Early pregnancy symptoms on birth control

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Avatar f tn Also, if I took a pregnancy test, is it true that because I'm on birth control the results would be skewed because of that?
Avatar n tn I'm on birth control I have been for almost a year but I switched to a higher dose on Thursday. I'm probably freaking myself out, I just don't want to wait 3 weeks to find out. But I guess i don't have much other choice.
Avatar n tn Been getting a lot of it lately as well as headaches, lightheadedness and feeling slightly sickly... missed 3 of my birth control pills at the end of my cycle and then went on to my 7 day break without taking them... I have to wait another week and a half before I can test properly. Please help?
Avatar f tn He does pull out. I am on birth control. Me and him had sex on Saturday the 13th, on Sunday night I woke up at 3 am throwing up until about 6 am. I thought it was the flue because I was constantly throwing up and some of my friends have the flue. I am on birth control but my pack ran out on February 7th and hadn't taken my birth control until this Sunday because I had to order a new one.
Avatar n tn I don't see how I could be pregnant, because my boyfriend and I are very careful and I've been consistently on birth control for three years. We don't have sex when I'm ovulating, and he never ejaculates inside me. Could the pills be causing this early PMS? And are generic pills less effective?
Avatar f tn If it's heavier then it's not spotting, and most likely light bleeding or your period. It's possible that what you're feeling could be pregnancy symptoms since you're not on any birth control, and have been having unprotected sex. Since your period was due today, then you'll be able to test any time now and get an accurate answer - be sure to use first morning urine though as it's most accurate. If it;s negative, then it's safe to say that the bleeding days ago was probably your period.
Avatar f tn I am on Alesse combination birth control (28 day). i took all of my placebo pills and then engaged in sexual intercourse during my fertile window 5 days after my last period. I took all of my active pills at the correct time during those 5 days except for the day i had sex, which i took that pill an hour late. I know another form of birth control is needed when beginning a new pack of pills.
Avatar f tn Is nipple tenderness a side effect of switching from a higher dosage birth control to a lower dosage birth control, or is there a possibility I could be pregnant?
Avatar f tn Can that be an early symptoms of pregnancy or too early to detec?Also,if I continue taking my pills and find out later that I'm pregnant,will my baby safe?
Avatar n tn I stopped using my birth control while I was half way through the pack.Then 2 days later I started bleeding and it lasted for 5 days (That's more then my menstral period lasts!) My bleeding stopped on the 19th of december and my normal menstral period was suppose to start on the 28th of december but it didn't.Was that bledding because I stopped using my birth control? Can the bleeding last up to five days? Did I miss my period because I'm pregnant?
Avatar f tn How should I go about taking my birth control the rest of the month? I’ve been taking them just like normal every day. I’m into week 2 of my pills (day 11). I will not be having sex again until at least a week and a half from now because I’m in a long distance relationship. Should I use backup method then? Start a new pill pack? Thank you SO much!
1032767 tn?1257305602 Am I supposed to expect my period around the old normal time or look for it at the beginning of the month now. I know you are supposed to put it in the Sunday after your period begins. I've used Nuvaring ever since it was introduced and never had a problem but like I said my periods have always been regular. Just want to know when to expect it. My boyfriend and I were TTC and I don't want to start BC without knowing I didn't miss a period. Please Help!!
Avatar n tn What symptoms of early pregnancy are different than that of mentrual symptoms? Reason I ask is that friends often come to me for advice because they think they are pregnant. It seems that it's hard to tell early on because symptoms of both are similar. So how do you know if it's time to take a pregnancy test, or if you should opt not to because it could only be symptoms of the onset of menses?
Avatar n tn I have a few questions....I've been now on 3 different birth control pills and am currently on Ortho 0.5/35 (made by Ortho-Janssen - the same as Ortho 7/7/7, Ortho-Tricyclin, etc.). I am sort of finishing up my 3rd month of it (soon to hopefully start on Yasmin, as this has not cleared up my symptoms) but in the past few weeks I've had some really weird things happen... First off, last week was my second last week to be taking the pills...
1181036 tn?1367372240 Anyway, after the bleeding stopped (5 days) I wasn't sure if I should start a new pack or wait for the next Sunday when I would've originally started the new pack (sorry if confusing). To sum it up I went about 4 days with no birth control until I started the new pack on Sunday, only problem is I forgot to run to the Pharmacy to pick it up so didn't take it til Monday night (and late at that).
Avatar n tn i have been on and off birth control for the last 2 years, always pretty regular. last month i stopped taking birth control pills 5 days before the end of the pack. when i was supposed to start my period i didnt. i have symptoms of pregnancy but lighter versions. every couple of days i am really emotional...everything upsets me.
1182699 tn?1297578384 I know it's a heart forum, but my PCP has decided I need to be put on birth control to help regulate my hormones. I am completely against birth control and have not taken them in 18 years. I actually only took them between the birth of my first daughter and the pregnancy of my second. I am very concerned about the side effects which include blood clots, heart attack and stroke. With a skipping heart (PVC's, PAC's and tachy), I can't imagine this would be good to take.
Avatar m tn HI, At the age of 23 years, let us not think of ovarian cancer or early menopause. The delayed menses can be because of birth control pills causing hormonal imbalance, can be due to stress, and environmental factors, sudden weight gain or loss etc. It would be best to see a gynaecologist for clearing your doubts and for an internal examination. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
1422170 tn?1311481427 I skipped my period that month and I am now on my next packet on the 8th hormonal and the 13th cycle day. I took a pregnancy test on the Wednesday just before (26th of June, 5th day of hormonal pills and 10th day of cycle) as if i had missed a period (i would have had my period during this week) and it was negative.
Avatar m tn Good Morning, My name is Rebecca I'm 20 years old and I have a fiancée that I have been with for a little over 2 1/2 years now. I am on birth control, but at the beginning of the month when I stated my new pack I couldn't pick it up at the pharmacy so I had to double up on my pills Monday 7/9/2012. Anyways we had unprotected sex (Due to I cannot use any type of condoms Allergic to them) on Sunday 7/3/2012 and 7/8/2012. I started my period on 7/5/2012 and ended basically the morning of 7/8/2012.
Avatar f tn Hi, ive been on birth control..orthotricyclen lo for about 3 months now...if i missed the pill two days in a row?...and i had unprotected sex...could i become pregnant?