories a day. I just want to get back to my starting weight of 120 (I'm 5'3").
Avatar f tn I ate a no fat yogurt for breakfast and hope the dairy is ok. ( I've been eating dairy with no problem, but only no fat dairy). I guess I am "lucky" that I have occasional irritable bowel attacks and this is NOT irrittable bowel pain. (my irritable bowel was always the same... Terrible gas pain, had to immediately lay on my left side and try to relax until the BM starts... First years constipation, last years diahrrea.).
579258 tn?1250652943 Any great recipes or grocery items to buy would be fantastic!! My biggest struggle right now is food because I get so sick of eating the same stuff. I would like some recipes with not so hard to find ingredients and not too difficult to manage. Thanks!
1516249 tn?1423465385 // “ Coconut Water:” “ Chia seeds: “ “ Fenugreek Seeds:” “ Alfalfa seeds:” “ Wheat grass: “ http://nutritiondata.self.
4274823 tn?1388532698 I just found another brand of yogurt made in my province that is 4% and available in a store I have been going to occasionally not far from home on foot. Store has more limited hours though. So I now have a couple options if I wish to eat full fat plain yogurt. I called the doctor's office to ask if an iron panel would be covered by government health insurance for a patient with reduced iron stores (ferretin result). I am waiting for a return call.
Avatar f tn And they really are small meals (I mean like sometimes 4 water crackers for breakfast ... or a 6 oz diet yogurt for lunch ... it's not like I'm eating something super-filling). Dinnertime is better and I can usually get more like 300-400 calories in for that meal, but I don't know what my doc is going to say. I see her Tuesday. At least we're all going through this together, right? :-/ Is it affecting your BPs at all?
649848 tn?1484935765 They have a lot of brands nutrition facts already in their app, including fast food salads, subs, yogurt...... If your food is not in their app, you can enter it. They also have the barcode scan. You can scan the barcode of what you are eating. The app calculate the calories you burn when you enter the exercise you did. I love this app. The exercise on demand have all kinds. Cardio, dance, kickboxing, Pilate and yoga, butt, core and abs, walking, weight loss, and personal training.
2059648 tn?1439770265 But while you're on treatment, with your body being barraged by these drugs, high quality, organic veggie juices give you fantastic nutrition. Especially when you're on the INC part of tx, and eating the 20grams of fat, I'm convinced that fresh veggie juice helped my husband immensely. Just my opinion, of course!
1516249 tn?1423465385 // “ Coconut Water:” “ Chia seeds: “ “ Fenugreek Seeds:” “ Alfalfa seeds:” “ Wheat grass: “ http://nutritiondata.self.
Avatar m tn Also, unless you're getting raw milk yogurt somewhere, yogurt too is pasteurized after fermentation, so to get live organisms in it you have to add them back in. Yogurt and kefir (the fermented milk you're talking about) typically only contain acidophilus and one other culture to make the yogurt; when they have more than that, it's because they're added in after pasteurization as a supplement, not in order to make the yogurt or the kefir.
1042487 tn?1275283499 These seemingly different disorders are ALL really the same problem–imbalances in nutrition and lifestyle habits. The imbalances take many shapes including schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson's disease. In addition, there are brain problems that fall on the lighter side of the broken brain continuum, and while many psychiatrists and neurologists wouldn't qualify these problems as treatable diseases, they still cause unnecessary suffering for many.
Avatar f tn Yogurt contains slightly more calcium. Yogurt contains healthful bacteria that promote intestinal health. The fermentation process of yogurt breaks down the proteins and the lactose for easier digestion. Buy organic. When you start cow's milk, it's preferable to buy organic. While milk is an extremely nutritious food, the antibiotics, hormones, and other stuff that are given to some dairy cows nowadays may be harmful.
162279 tn?1270604959 I have always breastfed until age 12 months or longer, so I'm not sure what to tell her? It's not okay, right? What things should I tell her are wrong about it? She says formula is just too expensive, and its not a big deal to do cows milk starting at 9 months.
20804558 tn?1517783610 That it is simply more difficult to consume calories in 8 hours than in the usual 12 plus that people usually have in their eating window. The smaller eating window is an advantage to changes and control in weight. This doctor said she had more patient compliance with the intermittent fasting approach than diets. Sharing ideas. :>) I know, it's always a struggle. And one little thing happens and we are out for things like exercise. I hurt my calf . . .
Avatar n tn It tastes HORRIBLE, so there's no way I could sprinkle it in yogurt. But he said it it usually effective in the treatment of B. hominis. The other treatment, which my daughter was happy to take, was Nitazoxanide. It's a prescription, but we got it without a prescription from Mexico (under the brand name ParaMix). We are currently undergoing the treatment, so I don't know the results yet. Our nutritionist claims that Paramix is absolutely effective though.
Avatar f tn I've had an excess mucus problem since age 27 (I'm now 63!). I've heard that lots of our physical, and even mental problems could be caused by a lack of sufficient types of enzymes. Internal inflammation is a condition that seems to be prevalent these days. Supplemental enzymes are supposed to be of great help for that.
Avatar n tn Bummer about your mother, sorry to hear that but as Chevy said, you did the absolute right thing and you will always have peace in your heart by doing the right thing and thats better then an inheritance. Chev I am taking all your good advice and using it! I bought a pair of big comfy suede chais chairs, a very soft throw, bought him a new laptop {to do his ebay}, I am cooking up a storm and backing off when I see that look in his eye!
Avatar n tn briefly you should avoid eating meat, eggs and too much fry.Tea, the spices spicy, fatty food , yogurt, are the worst thing for the liver. Eggs, drugs, salty snacks, snack, chips, pastries and confectionery products, sandwiches, frozen and too salty quickly poached salt vinegar sauce and tomato juice Pickled roasted foods. These are enemy of liver.
Avatar n tn I believe as more and more people are looking into complimentary medical treatments, that traditional medicine will be forced to recognize certain facts. And one of these facts is that the use of antibiotics has led to candidiasis in many people and that these "people" have to be treated for it. As I see it, We have all strayed so far from how we were designed to live. We feed our bodies junk (even what we think is good is really junk), and then we wonder why we are so unhealthy.
Avatar n tn There are some foods that are higher in sodium, like deli meats and turkey bacon and ham, these are fine once in a while. I wouldn't make a habit out of eating them, however. Stick with fresh meats, fowl, and fish. This can be difficult for some people to stick to, but if you are motivated, you can easily drop 5-8 pounds per WEEK doing this thing. Could be more, depending on how much you have to lose. There's no limit on how much of this you should eat. Just eat when you're hungry.
Avatar f tn If you like yogurt, try eating some of that, just anything that you crave, this will be a good start and hopefully, the stomach aches and nauseated feelings will get better.
4274823 tn?1388532698 I just found out that lentils are a good source of iron. According to the nutrition facts on a package of dried red lentils they have 40% of one's daily value for iron in 3/4 cup (100 g). I plan to start eating them more regularly.
Avatar f tn There are many necessary minerals and vitamins for hair growth, and proper nutrition or nutritional supplements can go a long way toward restoring natural hair growth. Hair loss is a problem both men and women experience. Hair loss is more common as people grow older, but can affect younger people as well. Those with thinning hair, especially women, are often very self-conscious about their appearance.
Avatar f tn The federal government started pushing dairy with the Milk Marketing Board over a hundred years ago. Before that, nobody drank a whole lot of milk. Some cultures ate yogurt, some kefir, some drank a glass here and there, but that's when this big thing about drinking tons of milk came in. When you and I were growing up we were told to drink 8 glasses of milk a day. Problem is, first, milk isn't well absorbed by many people, and while it's high in calcium it's very low in magnesium.
Avatar f tn Bornwarrior I agree with you!!!! Obviously I don't know anything with scientific blah blah blah but I've known people and my holistic doctor has treated people and successfully reversed MS and other diseases as well through detox, nutrition, and supplements. People that beleive in natural medicine will always be in the minority. Even the doctors are in minority. As long as YOU have faith in it and it makes YOU feel better than don't worry what other patients or doctors say.
Avatar f tn I rarely go for seconds, we eat off the small dinner plates I think some call them salad plates anyway they are not the saucer size. I've been thinking maybe I should start eating off a saucer. I drink lots of water. Soda Pops, chips, cookies, candies, pie or cake as a whole I do not keep in the house on a regular basis. At night I usually get a sweet tooth ..sigh.. I usually have a half a apple and some dates. Any advice on how to keep my weight down?
Avatar n tn As far as supplements go, if you eat right (as suggested above), you should get everything your body needs from proper nutrition. It's natural for human beings to want to just *do something* when a chronic/uncurable illness is ailing them (especially if it involves a "quick fix" that only involves swallowing pills). That something nowadays is taking supplements of all varieties.
Avatar n tn Unbelievable! The same thing thing has happened to me for years! Whenever I start running or weight lifting at higher intensities, sure enough I end up getting very sick with what I think is the flu! I always get so frustrated because as soon as I start making great progress, I seem to take two steps back by getting "the flu" for a week. As a matter-of-fact, I am sick now and have been running quite a bit and weight training. I know I have been eating right and I take supplements.
Avatar n tn The only thing I could associate with the change was eating chocolate and can recall an increase in my chocolate consumption over the past two weeks. Can an adult develop a food allergy from out of nowhere?
Avatar n tn by jj,hi i have been taking napolina for almost 2months now at first i was running to the bathroom very often,but as the time went by i went about 3 to4 time a day,to be honest since i started taking napolina with eating right and excercising i have lost so much belly fat,i feel so much energy when working out and i have no symtoms from this product,believe me these diet pills might work yes but when u do stop taking them all the weight comes right back,the key to weight loss is to eat right and