Early signs of pregnancy after iui

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Avatar f tn We would love either but would like to increase our chances of having a girl we have three boys at home and love them dearly but would like to try for one more child and think also that it would be neat to have a girl (we have an older daughter-from a previous marriage) Yes I have been on Clomid for 4 months and did a trigger shot the same day as the first IUI this time I did the IUI on day 14(with hcg trigger? shot) and then IUI again on the next day -15 of my cycle.
Avatar f tn It's probably a little too early for pregnancy signs, as the fertilized egg is pretty much in its own until it reaches the uterus and starts to implant at around a week after ovulation. Best of luck this month!
1667717 tn?1331164410 ) i am so crampy and in pain i dont know why i am trying to relax as much as i can and trying to enjoy every moment in the sweet 2ww :)
Avatar n tn g. progesterone? I was taking 2 of them a day too up to day 12 post iui (after 35 you need a boost of hormones so take anything he gives you! ) Then I had nothing for 5 days until I tested. I think they do that to see if without meds you continue to do this natrually cause were so pumped up with hormones it can lead to false positive tests etc which you read about here.
Avatar n tn it has been gut wrenching every month when I get my period after all of these treatments. I just got an IUI about 5 days ago...would I feel any symptoms? I am feeling crampy and my breasts are tender (like when you get your period). I am stressing so bad that I am in fact getting my period once again. Are these symptoms signs that the IUI worked or is it the inevitable? Does anyone know?
658287 tn?1318896657 Has anyone ever gotten preggers after 2nd IUI? If so what were the signs of pregnancy? I am on day 9 post iui.
Avatar f tn Day 13 after iui I got a negative, day 14 I got a very clear positive. It's possible it's still too early.
Avatar f tn I had my IUI done on Saturday, so I am 2 days post IUI. I know it's too early for pregnancy symptoms, but I have been feeling a little cramping in my uterus and my one ovary. I hope these aren't bad signs, and just part of the actual procedure. Anyone else in the 2 ww?
Avatar f tn The hcg from the shot is completely out of my system now, and it's still to early for all this to be signs of af. I only get cramps a couple days before. So, it makes me wonder....It's hard not to think about it, but i'm trying not to because i know i'm not going to be pg. That would be too easy...:) If it only took 1 time for iui and ended up being pg, then we'd all be pg right now! :) Anyway, good luck and let me know how you're feeling today.
Avatar f tn swollen boobs, nausea, smell aversions, headaches. Other types of medications can fool you as well.
Avatar f tn Welcome! I had iui on 6/6 the day after you. It is really too early to tell if those are prego signs they might but side effects from the trigger injection. for me the 2nd day after the trigger i felt like throwing up everytime i stood up but now i feel better. Good luck and keep me posted as we are so close in cycles!
Avatar m tn Did my pregnancy test this morning and it was positive, no signs of either of the embryos not having implanted so it will be twins unless anything goes wrong. will be having my first scan in a couple of weeks.
1838380 tn?1329877753 My nipples are very sensitive right now, but I feel like it's too early to have any symptoms for pregnancy. What is are the signs that you may have had when you were pregnant after an IUI?
Avatar n tn I am trying to concieve my 2 child. I have been geeting cramps on both ovaries, very gassy & pain mid section. I just finished my period. April 27th was the first day of brown spotting & then One day of bleeding. nothing else after words. I have allot of Gas & dont know if that has anything to do with implantation. it has been 10 months of trying to concieve. have been to a doctor & my husband and I are fine in both dept. please comments on this.
1372837 tn?1390771584 the last 2 iui's i was obsessing during the ttw. i would go on the internet and look up the earliest signs & symptoms of early pregnancy. i would take a HPT every other day. so this time i promised not to do that.. i have been reading a lot. i just the twilight books and i am enjoying it with no urge to take an HPT. our betas will be next week... it may seem forever but it's really not. this is coming from a very impatient lady ;). hang in there and keep positive. that's all we can do.
1694136 tn?1357656338 Urinary frequency is a sing of pregnancy. Best wishes too you...when do you plan to test?
159063 tn?1247276417 Earliest pregnancy signs actually happen a couple of weeks after your pregnancy test first turns positive. Fatigue, running to the bathroom frequently, full slightly sore breasts. I know that the wait for the pregnancy test after HCG injections is almost impossible to stand, but try not to test too early to avoid the disappointment you must feel when things go from positive to negative. I am wondering about whether you have discussed long term alternate treatment plans with your provider.
Avatar f tn Hello, IUI is not 100%helpful in achieving pregnancy. Although it is possible you could be pregnant, it may be too early to tell right now. If you had an hCG injection to induce ovulation in conjunction with IUI, it is possible that it can make the traditional urine pregnancy test a little more difficult to interpret until the shot is out of your system. You may consider getting a serum hcg done in a couple days to confirm after consulting your doctor. Keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
Avatar m tn Target blood sugars in pregnancy are in the range of 70 - 120. I got put on insulin very early in my last pregnancy and was on it the entire pregnancy. I am now trying to get pregnant again and seeing my blood sugars have been higher than they should am now on insulin again. I believe your doctor is very wrong by not taking immediate action. High blood sugars can sometimes cause problems for the baby with a risk of heart and spinal defects.
Avatar n tn I wanted to add that your progesterone was not THAT low. Dr's like to see a level of 15+ in early pregnancy. 14 is a little low, but very low. I don't understand why the nurse is so pessimistic at this point, but I don't know very much about IVF, either. Stay positive and good luck!
Avatar f tn There is only one way to know for sure, unfortunately its to take a prego test or wait for you period... i know some signs of your period are also signs pergnancy... you could try a pregnancy test now if you want but it could make you more confused if it it negative, cause you wouldnt know if its too early to test or if it is negative... but if its positive that could make you feel better...
Avatar f tn I am currently pregnant with #2 after our 3rd IUI. I got pregnant with my son after my 4th IUI in 2007. Both times I didn't have any symptoms at all. I didn't start getting symptoms until aroun 5 1/2-6 weeks. I think I found out with my son around 4 weeks and with this baby I was not quite 4 weeks. It is still pretty early for you to be having symptoms. Good Luck!!
1694136 tn?1357656338 I've also had some tender breasts for a couple of days. Is this too early to tell if it could be a sign of pregnancy? This 2ww is driving me crazy. My other question is, is it possible to have pms symptoms and be pregnant at the same time at this stage? This will be my first pregnancy and I'm 36 (DH 38) and we really want to have a baby. Anyways. I was also wondering if it's normal not to have any signs for a while at the beginning of pregnancy? I can't wait to do a HPT.
233053 tn?1321647421 I have tested as early as 8 days after shot and gotten BFN... you chances of that being a real BFP are very good.. more than likely real than not at this point... my opinion anyway... I would keep testing and see how it goes... To determine when AF would show up or your cycle lenth. If you had hcg on 4/30, ovulation probably happened 24 to 48 hours after that. AF should show up approx 13 to 14 days after that... some people will be different, but this is a typical cycle.
Avatar f tn As for the symptoms you're mentioning, it's probably a bit early for pregnancy symptoms, since implantation has probably not happened yet, but I'm sure the gonal-f increased your hormone levels this month, so that could have something to do with it, and if you had a trigger, that can sometime cause symptoms too. Good luck to you! I hope the symptoms keep intensifying and that you get a BFP next week!
Avatar f tn Thank you for the tip, I'm sure DH won't mind that at all :) Did your successful iui's become babies? Tikita-I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work. Keep your head up, it will happen. Are you trying again? Sahiba- Any symptoms? I feel lots of mild cramping in my uterine area, am tired and a little dizzy feeling. I am hoping those are good signs but I know they could also be from the progesterone. One week left!
200957 tn?1236140523 ) I have heard of people getting symptoms as ealry as 6 to 7 days post ovulation,, however the bean does have to implant first of course to get symptoms.. i got my bfp 11 days after IUI.. i had some increased urination the day before and then some burning like twinges probably three days before my bfp, like a poke that was burning i noticed i had never had before (our first BFP) is this your first month on the progesterone? unfortuantely progesterone is such a tease!
Avatar f tn ) :) Anyone else doing double IUI this time around.