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Avatar f tn Did you use first morning urine? Some of your symptoms are very subjective - mood swings, sleep a lot, eating a lot, and aren't necessarily symptoms of early pregnancy. Headaches, nausea and slightly sore breasts can indicate a delayed period that will start soon. if you take another pregnancy test, with first morning urine, and it's negative it's unlikely you're pregnant but you probably should get a follow up blood test.
Avatar m tn I im 4 weeks &' 5 days pregnant , i was reading some articles about early symptoms of pregnancy ; &' it says that i will have tenderness in my breast &' around my nipple it will get dark , but i havent had tenderness or my nipple assent got dark ; is their something wrong ? or is it a good thing ? i would like to know if anyone had the same thing like me ?
Avatar n tn I am 54 and had a total hysterectomy nearly 6 weeks ago. I have opted, for the time being, to not take Premarin. My menopausal symptoms have be very tolerable except for being quite cranky. Assuming I was in early stages of menopause before surgery, how long can I expect to be this emotional? I would prefer not to take an antidepressant and the over the counter remedies for menopausal symptoms don't advertise any help for the mood changes.
Avatar f tn I'm hardly ever moody, but I've never really had any pregnancy symptoms lol I didn't even know I was pregnant till 2 months when I finally tested.
Avatar f tn okay so today would be day 6 after i ovulated i have an extreme headache, vomiting, dizzy, bloating, and still mood swings. Still tooooo early to take a home preg test and my period isnt due for another 11 days. i really hope that i am preg, we are trying very hard to concive!
Avatar f tn I am having early pregnancy symptoms on Femcon..This is my 3rd month on it in the 2nd week of the pack and I am having mood swings (mostly tears, or severe agitation), really sore breasts, mild cramping and a few other ones I have had before in ealry pregnancy like stuffy nose(and blood in mucus), thicker CM, mild sore thoat, and acne. Has anyone experienced this on the pill...
Avatar n tn Nothing is for sure except for a positive test.
Avatar f tn I have been really lucky so far and have not experienced any mood swings or other hormonal issues through this entire pregnancy. (29w 3d) I even asked my husband if I just wasn't noticing them and he said no, I was acting really normal. Well, for the last week or so I've noticed a change! I can be perfectly happy and content one moment and feel like crying the next. On Sunday afternoon I even had a mini panic attack or something.
4838207 tn?1363917730 My fiance has mood swings and cravings....
Avatar f tn Hey ive been wondering what aee some early symptoms of pregnancy? Ive been feeling diffrent lately and i just wanna compare my symptoms to jus be sure...??
1128483 tn?1277340286 Has anyone found ways to help with mood swings and feel more like yourselves again? This is the part of pregnancy I hated the most, and with my first I had horrible mood swings the entire pregnancy :( Any foods help? I'm doing Yoga, but it's just once a week class, and with added stress of looking for a job while pregnant, ugh, I just don't know what to do!
633123 tn?1231531832 When is it too early to have symptoms? I started feeling signs of early pregnancy the week after I ovulated and had sex with my hubby. My symptoms were and still are: nausea with dry heaves, mild on and off cramping, higher body temperature, swelling of my ankles,breast (there is water retention almost everywhere), mood swings(crying and anger for no apparent reason) and recently light pinkish,brown,& red light spotting on the day I was suppose to get my AF.
Avatar f tn t have any symptoms other than a missed period, mood swings, and sore boobs that early on.
1027005 tn?1300050172 Make him read a bout pregnancy mood swings. i'm almost 3 months pregnant and I'm having the worst mood swings ever. But he read a lot about pregnancy symptoms and he knows its not my fault....
Avatar f tn Is 21 days to early to take a home pregnancy test ive had some symptoms and i dont know wat to do i really havent had much of and apetite im always tired and i have really bad mood swings i also have abdominal cramping can someone please help me???
Avatar f tn You are most def not alone! I sat at my desk at work and cried ALL day yesterday. I'm only 5 weeks and I hope that it gets better b/c I'm going through a lot of tissue. I just joined this site yesterday and I have found the the women on here are so supportive and full of good advice which has helped me a lot in the past 24hrs. Whenever I feel like I'm about to cry or get upset, I just log on and reach out to someone who knows what I'm going through (another pregnant woman).
8924846 tn?1410572901 Mine lol, he had nausea at the beginning of my pregnancy now he has lower back pain, mood swings, and he's gaining a little weight, he don't believe me when I tell him that's what it is lol.
Avatar f tn My appetite is varying from sometimes really hungry to not at all hungry and my mood swings have been all over the place. In the last hour or so I noticed period like cramps in my stomach and have started spotting a brownish discharge and my vagina has begun to tighten and become quite dry. I am on holiday with my family so can't take a test yet. Someone please help?
461781 tn?1285609481 So as you may know, I found out last week that I'm pregnant! Its great, we're really excited and the family is going happy nuts over it! However, I don't feel pregnant yet, yes I have very sore boobs, I get cramps at night and kinda light headed throughout the day. But that's it.
Avatar n tn So how many of u ladies go through mood swings and how do u deal with it? I'm 10weeks and 1 day and I seem to suffer from it constantly I dont know whether it's da circumstances of my pregnancy dat r making them worse this is my second pregnancy and it's not da same guy as my first pregnancy and that im in da same place or situation I was in wit my first pregnancy so it's been bothering me...
8905192 tn?1400610778 Can it be true that a male can get pregnancy symptoms because I realized my boyfriend has mood swings with me and its crazy , lol ,
1790045 tn?1317184484 I am in my 14th week of pregnancy and am still having terrible mood swings. I can't wait for them to go away!! I don't remember being this bitchy when I was pregnant with my son. Can someone please tell me when they may end? My morning sickness has calmed down so I am praying this will even out soon too. Thank goodness for hunting season so my husband has a place to escape to.
Avatar f tn I have no symptoms of even having a period,(normally have tender and swollen breasts, fatigue, and mood swings). Took an at home test on the 3rd missed day and it said negative. Has anyone else gonna through this? If i haven't started in the next few days Im scheduling and appointment, but would just like some insight.
Avatar f tn I'm 17 & I had my period two weeks ago & I got it all of a sudden when I'm suppose to get around the 29th, except it's looks really light red/pink to me. My boyfriend & I don't use condoms. I have very little cramping & I have had my mood swings & I've been a bit sensitive & tired. I just wanna know if anybody else had experienced this? Could I possibly be pregnant? Implant bleeding? Is it bad that it's this early?