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Avatar n tn Hello everyone, My wife needs to take an X-Ray (I assume it is a chest X-Ray). There might be a chance that she's pregnant. We don't know yet. Can someone please, advise as what precautions to take and whether it is safe at all to do the X-Ray at this time. Please advise...
Avatar f tn Was drinking 1-2 small glasses of beer or wine daily for about 2 weeks in early March. Had a chest X-ray on 3/11 (immigration purpose). Am worried about my first pregnancy and would appreciate medical information on any risks to the fetal development. Am considering options in a foreign land. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor two weeks ago for digestion problems I have been having and so the doctor gave me an x-ray. While i was waiting for the results the doctor comes in and tells me i was pregnant. Im consern about this because i always thought that X-rays are harmful to the fetus my question is Is that true?
Avatar f tn That early in pregnancy the embryo may not have implanted just yet, or the placenta wasn't formed just yet (no way to really know honestly). The placenta is the organ that nourishes the baby and whatever goes in your body passes through it. If it was still in the earliest stages of forming, then the radiation may not have passed to the baby. I would say you're okay.
Avatar f tn Recently (1 1/2 months) I have had numbness in my left leg, lower knee to ankle on the front half. I had a lower lumbar x-ray and these are the results. There are 6 lumbar type vertebral bodies present. The last large vertebral body has a large right transverse process which articulates w/ the sacrum. The lumbar vertebral bodies are normal in stature. There is minimal decrease disc height at L3-4 and L4-5 levels. There is minimal retrolisthesis of L4 on L5.
324142 tn?1253826322 not really sure.. i dont think so did you were that thing on your tummy did they ask you if there was a chance you could be pregnate??????
667829 tn?1297981723 Thanks Gals, I'll do a hpt test on Sunday / Monday (first appt x-ray is on Tuesday, second appt and x-ray is on Friday), I'm almost certain that there's actually two x-rays involved so thats doubly worse. Plus because they are pointing them at your back not your teeth there is more radiation involved (I found a table of average exposures).
Avatar n tn Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much. The pregnancy is still very, very early in development, and it's basically just cell division and placenta formation during the point when you had your X-rays. There is nothing that can be done now, so try not to stress. Chances are, nothing bad will come of it. Just avoid them from now on. Take care and good luck to you!!
Avatar m tn Even doctors are not reading or understanding tests results right in many cases. Sometimes they blame on technology - like X-Ray, CT Scan, and so on, you know. My point is then what doctors are actually doctoring? A person with good common sense can tell you if technology is better, for instance, CT Scan is better than X-Ray. Like when ask, could you tell me whether Monalisa (picture of Leonardo) is smilling or crying? Then it is up to the observer to find out by looking at the picture.
Avatar f tn My wife had a Barium X-ray test for her stomach related issues on the 20th day from the first day of her last period. Few days Post test we got to know that she is pregnant. We are not sure whether we had intercourse prior to barium test which led to pregnancy but are sure about intercourse post barium test which was 21 day from first day of period.. My question is Can we figure out exactly when fertility has started ?? In our case whether pre- or post barium x-ray test....
Avatar f tn I found out that I am 8 week pregnant on 4/23. Mixed reaction. Prior to conception, I had immunization shots (Hep A, Hep B (1 booster only), Typhoid, Polio) - around 2/19. Traveled to Asia on 3/2. In March, during the first few weeks abroad, got the cold; took 1-2 pills of Tylenol (Cold & Allergy) & Nyquil. Took 1/2 pill of Ambien one night. Had a chest X-ray on 3/11 (immigration purpose). Was drinking 1-2 small glasses of beer or wine daily for about 2 weeks in early March.
Avatar n tn Be very vocal about your possible pregnancy with your docs and the x-ray tech. With proper info they can drape you well if you are not having any pelvic, lumber or low therasic areas x-rayed. But if there is any possibility to put it off untill you know for sure I would (and did myself).
Avatar n tn Has also asked me to get a blood test,sonography and infertility x-ray done just to rule out any problems with me.My hubby has been asked to get a semen analysis done.We'll get it done this Friday.Lets see what happens next....
Avatar f tn Mine is proven to have no effect on the baby, because it's not a high X-Ray. Find out the exact X-ray you had (how high it is), where, when and consult your doctor.
562815 tn?1222055860 I would take her and have a vet evaluate her and possibly even x-ray her to see how many kittens are in there if she IS pregnant. An x-ray will also give you an indication of the size and placement of the kittens, you can see if anyone has an exceptionally large skull that might make for a difficult delivery. But she needs to go anyway to see why she is showing signs of estrus if she is bred.
Avatar f tn 2) Your pregnancy was a difficult condition for the ribs as your uterus reached above the ribs to the lowest part of the sternum in pregnancy so there was a constant push to the ribs and while after delivery there is again disturbance of the ribs as they move down a little. So presently you have to go for a routine X-ray and check the condition of the rib and take an expert advice near an orthoapedician for an examination and healing. Take care!
349601 tn?1219809462 I know that that is a pregnancy symptom but I havent even past my period yet. Isnt it to early for that? maybe could it be a bladder infection. it doesnt burn or hurt when i pee, i just have to go alot.
Avatar f tn Can someone tell me what either menopause (if it is early menopause as my mother and her mother had menopause early on) or if you can tell me if after-pregnancy hormone imbalances can cause these problems? I have had extensive blood work done, and although I get worse all the time, there was nothing indicating problems in my blood work.
290867 tn?1333572878 They did 2 EKGs and both were normal and I had a test called a XENON which is safter than at CT scan to make sure I didnt have a blood clot in my lung.. They also did a chest x ray but made sure the baby was covered. The only thing they found was that my potassium was low and started me on potassium pills to supplement during the pregnancy! Once I was discharged from the ER I was sent to Labor and Delivery where the baby was monitered and he is great....
Avatar f tn yeah, they do recommend going to the dentist + I also heard gingivitis is common during some pregnancies too. I've got to get some cavities filled as we speak! oh, and I'm an x-ray tech. & the amount of radiation you get during x-ray on your mouth is not harmful to your baby - dentists just don't want to do it JUST IN CASE your baby is born, something is "wrong", and they want to avoid getting sued. that small amount of radiation isn't dangerous, but in court..
Avatar n tn about further testing (blood tests for you and your husband (check genetics and any possible disorders) and an hsg (x-ray of uterus) for you which will make sure everything in uterus and tubes is okay. a lot of drs. wait till there is a third m/c (G-d Forbid), but i had the testing after 2 m/cs and found out i have a genetic disorder called mhftr mutation (blood clotting disorder) which can result in early pregnancy loss b/c blood clots and oxygen can't get to baby.
Avatar n tn I was given a pelvic x-ray, chest x-ray & a sonogram during the first month of my pregnancy due to the lab giving a negative pregnancy reading on my blood tests in error. Could this cause harm to the fetus? Signed, A Very Concerned Mom-To-Be. Dear K. Rhodes Diagnostic X-rays have an energy level that is very far from the lowest dose that has ever been associated with any pregnancy/baby problems. Ultrasound does not delivery x-radiation.
Avatar f tn It is also advisable that I bring any images post surgery (MRI/X-Ray) that I may have so OB and anesthesiologist are not having to figure it out in the delivery room under pressure. I know my situation is not unique, but I do want to be as educated about it as I can b/c when the time comes, there will be enough other variables not in my control! Wendy80- how is everything going? you are about 36wks now? feeling ok? have you delivered?
Avatar n tn They will most likely need to take an x-ray since your filling came out, because it's very likey for decay to be there, otherwise a filling really shouldn't fall out. They take the x-ray to see how far down the decay is going. Make sure you get a note from your OB/GYN saying its okay to take radiographs (the dentist will most likely require it before they do any treatment). Other than that, I don't think you will have any problems.
Avatar n tn No, ultrasound is sound waves, way different than an x-ray which is actual radiation. They have been in use for over 20 years and their safety is well documented. If a doctor sees a viable medical need for them that is fine. Now people like TomCruise who purchase u/s machines and use them everyday, that may be far different.
Avatar f tn After many referral investigations between November 2015 and January 2016 bloods, ultrasounds, X-ray I finally had my laparoscopy last Tuesday. Although I'm not In pain anymore I am still shattered. I have to say the fact that the whole process has only been three months has been amazing as I know some NHS waiting lists for procedures are a lot longer so we feel very lucky! I had never had surgery or morphine before (wow what an experience) so I was very scared.