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Avatar f tn What was everyone early pregnancy symptoms? I've only had cramping and constipation. Anyone else?
Avatar n tn hey just out of curiosity i was wondering if anyone had any very early pregnancy symptoms, i had tender breasts and was tired very early on, about a week after i conceived
Avatar f tn This could be a late ovulation because of the cm ur experiencing.... its a bit to early to get so many symptoms of pregnancy. Remember this is a mind over matter thing cause we want to get pregnant sooooo bad! I might add that NO pregnancy are the same... i was 14 days late and still wasnt pregnant. If u as a woman feel that something is up, plz do take a HPT or get some blood work done. Wish u the best of luck!!!
766586 tn?1284386798 Had my second IUI on July 3 and thought I would share my early pregnancy symptoms so far and hope others will as well. I checked other blogs out there and found the responses to be incredibly helpful, here goes: 1dpiui Started vacation today! Hopefully relaxation will help. Had lots of cramps and bloating. At end of day was very bloated, went for a walk and it was uncomfortable very bloated. Felt like I had to pee all the time. Went to bed, laid down for a while and felt a little better.
Avatar m tn I im 4 weeks &' 5 days pregnant , i was reading some articles about early symptoms of pregnancy ; &' it says that i will have tenderness in my breast &' around my nipple it will get dark , but i havent had tenderness or my nipple assent got dark ; is their something wrong ? or is it a good thing ? i would like to know if anyone had the same thing like me ?
540515 tn?1216401793 any ideas on how early pregnancy symptoms can arise??? i am "feeling" pregnant, but i think i just may have psyched myself into it! I am soooo tired, bloated, HUNGRY, have headaches and am a little irritable. But this very well may be AF rearing her ugly head by the end of the week.....I know i only had my period on June 2...so not that long ago...but sometimes can't you just "feel" pregnant even before you know????? any thoughts????
Avatar n tn Should I assume that I'm most likely not pregnant and should my early symptoms from my last pregnancy be the same in future pregnancies? During my last pregnancy my early symptoms were extremely sore, sore breasts, however now not so much.
3178502 tn?1344420191 BTW I did home pregnancy test from 3 days ago but it turns negative. are these symptoms of pregnancy or all this due to ovulation cycle :( rapid response will be highly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Can we get pregnancy symptoms before missed period ?? And what are they ??
Avatar f tn Hello ladies! So I'm curious to know, what were your early pregnancy symptoms that got you thinking? :) Mine was Acne (I rarely get it!), Extremely moody! (Yelled at hubby in the grocery store cuz he couldn't decide on what chips he wanted! Lol!) A dramatic increase in discharge & pulling pains in my uterus. (Not fun!) & the crazy thing is, the time I'm actually pregnant we were like nah probably not no need to test. & then bam! Missed period & BFP! Anybody else?
Avatar f tn I'm not worried about the chance of me being pregnant, if I am, I am, if not, well then, I'm not. I'm just curious as to whether or not these could be pregnancy symptoms. My fiance and I had sex on March 18, and I had just finished my period (I think...) Anyway, just a few minor things: I"ve been really tired lately... like really tired. I've had nausea quite a bit as well, mostly when I'm hungry which isn't normal for me. I've been getting VERY crabby over little things, it's not fun..
Avatar f tn So again am i crazy or has anybody else had these or had these for early pregnancy symptoms? Answers will be greatly appreciate and thank you for taking the time to read my post. Thanks everyone, hope to hear from you.
Avatar n tn Nope not at all....you already have a pregnancy under your belt and the body already knows what to expect with the pregnancy....not oy that you and ready have a sense of what you should feel like for pregnancy so it's easier to determine the symptoms! Like my doctor told me first pregnancy was with rose tinted glasses on....the happiness and joy of pregnancy masked a lot of symptoms and well diverted your attention some where else....
338830 tn?1230003078 I would like to hear about everyone's early pregnancy symptoms before they got their BFP! I love comparing! I am 6 DPO and hoping! Thanks Ladies!
Avatar f tn Dont worry about not having symptoms just yet, your still early. Most women dont get them till 6-8 weeks when you hCG levels get high. My nausea is not bad just enough to notice its there and to not want to eat at times. I feel you on being bloated because im the same way and most my jeans are to tight for comfort right now. Have you been to the doctor yet or had your levels checked? Any craving kick in yet? As for me i want everything that has to do with cheese or pizza.
Avatar n tn Basically you can have symptoms this early. Anyway, my first symptoms were bloating and fatigue. (Two diff. pregnancies, respectively).
1673044 tn?1309142047 -Light bleeding during intercourse 12 DPO -VERY vivid dream about a positive HPT!! -Cramping/abdominal twinges since Sunday -Light Nausea - mainly after I eat - I feel really hungry them super full as soon as I eat anything -Heartburn today - CD 31 (typically 32-34 day cycle) - a coworker that doesn't know I'm ttc asked if I was preggo when I mentioned this today -More sever cramping this afternoon These things are unusual for me, but I have had 2 BFN's so far.
Avatar f tn All pms symptoms are closely related to pregnancy symptoms and are almost irrelevant. I've learned after a couple months that focusing on all those symptoms will drive you crazy! Just relax...take a load off and worry about it in a few more days! Nothing will tell you at 8dpo if you're pregnant or not. If you're a little stir crazy then maybe take a first test at 12dpo and see what you get! SSBD...hope you end up with a BFP for Christmas!