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Avatar f tn Those tests just test the hormome level in your urine and since this can differ in every women in early pregnancy it just uses a range to guess how far along you are. Use the date of your last period, that's what the doctor will do too until you get a scan.
Avatar n tn Took a digital first response pregnancy test the next day and received a no answer. It it possible for the digital test to not be accurate. Is it possible it is just not picking up the hormon level yet?
Avatar f tn I am a nurse and i have a few questions reguarding the accuracy of early ultrasound dating. My last period was November 17th, 2011. I had a positive pregnancy test on December 22nd, 2011. I went in for my first ultrasound on January 26st and measured at 9 wks 1 day. Everything seems to be right on track!
Avatar n tn i am wonder how accurate dating scans are in early pregnancy. i had one at 5,10, and 12 weeks. im not %100 sure but i think my lm was around june 30th. The only time before july that we had s ex was june 4th. and i drank alot of alcohol during june and now am worried that the scan could be off by that much. What do you think? how many days/weeks could early ultrasound be off by?
Avatar m tn pull out method was used with someone on august 12 with ex, negative pregnancy test september 10th positive test october 2nd. Internal ejaculation august 26th, 28th,30th, and september 4th with boyfriend. Ultrasound Oct. 8th no fetal pole. Ultrasound Oct. 26th dating said 8 weeks, 4 days. periods are irregular.
3198629 tn?1367042023 Hey, I had a miscarriage on the 22nd of august and brought a pregnancy test today because I wanted to see if I'm still testing positive, because I am ttc. I was just wondering if it does come back saying not pregnant, is it possible I might test positive on another test. I'm really nervous because I'm waiting until the morning to get best results.
1882836 tn?1324027686 I really do not want to try again only to be dissapointed if the pregnancy test is negative. How long should I wait before I test? Or should I assume my stress levels are so hight that they have interfered with my menstrual cycle? Going nuts!
Avatar f tn Having sex around the time you take a preg. test can not affect it. HCG, the pregnancy hormone, is not released in the body until implantation occurs. The only things that could give you a false negative are a) testing too early b) improper testing procedure or c) faulty test strip the only things that can give you a false positive are if you are taking any type of fertility drug that contains HCG...some cheap preg. tests can also give you what is known as an evap line...
Avatar f tn When the ultrasound was done, what week of pregnancy did they tell you that you are in? If you have an ultrasound in the 7th, 8th or maybe even part of 9th week (counted the medical way -- in other words, if they say "You are 7 weeks pregnant") those early ultrasounds are the most reliable.
324913 tn?1302873117 Oh... I would LOVE to go anyway... but I was told flying was a big no-no! :-( I specifically asked my doc about it because I'm supposed to go on a business trip in early March at which point I'd be 7 weeks or so and he said that "'should" be okay because normally one would avoid flying during the first 8 weeks.
Avatar f tn How early before your missed period can you take a pregnancy test and it be acurate? I know some tests say 5 days before your missed period but is that really very acurate?
Avatar n tn I've had some abdominal gas/bloating (no pain or anything) but attributed it to starting a new regimen of vitamins as bloating corresponds exactly to starting them (one week after intercourse, 5 days before the possible implantation bleeding) Never even considered possibility of pregnancy, just thought my period was taking a while to come back after coming off the pill, but now as the days go by with no period still I am wondering.
Avatar n tn the due date was oct10 and i strongly feel that the Conception Occurred in jan 16, now i had my period and took a test on jan 18 which showed negavite and had my period the 2,3 of janaury but my period is usally about three to four days. now i asked if its possible that i got pregnant in dec? most physician have said yes but won't my child have been born ealier than estimated? the last time i had sex in dec was dec16 and than had unprotected sex in jan 10th and jan 16th and 18th.
Avatar n tn First Response Early Results boasts they can detect pg up to 5 days before you miss your period. But the fine print says the test is only something like 65% accurate at that time (meaning high rate of false negatives). There are many brands that advertise "early result" - "test before you miss your period". They're pretty much all the same. The accuracy of all of them increases to ~98% if you wait until your period is due.
Avatar f tn You may have misinterpreted a part of what she said. Women who test very early (up to 4 or 5 days before their period is due) run a rather high chance of having a false negative. Hence the stated accuracy of many of the earliest tests at around 67-70%. This is because the pregnancy many not generate enough HCG to be detected reliably at that point. The tests get more accurate the closer you are to your expected period. By one week late, the test is extremely accurate.
Avatar f tn I have recently started a new relationship and we had an accidental break. I took plan B and a pregnancy test about 2 weeks after to be sure of the results. Imagine my surprise when it came back positive. The earliest I was with my current boyfriend was Aug. 16 and the last time I could have been with my ex is June 24. Can an ultrasound determine with accuracy when the conception date is and therefore who the father is?
Avatar m tn I got a positive home test at 3w!
8761100 tn?1399729425 Many places like a crisis pregnancy center or a 3d ultrasound place will offer a gender ultrasound for 30-60$. My baby wasn't in a very good position to see the gender, but the ultrasound tec said it was a girl. I wasn't convinced so I went to a pregnancy center and paid 30$ for a second look!
Avatar n tn I had 3 early ultrasounds all about a week apart. The first one set my Date of Conception as Aug. 27 2010. The next ultrasound one week later set my Date of Conception as Aug. 29 2010. and the third one almost two weeks later set my Date of Conception as Aug. 25 2010. All of these days were days I was together with my boyfriend.
Avatar m tn Too serious a consequence for guessing wrong.
Avatar n tn Hi, my bf is in the army too. I always wondered about falling pregnant while on your period. So once i read up on it. Altho most people would believe you can't fall pregnant, you can, how ever i came to the understanding only some women will. and this is due to their menstrual cycle. women who have regular 28 day cycles like me for example probably wont fall pregnant during their period. how ever, women who have shorter cycles or irregular cycles can fall.
Avatar m tn The other problem is that you probably should have had an earlier ultrasound. By week 12 of pregnancy (11 weeks 4 days is as close as makes no difference) most doctors will tell you there is a margin for error of +/- 7 days when using an ultrasound to try to determine a due date. If you had unprotected sex with your current boyfriend during the first week of November, not just November 11, he is most likely to be the dad.
Avatar n tn Yeah my husband got the nickname, One Shot Tony.. hahaha.. when i went for my follow up appt after my D&C the dr. asked if i had any trouble conceiving.. I happily said.. NOoooooooo.. hahaha.. if anything i am going to have to be on birth control when i DONT want to be pg.. hahaha.. hey, i dont mind..