Early pregnancy symptoms for a girl

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Avatar m tn I am currently 3 days past a 5 day two embryo transfer and was currious how long it might be before I start having pregnancy symptoms, for example will I start having them before I do my pregnancy test on the 21st, and what are they limely to be.
Avatar f tn I just worry because my first pregnancy ended up being a blighted ovum. I have an ultrasound booked for 12th Dec so I will let you know how I go.
280369 tn?1316705641 Hubby is thinking girl this time....but he said that at first with Jeremiah, but deep down was hoping for a boy. I really don't know this time...maybe once I get further along I will figure it out.
Avatar n tn It's not a stupid question. If you go down to the posts from 10/03, there is a thread titled, "how soon can you get a positive hpt?" They discuss it quite a bit there.
Avatar n tn My symptoms started the day I conceived which is crazy but thats how I kinda knew I was PG. I was on vacation and had a little nausea throughout the day for a few hours or so then it would go away. I didn't think anything of it cause I thought it was cause I was ovulating. Then when I was late, the nausea kicked in 24/7 and it hasn't eased since.
Avatar n tn The thing is is that AF is a week and a half away. Any chances they could be pregnancy signs or should I go to the doctor and see what's wrong with me?
Avatar n tn Hi - and you're welcome! My little bundle's name is Nathan Joseph, and he was a humongous bundle at 9 lbs, 0.4 ozs. I wish I knew how to post a picture, or I'd do it. He's beautiful. I hope you get yours. Is that what you are hoping for?
Avatar f tn I'm currently 5 weeks if this site calculated it right. I go next week to find out for sure. I'm 5 days late with my period and this place said they'd test me when I should be at least 6 weeks.
Avatar n tn 5 weeks is kinda early tho but I will keep fingers crossed for you, that you have no other symptoms!
Avatar f tn It is diffrent for every woman and every pregnancy. I did not have any symptoms until 7 weeks. Some women experience symptoms as early as 4 weeks, others not til later.
153475 tn?1359474834 I had an abnormal period last week it was due to come on a monday but didnt show til thurs then when i finally came it was so light that i didnt go thru a tampon for almost 3 days (im a very heavey bleeder) and that was all it lasted. With my first pregnancy I had signs of bleeding gums, waking up early in the morning at a certain time, lower abdominal pressure and slight nausea all of which I'm experienceing again. Should I test?
Avatar f tn really, really wishing one of those darn ailments will be a pregnancy sign. Although this sort of fed the paranoia a little, I found this site to be helpful in listing the early symptoms: http://www.americanpregnancy.org/gettingpregnant/earlypregnancysymptoms.
Avatar f tn I ovulated on June 22, and TTC on this day a few days before and after this date. It is now July 7 and I am having pregnancy symptoms I think. I have felt like I am getting a cold with a sore throat, but do not have fever. Also on 8dpo my gums started bleeding when I brushed my teeth, this has never happened to me..
1673044 tn?1309142047 -Light bleeding during intercourse 12 DPO -VERY vivid dream about a positive HPT!! -Cramping/abdominal twinges since Sunday -Light Nausea - mainly after I eat - I feel really hungry them super full as soon as I eat anything -Heartburn today - CD 31 (typically 32-34 day cycle) - a coworker that doesn't know I'm ttc asked if I was preggo when I mentioned this today -More sever cramping this afternoon These things are unusual for me, but I have had 2 BFN's so far.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately the 1st trimester is the most dangerous for any pregnancy and double that for previous miscarried mothers. Treat this as a whole new begining, close the chapter(last pregnancy) but not the book (dont forget it completely). focus on today and STOP STRESSING :).....rest is best so above any medication take care you NO1 YOU....if it is a good egg sweetie it will stick and no matter what you do it wont leave you for 9months. You are in my prayers and thoughts.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies. For the women who got pregnant after a early miscarriage with no period in between. How long did it take you to get positives? Symptoms? Stories?
Avatar f tn So about a week and a half ago I got really nauseous for like two minutes out of no whatever ,my back has been hurting and usually anywhere from four to three days before my period I get spotting and slot of other symptoms but I'm to days away from my period and it has not happened. Should I be a little concerned?
Avatar f tn This is my 4 th baby and I've had no morning sickness, had very rare cravings which seems to be for salty foods and I'm really big already (18weeks). Could this possibly mean a boy this time for me??
Avatar n tn candle girl! It could be a pregnancy symptom! When i had my first transfer i was so worried because of the cramping, i though it was an early af! THe dr told me it could be my ovaries cramping because they had be stimulated so much and were quite a bit bigger than they usually are because of all the drugs! GOOD LUCK I HOPE IT'S AN EARLY PREGNANCY SIGN! I go for my second transfer in feb!
341551 tn?1266984330 Alot of women get constipated in early pregnancy. I've had a couple episodes just recently, and my friend has had it since day one. So there's nothign to worry about. Just don't stress yourself trying to pass it.
Avatar n tn I took my first HPT on the 14th a tested positive with a faint second line and a clear blue digital- stating just 'pregnant'.
Avatar n tn Only a pregnancy test will confirm.I think bright red blood is uncommon in pregnancy.
Avatar n tn My doctor said that the numbers are on the lower side and i should wait for anothe 2 weeks and do a home pregnancy test and see how it turns out.... I'm afraid it could be an early miscarriage or a blighted ovum(she mentioned it at the U/s)... So I'm very anxious and confused as to why she thinks it's on a lower side ..
Avatar n tn I am cuurently on anti-depressants and i am worried that that may be a reason for me having a miscarrage the first time. Is there anyone out there who was pregnant and on anti-depressants?
202380 tn?1267910566 wowww,girl,that's wonderful!!! congratulations and all my best for a great-twin -pg!! i also thought i might have two because of my elevated b-hcg,but no...was that yr first u/s at 8 weeks?
Avatar f tn No normally they say sickness is a very good sign or a healthy strong baby not saying that ppl who don't haven't got a strong baby but that normally the saying they say u mainly get morning sickness with girl or twins
Avatar f tn i have take n pregnancy test but they were negitive, im pretty sure it was to early, i had a blood test really early too, i really want a baby. please help me i neeed opinions.
Avatar n tn 1st pregnancy was a killer for morning sickness had a girl but this pregnancy was also a killer for it too and its a boy.... I dont know if the symptoms do give it away or its just your body reacting to the hormone changes.