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Avatar f tn Diarreah is a common symptom of early pregnancy and if it is not accompanied with other symptoms is nothing to worry about. Get some rest and make sure to stay hydrated.
Avatar f tn Early in my pregnancy I had the exact same thing - alternating diarrhea (with pretty bad stomach pains) and constipation. I am now 16 weeks and everything is fine. I hear that this can be pretty common.
Avatar n tn I am pregnant with my fifth child and never had diarrhea as a symptom. It would be too early to feel pregnancy symptoms anyhow. I think what's best is for you to try to take some deep breaths and relax. If you are pregnant you will get your positive in a week give or take a few days. Try to be patient and not stress too much.
Avatar f tn If I was pregnant it would be very early, has anyone else experienced symptoms this early into a pregnancy? I can't take a HPT for at least another week, I was just hoping for some insight? Thanks for your time.
766586 tn?1284386798 Had my second IUI on July 3 and thought I would share my early pregnancy symptoms so far and hope others will as well. I checked other blogs out there and found the responses to be incredibly helpful, here goes: 1dpiui Started vacation today! Hopefully relaxation will help. Had lots of cramps and bloating. At end of day was very bloated, went for a walk and it was uncomfortable very bloated. Felt like I had to pee all the time. Went to bed, laid down for a while and felt a little better.
492921 tn?1321293496 //www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/symptoms-and-solutions/pregnancy-diarrhea.
Avatar f tn Anyone else suffering from diarrhea as a pregnancy symptom and if so what is your doctor's response or suggestion?
5536886 tn?1455830946 Or maybe, you haven't taken that pregnancy test and you are wondering if what you are feeling could mean you are pregnant or not. Here's some of the more common early pregnancy symptoms you may or may not experience- do keep in mind that just because you experience some, it doesn't confirm a pregnancy for sure- as many of the same symptoms can be due to hormonal fluctuations around your cycle: Morning sickness- don't let the name fool you, this can last all day, or at night too.
903027 tn?1242257314 One thing I would like to ask though is; has anyone of you girls experienced quite bad diarrhea as part of the early symptoms? I also have morning sickness but no vomitting (YET:o). I am not seeing my PG Dr for another week so I though I'd ask you.
Avatar f tn From my ovulation day until now I have had all the pregnancy symptoms nausea constipated and diarrhea swollen breasts nipples got bigger all that. I took a pregnancy test on August 12 it was negative then my period started like right after(3 days early) It waa really light at first and stopped after a few hours was pinkish but more in the brown side. Then it started again. Only stopping at night but it go heavier each time it restarted.
363028 tn?1222234568 So good luck to you, keep us posted! As far as the symptoms...I feel like it's too early for you to be feeling all that? I know everyone is different, but if you just conceived 7-9 days ago thats kind of soon to be feeling that stuff, but than again maybe your hormones are super strong right now! Good Luck, lots of baby dust to you!
Avatar m tn Well slowed movement and diarrhea are both signs if labor, if you don't feel right then go into l&d.
Avatar f tn I also got symptoms a few days before my missed period. Did a hpt two days after I was due and got a very strong line .. I said I was 3 weeks+! Do a test in a couple of days if your period doesn't start then it will put your mind at rest. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I'm 23 weeks and I heard that having diarrhea is a sign of early labor? Is that true or not?
Avatar n tn I was just wondering if anyone had severe diarrhea at the beginning of their pregnancy. I do not know if I am pregnant yet, although all signs point to it, and im waiting to get in to the doctor. I know ive heard a lot about people being constipated, but not me. Just wondering if im just weird or anyone else experienced the same thing.
Avatar f tn I just woke up with diarrhea. I'm 29 weeks. I don't remember it starting this early but I suppose it could be any of the reasonings above. Hoping mine is just food related though. Good luck if this is heading you into labor!
Avatar f tn When I went in 2 weeks ago for the pre-term they said I wasn't dehydrated from the diarrhea, but for some reason it can be enough to trigger labor in some women. Although it's common to have diarrhea in early labor or just before early labor I think it's too early for that, for you, and you shouldn't have it for 5-7 days. Be VERY careful not to get dehydrated. You should have another appointment with your doc soon I would think so make sure you talk to them about it.
Avatar f tn It doesn't sound like typical pregnancy symptoms. Maybe you have a bug. Pregnant women are more suseptible to tummy upsets. That's why food should be reheated to piping hot or made fresh. It's a pain.
Avatar n tn there actually are no pregnancy symptoms, meaning there are no symptoms that tell you if you are pregnant or not. many women have none at all. some experience cramping, nausea, vomiting, food aversions, food cravings, heart burn, diarrhea, constipation, etc. personally i had cramping from before my BFP until about 8 weeks of pregnancy. sore breasts for the first trimester. heart burn from 6-10 weeks and nausea if i did not eat every hour for the first 14 weeks or so.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor today and he said the headaches and nose bleeding could be from my sinus or just regular symptoms of the last weeks of pregnancy or it could also be related to anxiety (I've been feeling very anxious lately and stressed). Everything is great my baby, blood pressure, sugar levels, etc. My strep b test came back negative and I'm almost 2cm. So he said that my baby might come within a week or two. I feel so happy!!!!
316024 tn?1248903426 This is my 5th pregnancy and I haven't had any symptoms. I was really worried since all of my other pregnancies, I've had all the pregnancy symptoms. Needless to say, I've been going crazy. Well, I had my 1sr appt. June 16th, and she did an ultrasound. I saw the heartbeat and the baby. I measured at 6.6 wks pregnant. This is just to say that all pregnancies are different. All women are different.
Avatar f tn I haven't missed my period because I still have about 2 weeks before I start and I know that it's too early to tell if my symptoms are pregnancy symptoms, but I just need to know if I am and if anyone else has experienced what I am experiencing a few weeks into their pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Has anyone (especially anyone who has other kids) looked soooo pregnant so early on (I should be about 6w3d)? Or, has anyone looked sooo pregnant in early pregnancy from digestive/constipation problems? I go to my doctor for my first prenatal and first US next week. I'm not really telling anyone I'm pregnant for a while, mostly b/c of my mc last time, but it's getting hard to hide. I'd love to hear any and all experiences with this! Thanks for all your help!!!
Avatar f tn I was reading an article just right now on the internet but i'm not for sure and since i'm already on a 2cm i'm not to sure if i'm dialting more or what but i have a doctor's appointment until the 29th of this month i should ask my doctor about these kind of symptoms i have headaches, nausea, lower back contractions i need more information this is my 2 pregnancy never had this with my 1 pregnancy but i guess every pregnancy is different :)