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Avatar f tn In 36 weeks and recently I belive I lost my mucas plug about 5 days ago and since then I have been having a bloody show also I can not sleep at all at night when I wake up in the middle of night I feel real nasous like I'm going to vomit and throughout the day I get really bad stomach leg and back cramps.... Has anyone else experienced this or know If this could be early signs of labor?
Avatar n tn The ultrasound showed that my uturas (sp) was at a normal size and there were no signs of pregnancy... So from there I had to go have my blood drawn to prove that I was pregnant before... there was low level of Hgc (? is that right) in my blood... That was on the 28 and 30 of November. Today I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive.... Could it still be showing positive from the miscarriage before... or could I really be pregnant all ready????
468452 tn?1225968488 No energy Sleeping problems - can't get to sleep or waking in the early hours and not being able to get back to sleep Crying a lot, often over the smallest things or for no reason at all Can't eat or over-eating Feeling emotionally disconnected from or even rejected by the baby or Overly anxious and over protective of the baby Lack of motivation to get up and do anything A constant underlying sense of anxiety maybe escalating into panic attacks.
Avatar n tn A very strong posibility its something called molar pregnancy... i've not heard of it before but I've had some bloods taken today and they wanted me to have a d & c straight away but I said no. I'd rather wait for nature to take its course. I've had no bleeding, no pain nothing. Im still hopeful that the sac will appear but I know it won't..... Im so numb from it all..... I don't really know what to do. thanks for all your support anyway.
Avatar f tn anyone familiar or heard, know, experienced taking subutex while pregnant? i am now on 1mg per day and there is limited studies. please help.
1915587 tn?1330315533 Hi, I was wondering what the early signs of pregnancy are? i've googled it, but i wanna know if anyone has experienced what i have. I've been tired and moody lately, i've also been a little sick to my stomach, and my lower back has been killing me and i've had a "golden" color discharge. are these signs of pregnancy? I cant test until at least christmas eve due to i'm in the 2ww. but i've been feeling really weird lately.
403255 tn?1278816866 I live in the UK and do you know that when we have told family and friends that I have an ectopic they all react the same way. To my surprise both the A and E department and the Early Pregnancy Unit have all seemed to take this like it is just one of those things. They wouldn't have actually caught it if I hadn't nagged. When I was initially scanned on Wed 16/06 I complained that I had pain in my right side even thugh the US tech said my uterus was all normal size.
Avatar m tn Its not impossible for women you age to get pregnant but in most cases farther intervention may be needed, especially if the tests your Dr did, did infact show early signs of menopause...
Avatar f tn Can someone tell me what either menopause (if it is early menopause as my mother and her mother had menopause early on) or if you can tell me if after-pregnancy hormone imbalances can cause these problems? I have had extensive blood work done, and although I get worse all the time, there was nothing indicating problems in my blood work.
Avatar n tn Congrat of your (+) !! I have heard that you cannot see anything until about 5 weeks. I noticed you said you got pregnant while on the the pill. Were you on meds or anything? I am asking because a couple of weeks ago I was taking antibiotic and pain meds for dental surgery. On Monday I started having pinkish brown discharge, very faint today (never had this in over 10 years) Not due for AF for another 1.5 week. I am almost 28 now, and would welcome the surprise.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if vaginal discharge could be a sign of early pregnancy. I miscarried 10 years ago and have no child as of yet. Have been trying for 5 years. Finally, last month I didn't chart period. Think I am late (period around thanksgiving)Breasts are swollen and nipples very sensitive. Only other sign is a lot of milky/white discharge, like for ovulation. I am probably being just hopefully, but I am scared to do HPT. Any comments...please....Thanks.
Avatar f tn I had a lap done after 2 years of trying. It was the best decision I ever made since my dr finally found what's causing the problem. I got my bfp few weeks ago, about 6 months after my lap. It's an invasive surgery and will take you about 4 days to recover. You will not even remember it since you will be totally under. I think it's a necessary procedure before you move on to more invasive treatments. Good luck!!!! p.s.
Avatar f tn He is a result of our first try, my last pregnancy a result of our second, and this pregnancy is a result of our third. And I probably wouldn't have gotten so lucky if not for the charting. I still get blue thinking about my m/c, but I try to focus on my son and my new little angel, and my husband, who can be a ****, but is great for the most part. Anyway, best of luck. Keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Hello Ladies- I'm 36 and have had history of cysts, endometrios, & phallops. I have had my embryo transfer 2/28/07 and my pregnancy test is 3/10/08 at 8am !! I'm sure all of you out there know how stressful these past 14 days have been. I have been taking pre-natal pills for a long time and now I'm doing 300 units if progestone (vaginally.. let me say ewwww !!) . I have not had my period yet and I know that even if I have a positive test , I could still have a m/c.
Avatar n tn I have recently started to feel the symptoms of pregnancy. I came here looking to see if there was any chance of it. And now seeing that there are other women with the same concerns, I am seriously getting worried. I haven't had a period since before the ablation. I was thinking that if I went to the OB/GYN and told her my concerns, she'd think I was nuts. She's not like that, but I still worry about it. The other issue is that my husband has had a vasectomy.
Avatar n tn I plan on taking another later this week after I am suppose to start. I have had some signs of pregnancy but not all the signs of pregnancy. My breast are tender. I have had frequent urination and I'm tired a lot a little nausea here and there too. Has anyone here that has posted actually had a positive test and been pregnant or is this possibly just another side affect? I am really worried I already care for 4 children. 3 of my own and 1 that is my sister.
Avatar n tn I have had all the normal symptoms of pregnacy but keep getting my usually endo pain, Today I woke with very mild brown blood (sorry if tmi) been to the drs and they have referred me to the hospital tomorrow for an early scan as they fear an eptoptic pregnancy because of the pain, on a scale of pain this is no worse than an everyday niggle we all get.... Should I be worried or is there a chance I might be miscarrying?
Avatar n tn I'm late by 6 days, and 5 weeks and no signs of period.
Avatar n tn Is is correct to assume that if i'm not experiencing any pain, dizzy spells or loss of energy that my body is somehow taking care of the pregnancy on its own? I'll keep you posted on my final outcome.
Avatar n tn I have never heard of that and my doctor sure didn't tell me of such a pregnancy. I took another bpt on Monday and this time my hcg level was over 2000. I hope that this is a good thing. My hcg levels continue to increase. So, how can your sac continue to grow if there is no baby inside? If there is no baby then what happens to the sac? Were you having any symptoms, if so what were they or did you just show up for your ultrasound and that's when you found out?
Avatar n tn I have heard about taking geritol from a close friend of mines and she say it really do work now her baby is 3 months and pregnant again for taking them I hope it really works because now I am taking them.
312323 tn?1193300534 After I got it put in about two months later I developed a very large cyst on my right overy it was the size of an extra large egg so of cours I was in alot of pain.
237053 tn?1258832026 The doctors tell the patient that nothing is wrong and send her away even though it is clear that it is early symptoms of MS. Neurological symptoms of our kind along with a positive MRI show that MS is a real within a few years. Neurological symptoms with clear MRI show that it either isn't going to be MS ever or it is unlikely to be MS for at least five years.
299260 tn?1304219705 A strong woman isn't afraid of anything… But a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of fear. A strong woman won't let anyone get the better of her… But a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone. A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future… A woman of strength realiizes life's mistakes can also be unexpected blessings and capitalizes on them. A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face… But a woman of strength wears grace.
328927 tn?1227765440 How often does that happen? I have heard of people being hyper and energetic from day 1 of pregnancy. You never know. . . that could be you. Me, I always have some ailment or another, so these "symptoms" could be psycho-somatic or just hormones. (If so, I really want to find out how to get rid of the heartburn psychologically.) Being in limbo sucks. I'll hang in there if you will! (What choice do we have?
Avatar f tn Also a small cup of grated carrot taken every morning is said to be offensive to all kinds of parasites. There are a million ways to get rid of the adult worms inside you, but avoiding reinfection is the hard part.
Avatar n tn I have an almost 2 1/2 year old son who began complaining of back pain in mid-October. We had just had another baby, so I didn't really think much of it at first. Then in early November he wouldn't walk, after x-rays and blood work all came back normal our pediatrician diagnosed him with toxic synovitis. He began walking and was back to normal in a couple days. However, the occasional complaint of back paincontinued, most of the time when he was laying down. We took him back in to the Dr.