Early signs of pregnancy mucus discharge

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Avatar f tn Yeap. The brown discharge could be ur mucus plug. And the pains are early labor signs. Youre getting close...
Avatar f tn You could loose your mucus plug at any minute (words of my doc) if youre early in your pregnancy it grows but but if the baby isow it doesnt. But your mucus plug us green and some have blood with theirs. Its just discharge if its clear.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering if any of you know where the cervix is suppose to be located in pregnancy and also what type of cervical mucus you have? I'm new to checking my cervical signs. I think I ovulated about July 30th and my period was due on Auguts 10th. After ovulation my cervical mucus seemed to stay sort of clear and a little strechy, but sometimes it seems to be thin almost like milky.
Avatar n tn what kind of discharge is normai in pregnancy? i am currently on bed rest (as I have been bleeding since 6 weeks-currently at 13 weeks). The reason I ask is: i'm still bleeding, but as of last week I am also passing very large amounts of mucous (like egg yolk). I'm wondering if the change is due to normal pregancy discharge, or that i'm heading towards inevitable miscarriage --mucous plug? (also cramping pretty heavily).
Avatar f tn hello , question i had my mp on april 1st, and had sex on 04/6,04/10,4/11, AND 4/13 , not to mention i do have a saliva test i have been using , and have had intercourse with the fern patterns, but using the ovulation kit did not work for me, Well now on the 4/22 i had a big glob of white thick mucus (very first time ) and it was very silky kind of like lotion , no itch and no odor, now it's the 23rd and i took pt and it came up negative, period not due until 04/27..
Avatar n tn I also have noticed that I am having tan/beige colored vaginal discharge. Is this a sign of pregnancy??
508203 tn?1233238404 I lost chunks of my mucus plug yesterday, but I don't think it was enough to lose all of it....unless it has been going slowly just with an increase of discharge. I had brown spotting after my internal too....I was told to expect it, so I knew it wasn't the show or anything. Today is my due date (I'm in australia so it'll come up as still the 15th I think), it's the 16th here. And I just can't see it happening!! I might go for a couple of walks if it's not too hot outside, which it has been.
Avatar f tn During the very early days of pregnancy, do you get light cramping? (no bleeding) i was told by someone that its the baby bedding its self in. is this true and is my cramping normal.
1360751 tn?1277576552 I also was tracking my body for months before I got pregnant for signs of fertility (mucus, position of cervix, morning temperature, etc.) so I was very aware of my body and that's how I knew I was pregnant before even taking a test. For most women they don't really notice a difference or symptoms until after they have received a positive pregnancy test. Also, do you know how long your cycles usually are? 28 days, 30, 32 days?
1012149 tn?1250861226 I mean the last tests I did were negative, so could they have been wrong? Is brown discharge instead of a period, a sign of early pregnancy? It could have been brown spotting, but it was really only there when I wiped and only lasted a half hour or so.. It can't be implantation bleeding because that comes before a period, and this is around the time I would expect my period. Any advice appreciated, thanks. Btw, some extra details. I'm 20, and I'm usually very regular.
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have lots of discharge and mucus at 3 months? This is my 2nd successful pregnancy and it seems like there is so much more than with my first pregnancy. Should I worry? There is no blood, it's just clear or slightly yellow. I don't have much pain... a little, but I think it's just stretching and pulling pains. Is it ok?
Avatar f tn It is usually one of the early early signs of labor when it comes out, I think. I am still way early but I remember reading that. Maybe gice the doc a call? At alnost 38 weeks, maybe that kiddo is getting ready!
551454 tn?1276785884 Well, I've had the white icky discharge and I just thought it was normal pregnancy related discharge. I always heard the mucus plug would be tinged with blood (a/k/a bloody show). So, that's what I've been looking for. Abbie: what was it like? was it blood tinged or white or what?
Avatar f tn It just seems to be too much to be seen as discharge, and no blood so not thinking it's my mucus plug... Could it be slow release of my waters breaking?.. Iv been in the bath after it happened, and now im out and walking around, Iv been having menstrual pains, kinda feel like AF is gunna come..
Avatar f tn I'm 37+3 weeks and still haven't had any signs of labor. This is my first pregnancy ever so I'm not even sure what to expect.
12863897 tn?1427569451 Typically your mucus plug is tinged with blood... I personally have never heard it being just clear... when I was pregnant with my daughter I had that same discharge a few times... your discharge can change a lot while pregnant... Mine went from watery one day to thick and white in color the other, then turned around and it was clear and stringy... gross i know... but I'm pretty sure it is just normal vaginal discharge... you do create a lot more while pregnant to prevent infection...
164914 tn?1269577507 pregnancy symptoms have a way of coming on and going off. I have had two girls the oldest is five. I experienced bleeding annd every symptom on and off during pregnancy. This seems to be your first child because you are so worried and excited. Calm down the worst is yet to come with worry trust me. When the child arrives you will have a harder time just some advice. Finally, I had a nine pounder and had a forceps delivery the first time so a little irritation will not hurt.
Avatar f tn Especially when there's no signs of labor. It's not my mucus plug that smells. I just simply can't get the smell of period blood out of my nose. I just asked if anyone else was like this. Thank you and good day.
Avatar f tn ok i dont have as much discharge now, i have tenderness in my uterus and tender nipples and breast, my period is suppose to come tomorrow or saterday...my husband wants me to wait till tomorrow take a test so thats what im doing, so i just want some answers from other ppl. i seem to pee a bit more then usual, i dont have any other pain right now. maybe a little cramping in my utuerus part. does anybody else have these sytomes and found out they are pregnant?
Avatar f tn So I know it's still early in my pregnancy, I am only 7 1/2 weeks along. I just got back from camping when I noticed some dark brown mucus discharge on my undies and as I wiped. My urine was perfectly normal though. I also noticed that I have been leaking some amniotic fluid. Are these bad signs of a possible miscarriage? How much amniotic fluid leakage is bad? This is my second pregnancy and I have never experienced anything like this before.
1123420 tn?1350564758 I am 32 weeks pregnant. I was just wondering how early you can lose your mucus plug and if you will know your gonna lose it or if it just happens at a splur of the moment. and how disgusting is it. Im so affraid Im gonna be out in public when it happens or sleeping in bed. Thanks!!
1493223 tn?1288628698 Today I had a little check down there and noticed some VERY faint pink in my discharge and also a tiny amount of brown mucus again....I am presuming AF is on her way...but Im having no symptoms of it, no bad cramps etc like I would normally get before AF. Yes I agree they would love it and would be over the moon (they have no grand children) . Im going to go and have a nice relaxing bath now....hopefully I will get to sleep tonight as I was so sleepy this afternoon and had a 3hr nap !!
Avatar n tn But can easily just be mistaken for discharge (which also happens often in early and late pregnancy) The bloody show can possibly contain the mucus plug though. And of course, it is how the name sounds.
Avatar f tn I am 29 years old and was told that I was reproductively healthy when I donated eggs two years ago. I've been on the bcp with only short breaks over the past 10 years. I took the last bcp of my last pack on Nov. 28 and had my expected period the following week. It began on Dec. 1 or 2 and lasted for about 4 days, which was normal for me while on the pill. We've had unprotected intercourse about every other day or more since then.
Avatar f tn I've been losing mine since 26 weeks, I'm 33 now and no signs of labor. It can grow back. I think the fact that you don't have any discharge is a good sign because it means nothing else is coming out.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone! I have been TTC for 1 year and I am 7 days past ovulation. I took a test this morning (I know it is too early, but I couldn't help myself) and it was negative. For the past 2 days I have had a lot of clear/whiteish discharge, that is very runny (not a yeast infrction). Sorry to be so graphic, but I am hoping this could be cervical fluid from the implanation or some sign that I could be pregnant. Does anyone have any information on this that could help?
Avatar n tn 15, 2006 I measured 5 weeks 5 days.... so in a since I found out really early... and it's gonna be a long pregnancy... I did notice, starting last week that my stomach and abdominal muscles have been really sore lately along with the sore breasts. I noticed because my 1-1/2 year old son was climbing on me wanting to play and I could hardly sit up that morning...
1292208 tn?1272386433 I am always bloated, and just lately i have been feeling faint and dizzy when i stand up too quick, i have also had quite alot of white, mucus like discharge in my knickers, this is said to happen at the very early stages of pregnancy. Basically alot of things are are happening that just dont seem to add up somehow. I am goin to be taking another test in about 3 days time, if my period still hasnt come, this will then make me a full week late.