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903027 tn?1242253714 One thing I would like to ask though is; has anyone of you girls experienced quite bad diarrhea as part of the early symptoms? I also have morning sickness but no vomitting (YET:o). I am not seeing my PG Dr for another week so I though I'd ask you.
Avatar f tn Diarreah is a common symptom of early pregnancy and if it is not accompanied with other symptoms is nothing to worry about. Get some rest and make sure to stay hydrated.
Avatar f tn Hello, I might appear to be a bit premature in asking this but what I have found on the net seems to be conflicting.
Avatar m tn Well slowed movement and diarrhea are both signs if labor, if you don't feel right then go into l&d.
Avatar f tn Early in my pregnancy I had the exact same thing - alternating diarrhea (with pretty bad stomach pains) and constipation. I am now 16 weeks and everything is fine. I hear that this can be pretty common.
766586 tn?1284383198 Had my second IUI on July 3 and thought I would share my early pregnancy symptoms so far and hope others will as well. I checked other blogs out there and found the responses to be incredibly helpful, here goes: 1dpiui Started vacation today! Hopefully relaxation will help. Had lots of cramps and bloating. At end of day was very bloated, went for a walk and it was uncomfortable very bloated. Felt like I had to pee all the time. Went to bed, laid down for a while and felt a little better.
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Avatar n tn there actually are no pregnancy symptoms, meaning there are no symptoms that tell you if you are pregnant or not. many women have none at all. some experience cramping, nausea, vomiting, food aversions, food cravings, heart burn, diarrhea, constipation, etc. personally i had cramping from before my BFP until about 8 weeks of pregnancy. sore breasts for the first trimester. heart burn from 6-10 weeks and nausea if i did not eat every hour for the first 14 weeks or so.
Avatar f tn It doesn't sound like typical pregnancy symptoms. Maybe you have a bug. Pregnant women are more suseptible to tummy upsets. That's why food should be reheated to piping hot or made fresh. It's a pain.
Avatar f tn Is it true that u get mild diarrhea and nausea and vomiting before going into labor?
Avatar f tn So, I read on one of my pregnancy weekly updates that one early symptom of labor was diarrhea. Is this true? I am 36 weeks today and have had diarrhea for a few days now but my meals have been the same and eating healthy.
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Avatar f tn I recently found out that I'm Pregnant after a nine year tubal ligation. I've had lab work done twice and my doc says my hcg levels are increasing as a normal pregnancy would. I'm still at risk for ectopic pregnancy cause they can't see whew the embryo is due to me being so early along. I'm 5wks. I haven't experienced any bleeding. But have slight cramping through out my belly and diarrhea. Am I In the clear or should I stay of Google and quit freaking myself out??
Avatar f tn The day before I went into labor I was vomiting and had diarrhea all day. I was 36 weeks and a ftm and hadn't been sick my whole pregnancy so I thought I had the stomach flu or food poisoning. The next morning my water broke and when I went to L&D my obgyn said I wasn't sick my body was just getting ready for labor. So maybe you're going into labor maybe not lol.
Avatar f tn I believe I'm 6dpo, though I could be more! I got 1 faint + (blue dye) & Sun took a pink dye & got a bit stronger of a +!! I've been nasuated, having weird stomach/abdomnal pains/feelings, I'm extremelly emotional, tired, sore breasts, lower back pain, headache's & indergestion ( burping up sour stuff)! This has been this way for the past week I wanna say w/ all symptoms getting worse as time/day goes by!?
Avatar f tn I also got symptoms a few days before my missed period. Did a hpt two days after I was due and got a very strong line .. I said I was 3 weeks+! Do a test in a couple of days if your period doesn't start then it will put your mind at rest. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I'm 23 weeks and I heard that having diarrhea is a sign of early labor? Is that true or not?
Avatar f tn Yea prefectly normal it will pass the farther into ur pregnancy
Avatar f tn With my 1st son I was induced at full term so Idk wat are sign for early labor well I'm burning up bad right now, I'm really sleepy, this is rhe 1st time i ever ate so much. I dont have any symptoms w this pregnancy or never hungry. the past few days I've been having diarrhea. Tmi sorry. I been having a stinging pain down there & my son keeps pushing head down.
Avatar f tn Anyone else suffering from diarrhea as a pregnancy symptom and if so what is your doctor's response or suggestion?
Avatar n tn I got diarrhoea a number of times in early pregnancy and start of second trimester. I used to eat a banana daily and around the time I took my prenatals. I usually got diarrhoea if I ate a takeout.