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Avatar n tn I read that the hormones in early pregnancy cause the discs in your back to soften up, thus causing lower back pain. And my doctor said that cramping is almost a given in early pregnancy, especially if it's not your first. Being pregnant after a miscarriage is wonderful and exciting, but so scary at the same time. I have an ultrasound tomorrow in which I'm supposed to be able to see a heartbeat.
Avatar n tn This is my first Clomid cycle due to PCOS and IR, I am 6 dpo and have had sinus like headaches and lower back ache for 3 days now, I don;t know if I can wait to do a HPT any longer how does every one pass the time between now and AF due. We have been trying to to pg for 7 months... I'de be glad for any one's feedback..
Avatar n tn A month ago I had loads of pregnancy symptoms like difficulty getting comfortable in bed, headaches, dizzy, faint , light-headed, pains in my side, tired, lazy, back ache, leg ache for no reason, feeling sick one time I had to put a bin next to my bed because I felt so ill, sore nipples which started to get from june which i never had before and that
1529722 tn?1294289698 I just wanted to know, is it normal to feel moderate lower back ache? I also feel so uncomfortable when laying on my sides, is this sort of discomfort normal at this stage of pregnancy?
Avatar n tn It is supposed to help sustain the pregnancy in the early weeks. I miss going, but my acupuncturist has told me to come back anytime my symptoms are getting unbearable. She's very sweet. She calls to check on me every so often.
Avatar n tn I REALLY hope that you are pregnant, and I don't want to discourage, BUT I had ALL the pregnancy symptoms and was NOT pregnant. I did not even know that many of them were pregnancy symptoms or I did but didn't know you could get them so early. I apparently just had extreme PMS, which I have NEVER had since I only have a period about 3 times a year I had only experienced cramps, fatigue, irritability, and fatty food cravings during those few times I had a period.
Avatar f tn I first felt the dull pain on the right hand side of my lower back. It wasn’t long before my lower back was hurting on both sides. Its just a dull pain. Just wondering if this could be a early sign of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Some common early pregnancy symptoms are sore breast/nipples, nausea, lower back ache, menstral like cramps, flu like symptoms and feeling very fatigued. Theese are just a few of the more common ones and every pregnant woman will experience different symptoms or maybe none at all. Usualy a woman will start to experience pregnancy symptoms about the 6-8 weeks along. Also some woman can experience them as early has 2-3 weeks into their pregnancy and some woman will never experience them at all.
384150 tn?1399908416 I had the lower back ache and cramping associated with AF, but it felt *different...more sharp, localized pain rather than that dull ache you get before AF. I also felt weird, pulling (for lack of a better description) sensations in my lower abdomen, and sharp pains down in the vaginal area. Also, the fatigue...that one is killing me, and I've been having it for over a week. I go to bed at 8 every night! The other thing is the breast tenderness was different...
1481269 tn?1295607360 Also, over the past week ive started to notice pregnancy symptoms such as tiredness, heartburn, wind and burping, needing to go for a wee more often, slight lower back ache, bloating and also been feeling slight twinches / slight cramp like feelings in my lower left abdomen and breast tenderness around my nipples. Does it sound like im pregnant? Im too scared to take a HPT as im terrified it will be negative or that i wont have enough of HcG hormone. Thanks everyone!
Avatar f tn Im 17 years old & Im 5 weeks & 5 days pregnant today. I got in a big arguement with my baby daddy I was angry all day , i had a big head ache & i was geting cramps in my lower back. About an hour ago i woke up with bleeding. I have never been pregnant before this is my first child. Is this normal? Please help!
Avatar f tn I have my blood test on Thursday and I have no pregnancy symptoms...if I was pregnant shouldnt my boobs hurt...shouldn't I feel different in some way? I feel like a crazy person...my husband says I should think I'm pregnant and be positive but I dont feel any different.
Avatar n tn has any one experienced dull lower back ache in very early pregnancy. husband had reversal recently,and trying for baby,have three already 14,11,9. i am now 37. my period would be due tomorow,i am as regular as clockwork. dont have ususal period symptoms,but the iritating lower dull back ache for about 5 days now,and i had this before missed period with others,although a long time ago.
Avatar f tn I have small cramping, like i would have with a period, but no lower back pain. I am extremely exhausted, and throw up in my mouth after every time I eat. I feel tighter across my stomach, and my nipples are extremely sore and the glands around them are raised, as well as I have been having to use the bathroom more. I have taken several hpts but they are all negative. I was wondering if I could be pregnant, and if I am, does my having taken plan b risk the baby having defects?
Avatar n tn I just got back from the ER and they are treating me with Macrobid (UTI) type symptoms. My fever was 100.6 and the symptoms were there. My culture came back negative but he said sometimes early on they don't show yet and no harm to treat since macrobid doesn't hurt the baby. The doc said to come back in a day or so if the cramping didn't subside or if I have bleeding so they can do an ultrasound and b/w. I am hoping they will go away. I am glad I went in and now have antibiotics.
Avatar n tn I am having some dull back ache. What Is going on. I thought I was pregnant and I just took the test too early. Now I don't know! It is all so different than anything that I have experienced before. I am always right at 25 -28 days. Normal periods and lots of blood and cramps for 5 -6 days. I just want to know one way or the other! I felt a lot of symptoms know I feel CRAZY.......
Avatar n tn Iv been spotting now for the last 3days which keeps going brown to pink offen with little like clots sorry if it sounds sick I keep getting a dull pain on my right and slight lower back pain could this be a sign of early pregnancy? Itz making me think yes but it seems weird how the bleeding started 7dpo!!
Avatar n tn I've been having some symptoms that seems to be similar to pregnancy symptoms. I am feeling bloated, gassy (burbing all the time), ache near the belly buttom towards the right, feeling nausea and more headaches than usual. Initially i also have a little pain towards my lower abdominal (the location moves around from time to time) and also my back hurts (could be from other recent activities). My period is due a little over a week and i am so worried.
1759359 tn?1322492564 Today Im fatigued, have a horrible headache, mild nausea, mild dull cramping in my lower abdomen, sore breast, lower back ache and bloated. Im hoping we are finally pregnant! Or maybe my pms is just starting earlier than normal? Have any of you experienced this and ended up pregnant???
Avatar f tn If I am pregnant I will be 3 weeks. I have a dull back ache in my lower back, some cramping kind of like AF cramps but more to the right side and its kind of like something is pulling or stretching, at night my boobs get a little sore, I noticed my areolas (nipples) seem larger, and I feel very flushed like I have a fever, or like hot flashes I guess. I am only 24 so its not menopause.
363028 tn?1222234568 My lower back more to the right is hurting. but i dont know if im pregnant. everyone in my family swears that i am pregnant. ive been having major stomach cramps but its off and on. Ive checked if i was pregnant but my mom says it was to early. so i just gave up. my periods are irregular so thats the hard part. what should i do???
Avatar f tn And last night i just felt all sorts of awful- nausea, lower back ache, tingling feet and my stomach just felt bloated and had discomfort. Didnt think i had cramping but im not sure. Im worried and wanted to know if what im feeling is normal. This is my third pregnancy and didnt feel these symptoms in the first trimester before. I want to see a doc but i have an appt for next week with my OB. What should i do? Am i over reacting?
Avatar f tn I have cramping and tons of lower back pain. sore boobs, both equally! and so very hungry. some nausea. headaches. Same here "forestfairie" I had symptoms since the very day I got pg. the worst symptom is the increase in smell. I can smell everything, I can smell dog poo from across the street! It's so strange, first couple of pg tests were negitive for me too, but i knew i was pg. my beta is only 79, i feel like it should be 79,000.
150483 tn?1212172156 I haven't had a lot of symptoms besides my period being late but today at work I was moving furniture (I'm a teacher and was getting my room ready) and I started having cramping/sharp pain in my lower abdomen and my hips and back ache now. I can't decide if I am just out of shape and that's why I am hurting or if it really is because I am pregnant? I didn't know if the symptoms were showing up since I was really active today?