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Avatar n tn Hello, I am in my early twenties and recently had my upper left premolar extracted and replaced with an implant. I know that bone loss can occur when a tooth is extracted, and the implant is supposed to prevent such bone loss from occurring, but will there be any bone loss at all? I am really concerned because I am so young and don't want my facial appearance to change. Thank you so much.
Avatar f tn so your infection in your tooth would have nothing to do with that. HOWEVER, the lingering infection in your tooth COULD cause your immune system to become weaker, and therefore making it harder to sustain a pregnancy with even a healthy baby. Again I'm sorry for your loss and I'm sure your doctor can tell you more about this than I can. Hope I helped tho and GL in the future!
1357784 tn?1277339288 Hello Penny100, Before I research this for you through my several channels of expert help, I was wondering, can you tell me does your grand daughter have a genetic disorder, disease or syndrome? I am just curious if I should be looking up answers with respect to Genetic conditions or referring you to a dental forum. I would like to help you to the best advice possible, but I need a bit more information if that is possible.
Avatar n tn it was vertically impacted. The surgeon removed the tooth and told me my nerve under the tooth was in tact, but he felt I would experience temporary loss of sensation resulting from the surgery. I am feeling numbness and discomfort (not pain) in my front lower jaw and my chin and lower lip from midline to my outer right lip area. It just seems strange to me that I'm feeling discomfort in this area more so than the actual area where the impacted tooth was removed... is this normal????
1809109 tn?1331803777 DNA testing can give a definitive diagnosis, but not all the genetic markers for Charcot Marie Tooth Syndrome are known. Genetic testing involves taking DNA generally from a swab of saliva or a sample of blood. According to the Human Genetics Society of Australasia (HGSA), there are presently around 220 DNA diagnostic tests available from 44 laboratories across Australia. The cost of genetic testing procedures varies, from less than $100 to more than $1000, depending on various factors.
Avatar n tn I myself was 3wks early, my mum was 8wks early, my boyfriend was 7wks early, his mum was 10wks early...is there even any truth to it?
Avatar f tn Undecided about getting the early genetic testing. I am 9 weeks now, 31 years old, 1st baby. We are worried it will cause unnecessary worry, but we have to decide by the beginning of next week. Any opinions?
947190 tn?1286991297 I've been treated twice for chronic Hepatitis C. Since the onset of the first treatment, (February, 2004), I have been losing my teeth. They simply "break" apart and fall out of my mouth. There's no pain involved but, I now have only 1 1/2 teeth remaining in my mouth. None of my "Doctors" offer me any advice, help, direction. What is happening to me?????? (It's not just tooth loss either. Every body system is being affected).
Avatar m tn Hair loss can be genetic if you have males in your family that went bald at an early age. You may not eating enough protein which may cause hair loss too, but usually in clumps. From your height and weight you wrote you are about 18lbs underweight for your height.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know the percent of bone loss a tooth has to have before it is no longer able to be saved? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Myelin is the substance that coats our nerves, both in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Demyelination, or loss of the myelin sheath, can occur around the brain and/or in the peripheral nerves. Hypotonia, or low muscle tone, can also result from problems in either part of the nervous system or muscles.
Avatar f tn ) So im wondering if anacephaly is genetic? Is there anything I can do to prevent it? I figure im very early in pregnancy so maybe I can do something extra to insure it doesnt happen. I dont want to ask my cousin because I hate to bring up her loss. Any info is appreciated!
1336659 tn?1275890125 Pes cavovarus, the most common type of pes cavus, is seen primarily in neuromuscular disorders such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, and in cases of unknown aetiology, conventionally termed as ‘idiopathic’ . Pes cavovarus presents with the calcaneus in varus, the first metatarsal plantarflexed and a claw-toe deformity . Radiological analysis of pes cavus in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease shows the forefoot is typically plantarflexed in relation to the rearfoot .
Avatar f tn Many people with MS are naturally concerned about the chances of the disease being experienced by other family members and children. Unfortunately genetic counselling and genetic screening are difficult to provide due to the lack of definitive knowledge regarding the genetic control of the disease. However, if you have MS, it is important to be aware that the risk for first-degree relatives of people with MS is greater than the risk to second-degree relatives.
Avatar f tn It may be genetic. Is there males in the family that have lost hair at an early age and bald? If not, he needs to eat a protein source at every meal --- meat / fish, or daily (milk, cheese, yogurt), or non meat sources (rice & beans, pasta & beans, low fat cheese & pasta). At 17 years old, he needs 2800-3000 calories per day which would be spread between 3 meals and snacks.
Avatar f tn I am on my 5th pregnancy, only 2 so far have went to term (I have posted details previously in other posts). My son was a week over due and labour started the day before I was to be induced (sound similar mamaof4410?lol). My daughter quit growing at 36 weeks so I was induced at 38 weeks with her. Seems like each one is unique. My mom had 4 kids (lost 2 after birth to a genetic disorder) all of us were 2 weeks- 2 months early...
Avatar m tn Due to a genetic disorder, I've been taking warfarin for over 6 years and doing fine. My INR is always between 2 - 3. I need to have tooth extraction and implant. Do I have to stop taking Warfarin or can I just continue since my numbers are so good? I read that some people stay on warfarin with no negative problems having a tooth implant. .
Avatar f tn What are the benefits vs. downfall to genetic testing. Three of the six sisters in my family have breast cancer. One just passed away. The other two were both diagnosed with stage I. The clinics do not seem interested in testing you unless you are positive for the cancer. The one sister with cancer wants her ovaries removed-but the surgeon won't remove them without genetic testing. This does not make sense because cancer is cancer. Why let the ugly disease spread?
Avatar f tn t expecting a physician to necessarily answer my question but I really really really want to say thank you I have spent a long time dealing with the symptoms of what I am told is Charcot Marie Tooth but the genetic testing is quite expensive and that's even if insurance will pay for it.If the nerve biopsy is another option I will probably go with that after discussing it with my neurologist of course. Thank you again for a straightforward answer and then some!
Avatar n tn Stress,illness,fungal infections of the scalp, certain medications, autoimmune conditions like alopecia areata all can lead to hair loss. It is best to see a dermatologist and get examined. Early treatment can give good results. Do keep me posted. Take care and best wishes!
1058622 tn?1254346187 The tooth began to fall out, piece by piece, and was painful at times, but I ignored it. Now, after it happened to another tooth almost directly across my bottom jaw, the first tooth has begun to hurt to the point that I can not eat on that side. Today, I noticed a small swollen lump directly under the first rotten tooth. I haven't had dental insurance, and just applied when the pain began. It hurts badly, but hasn't pussed or anything like that.
Avatar n tn m refering to a ring like, half circle like, structure immediately above my canine tooth. It protrudes and makes my upper lip area protruding. Is this some kind of a genetic disorder or it has to do with the fact that I have a narrow face, or with something else? Is this the right subforum? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Sometimes I think Jeremiah may be teething as well. He is 3 months and 1 week....and has been drooling for the past month and just in the past 2 weeks is putting his hands in his mouth..but not to use them as a pacifier, but rather bite down on them! I wonder if your little guy will get a tooth early...it's possible...but like tiredbuthappy said, it could be a few more months as well! A friend of mine said her baby got a tooth at just 3 months! So it's possible.