Early pregnancy yellow green discharge

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Avatar f tn I am 8 weeks pregnant and have a yellow discharge that has a faint fish like smell to it. Am I oka...
Avatar n tn i have the same problem but my discharge makes me very itchy i apready went to my gyn doctor and i am waiting the result i am a little big scare my vaginal discharge its yellow-green itchy vagina discharge and also look white at simple view but its really yellow green
Avatar f tn Some discharge is normal if it looks yellow green or like cottage cheese you should probably talk to your doctor it can be a U.T.I or yeast infection . both can go away with medicine.
Avatar f tn pain when you pee sore itchy Depending on your symptoms, you may have thrush or a bacterial infection. It's best to have these treated before you have your baby, although thrush can come and go while you're pregnant. You should also see your doctor if your discharge is brownish. It may mean you are having some light spotting or bleeding. This is fairly common early in pregnancy, but you should always mention it to your doctor.
Avatar n tn hi im 35 weeks pregnat and ive been loosing yellow/green jelly discharge is this normal.
Avatar n tn three days later, I started to get this burning sensation, itchy, and a Yellow-ish green-ish discharge. Not knowing what it is, i didn some research, and i have not yt found a reliable source. I wont be turing 18 for another 3 months, and I dont want my mom finding out about this stuff. So If anyone can PLEASEEE HELP ME OUT, It will be greatly apprietiated:) Thank you.
Avatar f tn Discharge and cramps are normal esp to early stage of pregnancy though im not sure about green discharge.
Avatar f tn If you notice a thin white or gray discharge with a fishy smell after sex (when the discharge mixes with semen), you may have a different kind of vaginal infection called bacterial vaginosis. If your discharge is yellow or green and frothy with an unpleasant odor, you may have trichomoniasis, a common sexually transmitted infection. Other possible symptoms of trichomoniasis (or trich) include a red, irritated, or itchy vulva or vagina and discomfort while urinating or during intercourse.
Avatar n tn White Discharge with Pregnancy White discharge is also common as an early sign of pregnancy. The white discharge before period is more pronounced if pregnant due to increased oestrogen production and blood flow to the vaginal area. The white discharge expelled during early pregnancy may resemble egg white or a runny nose. The discharge is the cervical secretions that created a protective barrier in the cervical canal. This is expelled by the thinning and dilating of the cervix.
Avatar f tn For the mucus plug I am 2cm dilated and never see it! discharge during pregnancy is normal but if it's green or yellow and very thick call your doctor!
151928 tn?1275710937 It sucks to worry, but I would think it's fine. Some gals have yellow discharge, as long as it isn't brown or green I wouldn't be too concerned, especially if the Dr. wasn't worried. Mine was yellowish. I would rather wait to have the exam too, you don't want anything to happen so early. Hang in there, but call the Dr. on Monday if you are still worried, or call the oncall ASAP if it changes.
1950374 tn?1332387736 It does sound like a yeast infection that u have which is normal in pregnancy. Or perhaps you have more discharge then normal or fluid from sex.
Avatar f tn Im still pretty early in pregnancy(6 weeks). I have had to run to the bathroom about 3 times a day because I keep feeling like im starting my period. But I never do. Around 4-5 weeks I was having cramping like I was about to start my period but still never did. Now im not cramping at all anymore. I haven't had any spotting at all and I see that a lot of people habe and I dont know if thats normal. Several questions in one but I just need help!
Avatar f tn It really varies in consistency and color, last night it was thicker and a yellow / green and then later was clearish with white streaks, and it comes out on its own as opposed to needing to be expressed. I wasn't sure if it was related to my last pregnancy which ended in miscarriage at 10 wks- I found out at 12- but that seemed much to early for that!
Avatar f tn Its quiet long Is it my imagination or do I have a lot more vaginal discharge now? It's not your imagination. It's quite common to have more vaginal discharge during pregnancy. What you're noticing is probably normal leukorrhea – the odorless or mild-smelling milky discharge that you may have noticed in your underwear before you were pregnant. There's just a lot more of it now, partly because of increased estrogen production and greater blood flow to the vaginal area.
7721203 tn?1468446829 I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow, and early this morning I woke up to pee, of course, and I noticed I had a decent amount of discharge (a little more than usual) with what looked like a green/grey'ish color.. smaller than a pea. I was cramping a little, which I just assumed were Braxton Hicks because I was also having some lower back pain, but I was exhausted so I went back to bed. well, I just went back to the potty & there was another decent amount of discharge, but it's still yellow/green'ish.
Avatar n tn i did research last night and found that the creamy discharge could be a definite pregnancy sign...says it starts early pregnancy and increases throughout. however, i took a test early this am and it was negative. i wanted to hold off a little longer but was losing sleep over it. if my period doesn't come in a few days, i will try again. the test says that it's only 51% accurate this early. guess i'll go to target for more tests.
Avatar n tn im only 16, i used to be very sexually active and might not have been very careful or aware of STD's as i should have been. in the last few months i have being getting thick yellow discharge which has a very bad smell cant stand it my self, but its not a fishy smell, it doesnt really burn or hurt when i urinate, i havent had sex because i am to embarrassed so i cant tell if it hurts during intercourse..
Avatar n tn I spoke to a girlfriend recently she's had her Mirena in for a year or so and she has a green discharge from one nipple and a milky discharge from the other. Is the link we both have the Mirena IUD ? is there anyone else out there with a green nipple discharge & using a Mirena IUD ?
Avatar n tn I read some stories and answers and they said it could be pregnancy or early signs of pregnancy (implanation), but I'm also scared of misscarrying, does anyone got any answers???? If so can you email me at ***@****????
Avatar f tn Super heavy bleeding, clots that should have a birth certificate and about 3-5 days of light to moderate watery discharge after a 7-10 day period. The discharge is clear to slightly yellow, slightly sticky like maybe serous fluid, no odor. I don't have the constipation but check on the left side pelvic and back pain intermittently throughout the cycle, that gets much stronger during the flow. Add to this spotting between periods and very short 20 day cycle.
317019 tn?1532969186 im about 9 weeks preg and noticing this discharge i just want to make sure everything is ok and there is nothing to worry about did any of you have this discharge early in pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I know you said blood, but was there green or yellow with it? If so then you need to go to the hospital to get checked out. It could be your mucous plug coming out. The pressure/pain sounds normal for second pregnancy. This is my second as well and everything has been completely different.
Avatar n tn It's not your imagination. It's quite common to have more vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Of all the things that women worry about or expect during pregnancy, vaginal discharge, or leukorrhea, may not be one of them. Yet excessive vaginal discharge is quite common and quite a shock to women who have never heard of it.