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Avatar f tn get a pregnancy test but have made the decision to wait to see if my period arrives. I'm curious to know what signs/symptoms of early pregnancy (3/4 weeks) did other women have? Also has anyone else noticed any changes in their vagina/cervix to make them wonder if they are very early pregnant?
Avatar n tn Hello ladies! Again! heh =) I was just curious what some of your early early symptoms of pregnancy were. Like early as in 2-3 dpo and on! For some of us waiting I know this would be great to obssess over! Thanks!
Avatar n tn lol i was same with my boy i always though i was pregnant as id neva been preg b4 uva than i early miscarage! i always would come on just as id test 4 pregnancy the early symtoms of periods coming is exactly the same!! until i was 7weeks then i was sick for 6months solid! i cried when test was positive i didnt belive as id give up testing as i was so upset every neg test! i was 2weeks late when got courage to test! i thought after 1 baby my body wud b great at holding on to babys!
Avatar f tn Does anybody know any of the multitude of early pregnancy signs. Obviously, missed AF, but anything that might be construed as a sign very early on. I am 12 dpo and have been feeling a little strange. I was actually pregnant back in March, but had a m/c at 7 weeks. As I was giving myself a break the one month I became pregnant, I wasn't aware of any signs until after it was confirmed.
Avatar f tn Just don't want bigger age gap than 3 yrs and my daughter will be 3 in early March. It was kind of funny, in January when we were certain I was pregnant. We were on our way home from visiting my family and he stopped at a gas station, returning with maybe 6 different candy bars. (I was grumpy). I guess the clerk asked if he wanted a drink with that and his response was "nah, just a cranky pregnant lady needs some chocolate ". Irrelevant I know.
508203 tn?1233238404 I cant believe you are also on the 16th, thats good to know, that i am not the only one. I am glad that you starting to have symptoms, like stomach, i get upset stomach often so dont know, if its normal or not, i had weird sensation today also.
Avatar f tn During the very early days of pregnancy, do you get light cramping? (no bleeding) i was told by someone that its the baby bedding its self in. is this true and is my cramping normal.
202615 tn?1271373104 So I went to the store and saw the Clearblue easy monitor...it was $189.00 and the test strips were $ 40.00 for 30 it didn't say anything about a smiley face...does clearblue have different monitors or is this the right one??
Avatar f tn I've had only negative tests so far since i missed my period almost 2 weeks ago, but i've been gassy as hell the last week and a half (coming from both ends!), moody, crampy the last few days, tired, dizzy, bloated, and my bras seem to have shrunk (and that area is really sore). But negative hcg tests. Go figure. My doc wants me to retest in a week and possibly do a blood test or ultrasound in case i'm one of those weird cases that has low hcg. Anyway, i'll find out this week.
Avatar n tn well i'm having no signs for pregnancy (but still hoping) and am due for af anywhere from today (day 30) till monday (day 35) - i got my period last time on the 35th day of cycle, but normally run a 30-32 day cycle. but if i don't have my af (G-d Willing) by monday a.m. i'm going in to the dr.
Avatar n tn I have a 2yr old daughter and when I was pregnant with her I had no pains, no upset stomach, no signs of pregnancy. I dont want to waste money on taking a test since I have been cramping as if I was going to get my period. One thing too is that my breast are really sore and that never happens to me when i get my period and I did get slight tenderness with my daughters pregnancy..... Has anyone else felt like this and ended up pregnant?
Avatar n tn On the 4th - I stopped bleeding altogether. I was very upset b/c of course I know red blood is not a good sign in early pregnancy. I didn't have any cramping though so i thought maybe I was ok. I went to the doctor for blood tests on both Januray 4th & again on the 6th. When I called on the 5th for some information - I was told my progesterone was 3.8 & hCG was 48 & that I was most likely miscarrying. Well, it is now Sunday night, Jan.
Avatar n tn https://www.medhelp.
5627628 tn?1400009816 If nothing happens tonight ill be induced tomorrow because of hbp and history of preclampsyia with my last pregnancy. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Did the vet draw off any of the fluid to see what it is? There is any number of reasons that an abdominal cavity can fill with fluid, many of them quite serious, and there are quite a few different types off fluids that it could be, so before any kind of diagnosis can be given, the vet needs to determine what the fluid is so that he can determine where it is coming from. In other words, you can't treat it if you don't know what it is.
237300 tn?1231458318 Hi, Here is my story................. I'm only 3 days late of my periods, I took a test at home on my first day late and it was Neg, Anyways I had a appoinment with the Doc for some thing else and told her so she i took a test there and it came up with a faint line. She said I'm most poperly Peg but its early stages. Anyways my bro in-law happen to be a consultent and he said come down and have a blood test. So after few hours. It came out that I am Pregnancy!!!
Avatar n tn for the past 3 days I've been sick, upset stomach,vomiting, motion sickness when out doing errands, overly tired, sore breasts. my period is due on Christmas, but none of my normal signs it's coming have shown their face. is it possible to get a false negative or could it have been too early to tell?
Avatar f tn anyone familiar or heard, know, experienced taking subutex while pregnant? i am now on 1mg per day and there is limited studies. please help.
Avatar n tn I have a missed period for 15 days now and have had the stomach flutters on my right side of my abdomen but no other signs of pregnancy... Home pregnancy test came back negative.. I have a doc appointment tomorrow, will keep every one posted. There is no way I am pregnant..
1250698 tn?1371354879 My cousin had a negative preg test and is showing more symptoms of pregnancy than I am..lol. *Fingers crossed*...no morning sickness or sore breasts as of yet.
1448688 tn?1284728670 You could be or it could be symptoms of getting off of birth control. The only thing you can so is wait until your period is due or a couple days before and test. Unfortunately with symptoms they aren't accurate to determine pregnancy so you could have every symptom and still not be pregnant.
Avatar n tn i was on the pill for 4 months and in november of 09 i had to stop taking them because they were working to well in making my body think it was pregnant and i had every sign of early pregnancy and the pills would make me sooo sick it was crazy, so i stopped taking them and then i got my period because i stopped the pills (12-15-09) (didn't know that would happen by the way lol know now) and i wasn't pregnant, couldn't see the gyno until the 4th of jan.
Avatar f tn but i have had clear stringy and sticky mucus never had this before not even during ovulation. i was just wondering if these are symptoms of early pregnancy and if i should wait a while before i get a test done.
Avatar n tn lol today is day 28 of my second round of clomid, i gave in yesterday and took a pregnancy test but it came out a big fat negative. I am upset but still keeping my fingers crossed. Last time on my first round of clomid i tested on day 27 and got a negative but then tested 4 days later and got a positive, but i had a miscarriage at 6.5 weeks. I'm hoping it worked again, but i have no symptoms like i did last time. I had really sore breasts and was nauseous a week before my period was due.
Avatar n tn Hi I was reading some of the signs of miscarriage, and im not to sure if I am in the early stages of one. I found out I am pregnant the first of this month and ever since their has been some bleeding off and on. At first pink and most of the time brownish. Sometimes red. Its always on the tissue. But there has been some clots at the bottom of the toilet little tiny ones. I just dont know if Im in the process of having one or not. I have had some cramping but nothing painful.
Avatar f tn today for awhile i even felt sick to my stomach for awhile.. I was wondering if it could be implant bleeding or if its a light early period.. Has anyone else had this happen?? I need help i am testing friday.. But im scared its going to be negative.. This is the 3rd month of trying to conceive.. And around the time i ovulated i had sex three times that day and a total of 9 the whole month.. Not much but ya.. It should only take one time..