Eating oxycontin vs snorting

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Avatar f tn Inside were small round tablets I was able to identify off the internet as oxycontin. I read about how people abuse them by crushing snorting, and, surprise, surprise, decided to try it myself. My dose kept being gradually increased until over the last few weeks it was 100 mg per day. I've been on it now for 4 1/2 weeks.
Avatar n tn i guess i will go into my whole story some other time just in case it helps even 1 person, but for now, i need HELP! i was on 180mgs of oxycontin and 90 mgs of instant release (IR) oxycodone (the stuff in percocet w/o the tylenol) a day for legit pain from an excruciating disease. my very 1st WD symptom is not typical i guess. i get extreme, unbearable, intractable leg pain. and this began happening before i EVER tapered down the drugs.
Avatar n tn As far as other side effects, well of course there is the liver which you mentioned and the kidneys. Thankfully there isn't tylenol in the oxycontin, but the tylenol with percs is surely compromising these organs' well being. My very good friend, a percocet abuser, just got off a dialysis machine 2 days ago, for failed liver and kidney function. He is an otherwise healthy 32 year old man. Then there are changes that occur to the brain, that in many cases can be permanent.
429155 tn?1205676864 MY PERSONAL DIARY OF OXYCONTIN WITHDRAWAL. May I briefly fill in a little background.I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
Avatar n tn I posted a thread to my fellow addicts on oxycontin about three weeks ago. This has not been easy by any means. However, with the love and support of Narcotics Anonymous I have been able to do what I thought I could never do. Now I know why some want Methadone after being on Opiates for so long. Only, I know how good having a couple of months clean can be. Even better what it feels like to have a year clean!
Avatar n tn I was taking a truckload of Oxycontin after an auto accident left me with back and neck problems ( surgeries ) I was taking oxy but was not long before i started chewing them. Was chewing 4 1/2 80mg pills and also taking 180 norco 10/325's alonf with 240 5mg oxtcodone for breakthru pain. One day I chewed 5 oxy 80mg pills and I knew I had to be done.I decided to go cold turkey and it has been a little over 2 weeks of absolute skincrawling anxiety wheeling hell!!!
Avatar n tn I suggest that if you are gonna taper, you give up your pills to someone you trust.. Addicts cannot follow their own taper schedule.. rarely do they follow through to the end of a taper.. They tend to "borrow" from other doses. Or take 2-3 at a time.. Tapers have to be done slow and steady.. no spiking of the doses, sticking to a strict schedule.. here is an article I found helpful with tapering. Time for some technical talk...
8205103 tn?1397008103 Because we really do not enjoy eating and feeling full. I would cut out the soda. It is terrible for you. Drink an electrolyte filled juice instead. And at least start taking a multi vitamin every day. Yes, this stuff makes your period stop and that is not a good thing. Maybe this will trigger something for you. Doing opiates is aging. I takes it's toll quite quickly too. You really do want to look good don't you? It dries out your skin and causes premature wrinkles.
Avatar f tn And regarding the mom's vs. child ratio what are they implying that the more children you have the more partners you have had so the better chance you have the disease?
Avatar n tn The difference between Contolled Vs. non-controlled substances is: It is illegal to possess a controlled substance if you don't have a prescription for it... Not Illegal to possess a non-controlled substance. I think that is all, but if you're out there, MrMichael, anything I forgot?
Avatar n tn Another issue these days is Oxycontin. You can take so much oxycodone now that w/d can be far worse than a sizeable heroin habit. I w/d from 800mgs oxycodone daily, and I survived. I did wean a little and do a 30 day done' detox, but it was pretty brutal. However, w/ding from a benzo (klonopin) habit was worse. I didn't sleep at all for 23 days and went insane. I wasn't as horrible depressed as I was w/ding from opiates though, just totally withdrawn, like I was watching life go by on a TV.
Avatar m tn My take on it is that if a person is on Heroin or Methadone, then Suboxone is probably justified. Perhaps even for those on very heavy doses of Oxycontin - (over 200 mg/day) may be justified in using Sub to kick the addiction. However, anything short of that may result in only swapping one drug for another. Sub is 40 times stronger than Oxy and although it does not give the ‘high’ we were accustomed to, it is more addictive than most people’s DOC.
79998 tn?1291188201 I worked my way up to 2-3 bags per day (20 dollars a bag) using them at one dose at night, or two doses within an hour because I felt nothing usually after about an hour. I was snorting these. The first time I tried cold turkey, I relapsed because I had the opium pods around. I didn't get rid of them and after a week I figured I can use them here and there and not get addicted, horrible mistake.
Avatar n tn Wanted to drop a line because some of the advice I'm reading here has me concerned. For 18 months I was addicted to OxyContin & Heroin. I was snorting 3-5 80mg OC's per day and 5-7 bags of Heroin per day as well. I tried weening with Vicodin first, which didn't work(100 pills in 36 hours & still in withdrawl). Then I tried Tramadol, which surprisingly helped more with the withdrawl than the Vics. In the end, i always ended up back on the OC's & the Heroin.
Avatar m tn The mental stuff is the worst in my opinion.You can do it.I am 60 days clean from 150-200+ oxycontin perday.It will get better I promise you that.The first five days are the roughest physically then you just tough it out day by day.In just 21 days you will notice a big difference.Kepp posting and let us know how you are doing.
Avatar f tn I didn't go into it much detail on my last post, but my now, 8 months clean son, had an unbelievable Oxycontin addiction - it started with a Norco prescription after an accident and a year plus later, by the time I figured out the holistic approach, rather than the medical approach (more drugs), he had relapsed over and over. Eight months ago, he was shooting up as many as 20 80 mg. Oxy's per day. Very close to death twice in those last couple of weeks.
Avatar n tn He would to know what will happen if oxycontin get taken off the market. He is a heavy oxycontin user (shoots), and i don't think using lighter opiates will help him much. Plus, he definately does NOT want the tylanol in the quantities he would need to use to match his current habit. There is a lot talk about oxycontin and exactly how long they will be available.
Avatar f tn So far I havn't felt the least bit nauseated, no diarrhea, no cramping, ive been eating like a pig, and baby has been moving like always :) I usually feel awful if its been a day without and now im on day 2! I cant believe it. Im guessing its the new mindset I have and the fact it HAS to be done! I have kept busy all day today. Its hard to get motivated but I know it will make the day get by faster and the WD's in the past. Im guessing the little bit of weaning I did helped?
Avatar m tn not only ache but real weakness. I am eating the best I can and supplimenting it with ensure. Is this normal? When can I expect this body pain and lack of motivation to end.
Avatar m tn Everyone is different when they wd. I'm on day 6 off of 8-10 80mg oxy's a day. Um.....not to mention I was snorting and shooting them along with heroin. When I don't have pills I would just get dope cause quite frankly it's way cheaper. I'm off subject.sorry. The worst part should b hitting u now so if u can get through this u can make it. It's just staying clean after getting clean. That's the hard part.I have to take suboxone or else I can't do it.