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208686 tn?1293034103 I would like to know from anyone or everyone what their early signs/ symptoms of pregnancy was. And when were they confirmed, as in how far along were you when you found out you were indeed pregnant? Some of the signs/symptoms I am at the moment experiencing are in the order of degree..
Avatar f tn It's hard to tell as the end of your pregnancy is very uncomfortable I had been getting extremely painful Brixton hicks from the time I was 5 months pregnant until I was induced they were that bad I was hospalitised on more than 1 occasion.
Avatar n tn I mean I feel a little pregnant, and have symptoms, like moodiness and my stomach gets hard every once in a while. Am I just worrying to much? I guess I just need some encouraging words.
Avatar f tn You can do it though, you have to...too late to back out now since you worked so hard to get pregnant. Every woman's pregnancy is different, but generally around 8wks a woman starts to get nauseous...she may get sore breasts, headaches, you may get light stomach cramps but anything that is painful you need to see a doctor..you may have a spot or two of blood, but if it's bright red or increases you need to go to the ER. Have you told your parents yet?
Avatar n tn Hello ladies! Again! heh =) I was just curious what some of your early early symptoms of pregnancy were. Like early as in 2-3 dpo and on! For some of us waiting I know this would be great to obssess over! Thanks!
Avatar n tn there is so much info out there to teach you about your body and fertility. i suggest finding a great book there is more info than we have room to type here lol. you have to know when you ovulate to know when to have sex. typically if you have a 28 day cycle you will O on day 14. if your cycle is 30 days you count from the 30th day back 14 days. meaning you would O 14 days prior to your next cycle, not on the 14th day after. im probably confusing you sorry.
Avatar n tn lol i was same with my boy i always though i was pregnant as id neva been preg b4 uva than i early miscarage! i always would come on just as id test 4 pregnancy the early symtoms of periods coming is exactly the same!! until i was 7weeks then i was sick for 6months solid! i cried when test was positive i didnt belive as id give up testing as i was so upset every neg test! i was 2weeks late when got courage to test! i thought after 1 baby my body wud b great at holding on to babys!
Avatar f tn ne more advice ppl, its well needed
4641167 tn?1357925986 Aside from cessation of menstruation, are there any VERY early signs that you are pregnant? I am 27, my first child is already 4 years old. I am 50/50 with my decision of having a 2nd child unlike my husband who already wanted to have another one. First day of my last period was the 27th of December. I stopped BCP and my husband & I had contact 2 consecutive days after my last menstruation. I know that you can get pregnant right away when you stopped BCP immediately.
Avatar n tn BUT I was wondering if any of you who are pregnant had a sore stomach as an early symptom.. cause my stomach is just sore but its not just my lower stomach.. its my upper part to. But, i am on CD30 of a 31 day cycle.. so.. I only have 2 days to go to find out. Use this as an Open Forum too.
448723 tn?1301458558 Fatigue Fatigue also ranks high among early symptoms of pregnancy. During early pregnancy, levels of the hormone progesterone soar. In high enough doses, progesterone can put you to sleep. At the same time, lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and increased blood production may team up to sap your energy. Slight bleeding or cramping For some women, a small amount of spotting or vaginal bleeding is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Yesterday they came with a little pressure and backpain and my stomach was hard. It has also felt like I've had to poop at random times. But I didn't. The outside of my vagina is very sore. I'm also having crazy mood swings. Angry happy crying within an hour. But none of this has been regular. Sporadic cramping. Nothing I can count or keep track of. Are these just normal end of pregnancy feelings or could they be signs that labor is close?
Avatar n tn the bleeding stoped around december 25, since then around the middle of january i experienced two days of some light brown spotting only when i wiped. i've been having some early signs of pregnancy like being tired, fuller breast, frequent trips to the bathroom, neausa, headache, and bloating. Also whats odd is i've been having cramps, usually i get them when i have my period. Still no sign of my period. As you can see i have a few question I did a hpt last week and it was negative.
Avatar f tn Then, there are cycles where none of that happens. You could be pregnant, but really all of those could just be normal signs of ovulation. Also, a lot of women do get pregnant immediately after stopping the pill, but I'd say an equal amount have wonky cycles for a couple of months after stopping. Also, you don't know how long your cycles are right now if you just stopped the pill. A cycle on the pill is usually different than a normal non-pill cycle.
Avatar n tn It has nothing to do with a pregnancy so early that a pregnancy test cannot detect it, and it is not an early pregnancy sign. Flaky nipples also have little or nothing to do with pregnancy at any time. As Ziggy said, you can't feel movement of the baby at this early stage. So I would trust the negative tests and the fact that you had a period (though it was late, it sounds like a period). If you don't want to trust the tests, just wait and see if you have another period.
Avatar f tn also came with mild headaches, hard time sleeping at night. So I took a couple of PT tests and all came up negative.. So I called the Dr. being this could be my 5th pregnancy, took blood tests to check thyroid and did PT test. all came back within normal range and neg. on pt blood test. 17 days later starting with feeling light headed, very hungry at night and in the morning. I've been stepping on the scale to see if I've been gaining weight, but it differs.
508203 tn?1233238404 Hi Helen, I am also 39 weeks 4 days, and no signs of labor, i have doctors appointmnet today, we will see what he will see, but this wait is just killing me in a way, i just want to meet my little boy. I dont even know how contractions would feel- i am assuming super painful? Question for you- does your baby move a lot still? Mine is out of control...
Avatar f tn During the very early days of pregnancy, do you get light cramping? (no bleeding) i was told by someone that its the baby bedding its self in. is this true and is my cramping normal.
Avatar f tn Sorry that was meant for vt1981!!!
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage and became pregnant after it and I was terrified the entire time, even after the 12th week (when the chances of loss go down). Bleeding in early pregnancy can be fine. Signs to look for include bright red blood, clots, lower back pain accompanying cramps, fever, etc. Cramps and lower back pain are a normal pregnancy symptom, so do not worry about that unless it is accompanied by the other symptoms listed. I truly hope she is not miscarrying!
Avatar n tn I know if I was pg I would only be a week or so, is it possible these are signs of pg? By the way, this would be my first pg and I am in my early 20's if that makes a difference.