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Avatar m tn I just noticed that I am having little white discharge. My urine is dark yellow in color. When I wipe it seems light brown. Is it mix of urine and white discharge?. I an very scared now.Did anyone experience this? Why is this happening. Am I miscarrying???
Avatar f tn Hello name Raaheeda I noticed a change in my urine it's usually yellow and now it's been extremely clear and I drink soda I had unprotected sex twice in the same day ten day's ago I been feeling pressure just day's after intercourse but I don't get my menstrual till the end of the month till the beginning could I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn We are expecting because we decided we were ready. Those yellow days are potent! It will help you avoid pregnancy. Even more so if coupled with a condom or the pill if you can get it.
Avatar f tn My question is could the bright yellow urine now be an early sign of pregnancy ? i mean very early sign ?
317019 tn?1532969186 No i dont think darker urine is sign of pregnancy,ive never had that.i would agree with the last post if you are getting alot of pressure there it would possibly suggest an urine infection,i would go to your doc they can do a urine test for you to check.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I have had three positive urine pregnancy tests, one this morning, but when I phoned up for my blood test results they came back "normal no action". I asked the doctor what this meant and she said it meant I wasn't pregnant. I don't know what to think now as why have I had positive urine tests. It doesn't make sense and she couldn't give me an answer either. I feel pregnant as well.
Avatar f tn It is possible for You to be pregnant still as a negative reading can still be given in an early pregnancy. It is probably best if You get a blood test done from your doctor to find out as the blood test is the most accurate.
Avatar n tn my dr told it's a yeast infection and just to take monistat...so call your doc, it might be the same thing. it's very common in early pregnancy...hope this helps!
Avatar m tn And today in the morning I do a Vomiting that was some different kind yellow like egg. And my urine is burning and it will be kill me. I can't go for pee any more. So plz help me what can pill I eat for pee burning and for vomiting.
Avatar n tn Especially since you said that your pregnancy ended really early too. That early on, you wouldn't have extremely high levels anyway. Urine test strips typically test for hcg levels above 20-25 hcg. Sounds like your levels have increased enough to get a positive reading. Good luck!
Avatar f tn There is no foul smell or anything that would suggest an infection. Could it be a cyst, or early pregnancy symptoms, or anything simple? Someone please help with this if you've experienced it.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried the gender maker test to find out the sex of the baby early and did it work for you? We thought it might be fun. :) I'm almost positive it's a boy. All "symptoms" lead to boy! I have no morning sickness. The baby came from the right ovary. Chinese calendar says boy. My pee is a brighter yellow. Ive had breakouts on my face. The heart beat is really fast. etc..... my husband wants a boy but I was kind of hoping for a girl. We're only 12 weeks 5 days now.
Avatar m tn Is dark urine a early sign of pregancy? Mine is really really dark orange. I'm taking ovulex, Could that be a side effect from it?
Avatar f tn Hi ladies - I am 30w6d pregnant and so far, all is well (knock on wood) but last week, I woke up and noticed my panties were a little wet - this may have been urine or discharge as I have noticed increased white discharge lately. I had to pee pretty bad when I woke up so this may have been urine. But of course, I worry it's amniotic fluid maybe. I haven't really noticed it again and I was checked like 3-4 weeks ago for that cause I was paranoid then and all was fine.
7892775 tn?1395677591 My whole pregnancy I've leaked urine because baby carrying so low. Well I was just laying in bed and felt wet. Had to get up and change my panties and as soon as I changed them and stood up was wet again but this time a little more had to change panties and pants and clean myself off because it went down my leg. It didn't look like it was yellow and didn't smell like pee but I honestly don't know what to think.
Avatar f tn I never had to take any medication because when i use to start feeling back pain or difficulty passing urine i drink so much water until i m sick of it... Or when i see my urine has foul color like dark yellow or green again water water n water....
Avatar f tn We had sex around the time I ovulated (I felt a pain that I have almost every month, but I know this is not always accurate) it was approx 12 hours before I felt this pain. What are the possible diagonsis? Is it possible this could be early signs of pregnancy for me? Please note, I have never had any of these symptoms before.
1113612 tn?1278696559 Well im currently 13 weeks pregnant and having problems right now with a really bad gallbladder (not able to keep anything down) and a urinary tract infection, ive previously had two 1st trimester misscarriages which resulted in D and Cs, here latley ive felt like im leaking its been happening for at least a week now, and ive been wearing a pad to montior it and the pad usually feels damp and has a slight yellow spots on it by the end of the day is this urine or fluid im so scared right now of s
Avatar n tn Used the treatment they gave me, and it did not work. I then began to notice a slight yellow thin snotty looking discharge. I went to Planned Parenthood because I thought maybe they missed something. Had all the same screening done, and they said that I def had BV infection, and that all the std tests once again came back negatitive. They gave me flagyl, which seemed to clear up the discharge, but the vulva was still swollen/ irritated.
Avatar m tn Then I noticed there was a milky, stretchy thick discharge, sometimes, whitish, yellow-tinged (i figured it was urine or something), and sometimes clear with little white spots. Sometimes it was so thick and so much i couild feel it coming out of me and plopping in the toilet when I'd go pee. At first I thought maybe it was his semen irritating me, but then I got scared it was a STD becuase it never subsided, even during my periods.
Avatar f tn A lot of times in pregnancy you leak urine and you don't even realize it. I'm 27 weeks and mine has been that way almost the entire pregnancy and I am infection free. Doc said being that this is my second pregnancy it's even easier for the urine to leak.
2025823 tn?1328970886 Also i had a whitish yellow discharge a few days ago,can i possibly be pregnant?and ive had wierd crampy stomach feelings.
151928 tn?1275710937 She said with my history of miscarriage she wanted to wait to do the exam in 2 more weeks, but I'm scared to death this isn't normal. Golden yellow reminds me of brown...I know some of you said you've had yellow, but dark yellow??? I hate that this is the weekend and I just have to sit and worry..
Avatar f tn I also think that I've read that there isn't very much amniotic fluid this early in pregnancy, so my guess is that is not what it is. Congratulations on hearing the heartbeat. I've read that our chances of miscarriages decrease tremendously once the heartbeat is detected. Good luck!
414083 tn?1202685395 What will happen to my kidneys after I give birth (will pregnancy damage my kidneys more)? Will I have to have a c-section as the pushing during labour might be hard on my kidneys? Thank you so much.
Avatar n tn I must say I have smoked during all of my 5 pregnancies (I cut down of cause from a pack to around 5-10 per day) I have 5 healthy children no problems 1st birth weight 9p 31/2 oz 2nd 6p 4oz 3rd 6p 5oz 4th 6p 12oz, our 5th baby did come early though 28wks 5 days at 3p 6oz but I was told directly by the Dr it had nothing what so ever to do with my smoking, I had an infection in my uterus, a urine infection and blood in my urine. They were all of the causes to my premature son.
Avatar n tn The best urine test according to everything I have read is the First Response Early pregnancy test, which can pick up Hcg levels sometimes as low as 12, but usually not until they reach 25. All and all you are looking at somewhere between 5 and 10 days. That is why most doctors tell you to wait 11 to 14 days and come in for blood work. I know the wait is unbearable, and I did do a home pregnancy test way before my blood work date, because I could not wait.