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Avatar f tn Noticed increased heart rate at rest, probably been going on since other symptoms started. I remember having increased heart rate at rest last time I had all these symptoms (back in spring of 2009). Getting chest pain and headaches as well. lower back pain in the muscles (does no hurt more when I press on it). Neck pain on left side. Head ache on lower left side.
Avatar f tn HR as high as 180 High stress (financial)
363243 tn?1331033850 I ate hot wings and mashed potatoes from KFC, took B Complex and Vitamin D. Heart rate increased afterwards.
Avatar f tn awoke with heart pounding at 5am and then every hour until 8am with heart rate normal.
Avatar f tn My still needed rest, nap. I also had a increase in heart rate.
Avatar m tn Could all these symptoms is a positive sign.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had increased heart rate with zoloft withdrawal or increased blood pressure
Avatar f tn 8/17: feelling very dizzy and cold, at 11am (1h meeting from 9-10, in meeting at 11). Feeling better at about 2 (lunch 12:30) Some palps during step class. 8/18: lots of palps during 8:30-9:30 pump class. Feels like long, strong beat. 8/19: feeling palps during night. 8/22: Woke up feeling fine then heart block, uneasiness started at 7:30 (before breakfast). Morning after presentation at acs conference. 8/24: feeling mildly dizzy after got off plan in Chicago and very hungry.
Avatar f tn The heart rate thing is a myth...I read that all babies start out with a high heart rate that slows down the farther along in your pregnancy so it really depends on when you listen to heartbeat that determines it not gender. I was hoping I could get a clue from that too...but read more into it and found out it's a myth.
Avatar f tn 30 am with symptoms of heart attack. Rapid heart rate, pain in chest, jaw, left arm and nausea. Went to ER. SVT, subsided with out intervention.
9181958 tn?1408742720 I'm 4 weeks 5 days and I've started to have increased heart rate. Resting heart rate is running 92-108. Idk if it's aggravating my PVC heart problem? I have to take Metroprol due to before I got pregnant to slow down my heart rate. Up until now i haven't had increased heart rate. Is it normal for your heart rate to increase this early?
Avatar f tn 1st baby & they let me know the heart rate was at 156 then it dropped down to 110 by the next visit. Does that have to do with stress and is that heart rate too low?
Avatar n tn They are trying to get it down to a more suitable rate of 65-70. Can a elevated resting heart rate cause your ejection fraction to deminish? I have felt tired and have had tightness in my chest for 2 months now. Doctor has ordered a stress test to see how my heart is. He said there is nothing to worry about right now. Also the echo report said moderate to severe hypokenetic, while the earlier echo showed mild to moderate hypokenetic. What does that exacly mean?
1339395 tn?1317263821 Just hit 5 weeks today I dont like being sick...and havent been sick in a long time My anxiety is back today...(anxious feeling/toss and turn during sleep) have a sore throat, achey (no temperature tho), runny nose, watery eyes and now have random shooting pains through my nips/boobs...its weird. my bb's also "feel warm" weird? no other pregnancy symptoms tho.
Avatar f tn today was pregnancy circle/prenatal apt everything was great babies heart rate 141bpm growing on schedule all in all perfect! group meets every 2 weeks now getting closser to due date! soooo excitted..
Avatar f tn At this age, all babies heart rates are fast. With my daughter her heart rate was always in the 160-170 and with this pregnancy (a boy) his heart rate has always been 160-170.
Avatar n tn I would get out of breath a lot more quickly. My heart rate had jumped about 20 beats per minute (I had a resting heart rate of 60 or less before). I told my doctor at around 11 weeks, and she checked my heart rate and said I was fine. I'm 17 weeks now and still getting winded quickly and have an elevated heart rate. Some of my friends said that it was a bit unusual to get winded so early on, but hey, now there's two of us.
Avatar f tn I thought I was 8 weeks 5 days and had vaginal US, the tech said Fetal heart rate 121BPM and said size etc put me at only 6 weeks. I am quite concerned about FHR because I felt my dating was correct. Last few cycles were irregular 2 in the same month and I realize this could change ovulation, but my urine pregnancy test was positive 07/30/12 which seems too early for my new dates.
Avatar f tn Last week he was so out of breath after his run (during cooling off ) that I took his heart rate with an oximeter. His heart rate was 180 , ten minutes later it was 165 , twenty minutes later it was 132 . My husband's heart rate is usually around 70. Sometimes after running he will just immediately have to sit down because he is so out of breath from his twenty minute run. He had a heart murmur as a child but it went away. He has had a pulmonary function test and it was normal.
Avatar f tn 30 WEEKS TODAY Baby Heart Rate: 138 BP: 116/72 Belly Measurement: 30 weeks (right on target) Weight: lost 3lbs (total -8lbs for the pregnancy only 1lb gained from begining of pregnancy)
Avatar f tn Had an ultrasound today. I'm 6 weeks 1 day. They said the fetal heart rate was 91 and that was a concern? I'm hearing conflicting things about this has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever had a sonogram and the fetal heart rate was b/w 88/90 in the early stages of ur pregnancy? I'm 6wks 2dys. If so, what was ur outcome? The doc scheduled me for another scan next week to have it rechecked.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever had a sonogram and the fetal heart rate was b/w 88/90 in the early stages of ur pregnancy? I'm 6wks 2dys. If so, what was ur outcome? The doc scheduled me for another scan next week to have it rechecked.