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972246 tn?1311092135 It sounds like you could be pregnant, I remember having more discharge, sore boobs is a symptom same with frequant urination in your early pregnancy. Have you tried taking a HPT? (home pregnancy test) If not then try... if its negative give it a couple wks and it could change. But if your still unsure after the advice from everyone then call your doctor, They'll be able to help you out with that.
Avatar n tn Hello I am In the process of starting a family, I missed my period for over a week now, I took the clear blue pregnancy test and it tested negative. Is it too early to test. And I don't see a sign of my period coming even tho I feel like sometimes. I get some pain on one side of my stomach every now and the. What should I do next.
315794 tn?1205628717 I have taken 3 or 4 pregnancy test and they all says negative is it too early? but i have symptoms of being pregnant: sore nipples , mood swings, excessive urinating, eating alot, headaches, sleeping all the time, could i be pregnant or am i reading into my symptoms too indepth?
Avatar n tn We got some of those First Response Early Pregnancy Tests and took one in the morning five days before her missed period, the next in the morning two days before (when the accuracy was supposed to be 93%, and the last she took in the evening a week after her period started, all of which came back negative in about a minute and a half. She got her period on time and everything was normal. I was just curious if there was still any possibility that she might still be pregnant.
Avatar f tn If the doctor told you the due date of November 24 based on some other data, then you need to get an ultrasound. It's early days yet in your pregnancy, and this would be the right time to get one for the purposes of determining conception. Did you sleep with anyone in late February or early March? I'm not getting, from ANY of the dates in the story including the ones you calculated from the first day of your last period, that the guy in January before your last period is a problem.
Avatar n tn It could have been a faulty test, false positive, you could be pregnant and it's a chemical pregnancy (very early miscarriage). There are a lot of reasons, wait until your period is due if it's not already and test again, and if your period is already late wait a few more days and test again.
Avatar f tn I was just wonder if anyone on here has taken vaginal supp progesterone and baby aspirin on their early pregnancy? I saw my doctor yesterday and she prescribe me these med.
Avatar f tn Im in my first trimester only 3wks and wondering if at this early in pregnancy did any other moms have a lot of gas and got hungry soo much through out the day. Also what can I use to calm my cramps down a Lil?
Avatar n tn Last month I got my period on 10/15 which was 5-6 days early. I was never early like that before, first time for everything I guess. So going by that date I would of been due for my period 2 days ago. Where oh where is it?? Is my body totally deciding now to start being irregular?? Oh and to top it off Tuesday morning I had a very very small amount of light brown discharge when I wiped and this morning again. Nothing else. Has this ever happened to anyone??
Avatar f tn For you ladies on your second pregnancy when did you start showing? I don't want to gain too much this pregnancy any workout tips?
Avatar f tn A lot of women don't have signs. And when they start to get them they're already 6 or more weeks into pregnancy. So it is never a good idea to go by "signs". Stress can also lead to some similar signs of pregnancy. So the best thing to do is wait till you miss your period or two weeks after having unprotected sex to take a pregnancy test. Good luck!
Avatar f tn It is possible that this spotting you experienced could be due to implantation. Implantation bleeding is usually seen in early weeks of pregnancy. The spotting is scanty and lasts for a day or so. Are you also having other symptoms suggestive of pregnancy like nausea, sore breasts, increased urine frequency etc? If yes then there are chances that you could be pregnant. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination.
Avatar f tn The term is applied to reproductively assisted pregnancies (such as In vitro fertilization) in which a + pregnancy test is found with no evidence of an early pregnancy. Best regards, Dr.
Avatar f tn But My bf is scared to have sex with me.. Early on in pregnancy we had sex and I spotted for like a few drop's.. But haven't since.. I told him it was because the blood was flowing more then.. That's what the medical site said when I looked it up... But now he is to scared to be with me.. :( is this normal?? How can I convince him its OK?!?