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Avatar n tn it is now the end of the second week and i have a lot of the signs of PMS and early pregnancy. My nipples are REALLY tender (more than usual) by breasts seem to have grown or feel fuller (never happened before) i have cramps off and on and i am tired all the time. but on the other hand i usually get crazy emotional but i havent yet and no cravings or feeling sick. My boyfriend got a girl pregnant once before and he is really paranoid that the same thing will happen to us.
Avatar f tn UGH. Are there ANY differences in early pregnancy and PMS that are striking? I have the bloating, major fatigue, emotional, tender breasts.... but it is all symptoms for both. I am really getting frustrated- thinking that I am getting my hopes up again just to get them dashed... ADVICE? HELP!
Avatar n tn Just a note to support all those who have warned against generic vs. name brand thyroxine. I posted here a couple weeks ago thinking my dosage was off only to find out the generic substitute was the culprit all along. Back on Synthroid and, most important, back to normal.
Avatar n tn I know, I can't tell the difference between PMS and early pregnancy symptoms either. I was very bloated, eating less, nauseous and tired for the last two weeks, which I normally get one week before my AF, but not two weeks. I was 6 days late until yesterday I had a little light colored bleeding when I wiped, which lasted through out the day, but only when I wiped (so it was not flowing) and today not much at all.
254689 tn?1251183640 Too early for pregnancy symptoms. As I am returning your question on August 28, the question is, what was your beta-HCG?
Avatar n tn ) The doctor explained that sometimes the babies hormones are not enough to suppress a period even though the pregnancy continues. The amniotic sac at these early stages is not totally covering the entire uterus so shedding of the endometrium can happen. He told me that it is more common than people realise. Just that people have never met anyone with the problem. Not really something people talk about usually in idle conversation!
Avatar f tn Also they say a lot of stress and worrying about pregnancy is not good. Thats why so many ppl have unexpected pregnancy they weren't making it a job. It will happen just be patient and have faith. I'm trying to but its so hard and I know. So her lately me and dh have just been doing other things to get out mind off of it!! Also got a ? though... Okay I'm on cd 12 should me and dh bd for the next 3 nights to up my chances?????
Avatar n tn I am looking for more info on pregnancy after an endometrial ablation. I had an ablation in May 2002. January 2003 I was not feeling well and went to the family doctor. She thought it may be an ectopic pregnancy since I was told I was sterile. I had an ultrasound to discover it was an interuterine pregnancy and I was about 9 weeks. I am now 17 weeks and for the past month trying to decide to terminate or continue.
Avatar n tn With my first child I took one of those stupid early pregnancy tests (the ones you can take 3 days before your missed period) and it came up negative. I then took one at my Obgyn's office the day my period was supposed to start and it was negative. My doctor advised me to wait 3 days and to test again. I did and it was finally positive. The one thing I noticed when I finally tested postive was that there was a noticable difference in the way my urine smelled.
Avatar n tn So, it is also possible you could be receiving a positive result due to the Ovidrel shot, not due to pregnancy. Wishing you the best of luck.......I am rooting for you!!!
Avatar n tn I just read alot of your comments on these pregnancy tests and I think I had a chemical pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test on Sunday- which was positive and 4 since then which have all been negative.. I have a doctor's appointment to confirm what the heck is going on, but reading all of your posts really helped me ease my nerves!! I thought I was going crazy..
Avatar n tn I really don't know but I think it might be too early for you to test. I think the a day 3 vs a day 5 might make a difference. I know it will be hell until Monday but stay hopeful. I hope it all works out for you.
Avatar n tn I Know it is not pregnancy symptoms cause its a little early for that. I am just wondering if anyone has had these symptoms from the Hcg trigger shot this long after taking it.
Avatar f tn i transfered 3 embies&suppose there r 3 to freeze in lab but they were growing slower so they said will wait till reach good size then freeze but for my 3 transfered they were good at exact time of transfer,my transfer was last thursday 24/4 &still i'll test pregnancy next thursday,a whole waiting week waits me,u said u'll make 3rd beta test,how many times do we make it?is it quantitative or qualitative?
151928 tn?1275710937 I am, and wonder what side effects are b/c of that vs. early preg symptoms? guess I just have to wait! I am hoping for the both of us!!!
Avatar f tn I know that many symptoms are similar....PMS vs pregnancy. My body is regulating itself from going off of the pill after using it for about 10 years, so I expect new things all of the time. I am always hopefull I am pregnant but dont get too excited because I know how often things change as my body is regulating itself. It is always nice to post how I am feeling and what I am going through though because someone else might understand.
Avatar f tn Also, most of my other PMS mirrored what early pregnancy symptoms are. I guess what I'm worried about is whether June 7-12 was really a period or something else. I've been reading up on the different types of bleeding and I can't tell if it was a period or a different type (I know you cannot get an actual period during pregnancy with the whole shedding of the uterus' lining and all). I haven't taken a HPT yet because I'm not convinced enough that I am, just a little worried.
Avatar f tn It's just frustrating to understand all the articles and advice about ovulation vs pregnancy vs period! They are all so alike! However, these are my symptoms, I'm just trying to fit where they belong.
9680843 tn?1405263121 If I am pregnant , it is very early. & as far as cheap vs. expensive pregnancy test, I thought the same thing. & that was my plan to wait until next week to re-test. I've also considered getting blood test just to stop all of the guess work. but like I said, I don't want to feel like I got fooled by a bad test.!
Avatar f tn Its your uterus that does it so if you normally feel it in your lower abdomen/pelvis area or lower back then it can be caused by pregnancy. You're early to experience all these symptoms but I've known many women who do present earlier than others. Bloating, fatigue, nausea, tender breast, frequent urination, increased appetite, increased senses, dizziness. Those are several pregnancy symptoms that you seem to have. I would take a test. What's the harm?
Avatar n tn Lastly, if it does turn out that I have somehow managed to get pg despite small odds, will they make me continue the pregnancy (i.e., is it dangerous to terminate the pregnancy and/or do they have to do anything different than they would under normal circumstances due to the ablation - i.e., medical pill termination vs. something else). I am driving myself insane to the point of even doing math equations trying to figure out the probability (YES, I am SERIOUS......it's that bad).
Avatar n tn are you referring to a tubal pregnancy? If so, I have not had a tubal pregnancy, but I did have an early miscarraige about six months ago. Could Zoloft have been the reason? What about the Klonopin that I take for anxiety? Who knows. But I would not rule it out. On a final note, if you think that your doctor is a "pill pusher," then I would suggest finding a new doctor. Perhaps talk therapy and herbal remedies may be better suited for you. I hope that my story helps you in some way.
Avatar n tn The only advice I can offer is to wait and take a pregnancy test I wouldn't test until sept 21st or so just to make sure take an early pregnancy test and use first morning urine. If you take one and it is negative then give it a week and if you still don't have a period test again.
Avatar f tn this why i am confused, it seems too early to have had implantation spotting. Can anyone PLS HELP? And now today, i took a hp test and it said negative. IS IT TOO EARLY TO TEST?
Avatar f tn I was even dismissing the pregnancy symptoms before my period was to show as just PMS symptoms. My baby is 9 months old so postpartum is not an issue. I am completely content with my family, but when not 100% using something to stop it, then in the back of my mind there is always a possibility. I have only had two cycles while still nursing and the first one was completely normal.
Avatar n tn I hope he furnished you w/exact reasons as to why you must have another c-section w/ this pregnancy, if an alternate birth control method would make future pregnancy/deliveries less dangerous, and why he believes #4 would be dangerous. Ugh, again- tubes tied? He most certainly should've mentioned the easier, vasectomy and left "if u were my wife" **** out. I swear they sometimes forget how personal all this is to us,despite it being their 'every day job'.
359295 tn?1285955994 : ) maybe he was... I have tested.. was negative... so ?!? just the waiting game, now, I guess.. that's why I"m being like, obsessive about "clues" like... oh this is a period thing vs. a prego thing... or this is a prego clue vs. pms thing... just not knowing, hoping, and not wanting the disappointment... that's what gets you.. for something so natural, it sure is confusing!
294817 tn?1263840438 Also, I was wondering if you have been Preggo's before? -Do you have any other early pregnancy symptoms? CONGRATULATIONS!..... *********Babydust!