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294817 tn?1263840438 i felt like my immune system was weakened. So maybe a UTI can go hand and hand with pregnancy. One of my first symptoms was that my breast were sore.
Avatar n tn i normally have excellent control and have never expereinced anything like this. is this a symptom of pregnancy? could it be a uti? i was thinking of getting some cranberry pills, since the thought of drinking juice makes my stomach turn.
Avatar n tn Are you having any cramping or bleeding? The signs you are talking about sound like pregnancy not mc. Sorry for your previous loss. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I am about five weeks pregnant (positive pregnancy test three days ago) and for the past three days I have been having pain in the lower right side of my stomach. Just a dull, annoying kind of pain, but since this is my first pregnancy, it makes me a little nervous. I have no bleeding, but I was wondering if this is normal? It may just be gas or my body stretching inside a bit. Just wondering if any of you have experienced this and when did you got to the doctor to have it checked out.
Avatar n tn Implantation signs are usually cramps. I don't know of any others. I would say to test at Day 30 with a test that can detect hcg sooner. I used First Response "Test 4 days sooner". Get a 2 or 3 pack in case it's negative and test again a couple days later. I am always anxious to take a test, so I just buy a big pack and keep testing until I get a positive or a period. Good luck! Let us know what happens.
1694136 tn?1357656338 Urinary frequency is a sing of pregnancy. Best wishes too you...when do you plan to test?
Avatar f tn I take it 2 a day and even when i go to drs apt is still shows positive for uti so im not sure if its related to the uti or if its early signs of labor coming
Avatar f tn The drs say that the twins and I are looking good and stable now that I am on procardia, but i have a shortened cervix and am still contracting a little, dialated to 1cm, and had signs of a slight uti. I am on steroids to help the babies brains and lungs develop, an antibiotic, and a med to slow any signs of early labor.
Avatar f tn just wanted to get an idea on what some of your first signs of pregnancy was and how soon you noticed? I'm still in my first week after ovulation, so too soon to take a test. I've been experiencing slight cramps the last few days, then last night I was hit with a horrible migraine and vomiting, as well as urinating every half hour and diarrhea.
Avatar f tn you don't want to have a UTI or something ontop of that because that can be dangerous for a new pregnancy or so I've heard... Good luck to you and I hope it's a pregnancy, not the bladder!
1413798 tn?1281847607 are these early signs of pregnancy? First let me start you of with my period dates. Last Period: July 30- Aug4 I had sex Aug 6th A. Feeling a little crampy and woozy 4 days after sex, urinated with light colored blood on tissue (Once) B. 7 days after sex I had thick, white creamy discharge (For a day) C. Breast feeling fuller and sore (For the Last 5 days) Went up a cup size D. Feeling Randomly Hot E. Urinating more often Period's not due for 8 days.
Avatar f tn I had 2 uti in the beginning of my pregnancy and when I asked my doctor about it he said if they go untreated it can cause early labour and health complications for my baby ... So he gave me a medicine that was only 3 days and it cleared up and now both baby and I are healthy as can be!! :) you should really consider taking the meds ...
Avatar f tn Semen had slipped and then i started to show some signs of pregnancy - frequent urination (hourly), tingly/sore breasts, i felt nauseous now and then but nothing too bad and I also felt this pressure type of feeling on both sides of my belly button... it was stronger on the right side though... then I didn't get my period... 4days later i started to pass clots and I had light bleeding.. I used about 1pad a day for 7days... So I thought I obviously wouldn't be pregnant..
Avatar n tn Since you haven't had a period since November, it is highly unlikely that you would have ovulated two weeks ago. If so, and hpt would be positive, as well as a beta serum test. At four weeks (2 weeks gestation), you will proabably NOT see anything. I had an u/s at 5 weeks, and they could see the amniotic sac, but that was it. I don't believe that you could be pregnant.
Avatar f tn I went to hospital due to bad cramping, which I thgt cld be due to period (which has gotten bad with the increase of my age) cause it was that time and possible a uti they did a pregnancy test that'd how I found out I was pregnant, he said he cld be tubal because I Shldnt cramp , but he gave me a shot of antibiotic nd 4antibotic pills but he never Tld Me if I had an infection (this was a ghetto hospital it was closest to me) anyway since the shot nd the pills I haven't had any pain or cramps thi
Avatar m tn I wake up to the smell of coffee every weekend, but yesterday I couldnt stand the smell of it and it made me sick to my stomache. What is really going on?
Avatar n tn She currently is taking Macrodantin for a UTI. Here's the problem, she's showing signs of a Kidney infection, which according to everything I have seen increases the chances of low birth weight, and since low birth weight is associated with many many other potential issues, I'm obviously concerned. Last week we had a routine appointment at which my wife complained of feeling the beginning symptoms of a UTI (she had many as an adolescent and is very familiar with the feeling).
Avatar n tn i was on the pill for 4 months and in november of 09 i had to stop taking them because they were working to well in making my body think it was pregnant and i had every sign of early pregnancy and the pills would make me sooo sick it was crazy, so i stopped taking them and then i got my period because i stopped the pills (12-15-09) (didn't know that would happen by the way lol know now) and i wasn't pregnant, couldn't see the gyno until the 4th of jan.
Avatar f tn The stress can make a women's cycle go haywire, and you could just end up being late from that. Any 'sypmtoms' or signs of pregnancy wouldn't be affecting you yet if you were pregnant.. And never count on 'symptoms' to point to pregnancy, because many women never experience anything like morning sickness or mood swings. I'm thinking you're not pregnant, but just keep an eye out for your next period, and just remember to not stress about it yet! Good luck and Best wishes!
Avatar f tn one early morning I woke up with terrible pain in my left lower back (around my kidney). this pain was like pain I've never had before. I'm 14 years old, not sexually active and I've been through MANY painful experiences, period cycles & procedures etc. this pain was SO bad I was crawling on my knees to get ahold of Advil and clenching onto things while making my way to my parents room and explain to them what was happening.
Avatar n tn Hi I was reading some of the signs of miscarriage, and im not to sure if I am in the early stages of one. I found out I am pregnant the first of this month and ever since their has been some bleeding off and on. At first pink and most of the time brownish. Sometimes red. Its always on the tissue. But there has been some clots at the bottom of the toilet little tiny ones. I just dont know if Im in the process of having one or not. I have had some cramping but nothing painful.
461781 tn?1285613081 I know its waaay too early to think about it and maybe I'm wishful thinking... Do any of you have any early pregnancy symptoms?
231441 tn?1333896366 Just releax you will be ok, I had many months almost a year of pregnancy signs thru out my cycles, up until I found out i was actually pregnant back in dec, so it will happen enjoy ur non-pregnant body now and doing things u like to do, without worrying or getting depressed about not being pregnant.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if vaginal discharge could be a sign of early pregnancy. I miscarried 10 years ago and have no child as of yet. Have been trying for 5 years. Finally, last month I didn't chart period. Think I am late (period around thanksgiving)Breasts are swollen and nipples very sensitive. Only other sign is a lot of milky/white discharge, like for ovulation. I am probably being just hopefully, but I am scared to do HPT. Any comments...please....Thanks.
Avatar n tn Every month i have symptoms like breast tenderness,tiredness,digestive problems,bloating and twinges in lower abdomen for about a week prior to my period.All of these symptoms resemble early pregnancy symptoms.Since i have been ttc,it becomes very difficult for me to understand during the two week wait.Kindly share your opinions.
Avatar n tn I plan on taking another later this week after I am suppose to start. I have had some signs of pregnancy but not all the signs of pregnancy. My breast are tender. I have had frequent urination and I'm tired a lot a little nausea here and there too. Has anyone here that has posted actually had a positive test and been pregnant or is this possibly just another side affect? I am really worried I already care for 4 children. 3 of my own and 1 that is my sister.