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Avatar n tn //www.medhelp.org/pregnancy-health/articles/Constipation-During-Pregnancy-Your-Symptoms-Manual/2115 *Find symptom information in the app by going to the Pregnancy Diary from the home screen and selecting your symptom from the Symptoms menu. Then click the menu bar in the upper left and select Symptoms Manual to see your symptoms.
Avatar f tn i know it's kinda tmi but very early in my pregnancy i experienced some constipation but now i'm 11 weeks 4 days & i don't seem to be havin much trouble anymore goin to the bathroom... is that just cuz i'm about out of my first trimester or should i be concerned that the symptom is goin away? i'm not as nauseas as before but i know towards the 2ndback trimester most women start to feel better... idk i'm just paranoid i guess cuz i had a previous misscarriage.
Avatar f tn What was everyone early pregnancy symptoms? I've only had cramping and constipation. Anyone else?
Avatar f tn If I was pregnant it would be very early, has anyone else experienced symptoms this early into a pregnancy? I can't take a HPT for at least another week, I was just hoping for some insight? Thanks for your time.
Avatar f tn Sue, 3 days post ov is a tad on the early side for symptoms! I have pregnancy symptoms every day. If I turn up pregnant, you can go ahead and alert the media!
367100 tn?1330918325 Hi all, My question is, what are the very early symptoms of pregnancy ? Here very early means before u miss the period. and i want to know how much the implantaton bleeding ( means ur pregnant and u bleed on ur period date) . please anwer me!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you.
Avatar n tn I'm only 4 weeks pregnant but already have nausea, Backache, frequent urination, tender breasts, heart burn and constipation..... why? Most of these symptoms I didn't have until my last trimester last time except nausea but it still dint start until week 6. This happening or happened to anyone else?
5536886 tn?1455830946 Or maybe, you haven't taken that pregnancy test and you are wondering if what you are feeling could mean you are pregnant or not. Here's some of the more common early pregnancy symptoms you may or may not experience- do keep in mind that just because you experience some, it doesn't confirm a pregnancy for sure- as many of the same symptoms can be due to hormonal fluctuations around your cycle: Morning sickness- don't let the name fool you, this can last all day, or at night too.
2093372 tn?1473261554 Many women experience them within days of conception, others take a few weeks before pregnancy symptoms kick in and a lucky few feel no discomfort at all. The early pregnancy symptoms listed on this page generally can be felt once implantation occurs (8-10 days from ovulation) and will lessen after the first trimester. It is frustrating to realize that many pregnancy symptoms are very similar to those that occur right before menstruating.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies! So I'm curious to know, what were your early pregnancy symptoms that got you thinking? :) Mine was Acne (I rarely get it!), Extremely moody! (Yelled at hubby in the grocery store cuz he couldn't decide on what chips he wanted! Lol!) A dramatic increase in discharge & pulling pains in my uterus. (Not fun!) & the crazy thing is, the time I'm actually pregnant we were like nah probably not no need to test. & then bam! Missed period & BFP! Anybody else?
Avatar n tn I think the line might still be from old hormomes from the m/c. Has anybody had those same early pregnancy symptoms? I never had any with the pregnancy that m/c. Sorry so lengthy, any help would be great.
Avatar f tn Dont worry about not having symptoms just yet, your still early. Most women dont get them till 6-8 weeks when you hCG levels get high. My nausea is not bad just enough to notice its there and to not want to eat at times. I feel you on being bloated because im the same way and most my jeans are to tight for comfort right now. Have you been to the doctor yet or had your levels checked? Any craving kick in yet? As for me i want everything that has to do with cheese or pizza.
Avatar f tn I have my blood test on Thursday and I have no pregnancy symptoms...if I was pregnant shouldnt my boobs hurt...shouldn't I feel different in some way? I feel like a crazy person...my husband says I should think I'm pregnant and be positive but I dont feel any different.
Avatar f tn Having early pregnancy symptoms is just as normal as not having them early on. I'm now 29 wks and have been feeling much better since week 16.
571415 tn?1217043562 Fatigue Fatigue also ranks high among early symptoms of pregnancy. During early pregnancy, levels of the hormone progesterone soar. In high enough doses, progesterone can put you to sleep. At the same time, lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and increased blood production may team up to sap your energy. Slight bleeding or cramping For some women, a small amount of spotting or vaginal bleeding is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy.
Avatar n tn ) and take whatever measures they can to correct the problem. In early pregnancy, though, especially prior to 12 weeks, m/c is often caused by something that can't be corrected (genetic anomaly, blighted ovum etc.). So no, they won't try to stop it with drugs. Just try to enjoy being pregnant, try to relax... a site I found helpful was www.pamsupport.org (Pregnancy After Miscarriage).... good luck and hugs!!
Avatar m tn Or does anyone know what symptoms the early pregnancy factors causes?
341551 tn?1266984330 Just wondering if anyone experienced Constipation in their early Pregnancy days?? If I am Pregnant I'm only a little past 4 weeks but today I woke up and haven't been able to go to the bathroom and that never happens to me. Yesterday I was starting to get knots behind my belly button and a couple woman on here suggested I was Constipated but I was fine yesterday and now today I haven't gone and I can't go! I can feel the pressure behind my belly button and its all tight and weird feeling. Help??
Avatar n tn I had my last period two weeks early after I had stopped using birth control and I think I may be pregnant, but only a few weeks. Can you have hemorrhoids during early pregnancy?