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Avatar f tn I had headaches and very tired, which are for me typical PMS signs. So I guess, yes, PMS and early pregnancy symptoms can be similar. I know many women have no pregnancy symptoms until 5 or 6 weeks, but I get them about 1 week before period would normally be due. As for Dr. test, yes a blood test will pick up HCG before a urine test (at least I am pretty certain it does).
Avatar f tn Hi, so I'm new here, but I'd just like to know if this is PMS or pregnancy or some other problem. Like on Monday my boyfriend and I were playing around, we didn't have sex, as I am a virgin. But for about 3 secs he tried to see what would happen if he tried to enter me, he tried to insert but it was painful and it was only his tip that went as far as to my hymen I think but overall he didn't go inside of me, there was no precum nor did he ejaculate.
Avatar m tn So, the past couple of weeks, i have been experiencing things that could either be a sign of pms or pregnancy, but they are leaning enough on the pregnancy side to have me a little paranoid until i find out for sure. I'm 20 and recently married, my husband and i are not trying to be pregnant right now, but it obviously could happen anyway. I definitely ovulated this month; i know because i get really bad ovulation cramps (yeah, weird).
Avatar f tn i wouldn't be too concerned because you wouldn't be displaying pregnancy symptoms this early. However if you have had sex other than that time I would test. Another culprit could be your hormones being all over the place.. from being pregnant to not being pregnant to getting ready for your period.. best of luck to you.
Avatar f tn I have not changes diet, clothes, soaps, or excerise. Could this be a sign of pregnancy? Or just a new symptom of pms? Could use so advice.
Avatar f tn I have not changes diet, clothes, soaps, or excerise. Could this be a sign of pregnancy? Or just a new symptom of pms? Could use so advice.
Avatar f tn Hi, The symptoms you are having can be early symptoms of pregnancy and you should wait for another week to see if your normal periods start. If not then a home pregnancy test can be taken. Consult your Doctor. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Its most likely too early to get an accurate result on a home test, wait a week or until your missed period and then test. Symptoms could be both pregnancy and pms related, best thing to do is test in a week.
Avatar f tn I'm not one for sweets..never have been even with PMS however this past week or so i cannot get enough soft serve vanilla ice cream with nothing but peanuts on it. Today I noticed my nipples are sore. If i had to describe it I would say it's like that feeling when you push on a bruise. Throughout the day when I'm at work I start feeling lightheaded/dizzy. I feel very bloated in my stomach and pelvic area as well as around my rib cage.
Avatar f tn minor cramping feel like period is about to come..took a pregnancy test and i got a negative..my periods are usually on time or early..am i pregnant or is this just pms?
Avatar n tn Ovulation pain maybe very similar to PMS and cramping. Some women do not even feel pain when ovulating. Ovulation pain occurs in the lower abdomen and could be mild to severe pain, in some it lasts for a couple of hours while others could be very short. EWCM is a good way to tell along with BBT charting. Although your AF is irregular you may want to BBT chart so you can tell a difference in your temps. Also talk to your doctor about regulating your AF, maybe try Provera?
Avatar f tn My breasts are sore and heavy feeling. However i know that those are all pre-pms symptoms as well as pregnancy symptoms. I have also been having EXTREME mood changes but that could also be pms. Normally i would test but im nervous that since my pill changed my period to a week before i would normally start if i can test. Also i dont know if this really means anythign but i have been getting random nose bleeds the past like week and a half.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your quick response. Around about 10 or 11 pm I'll feel sick. Tonight I don't feel so bad though. Pregnancy symptoms and pms symptoms are so similar. The only thing that is different is that I have been feel sick nearly every night, my breasts hurt a lot more and cramps are different and not as bad. I'm pretty nervous right now.
Avatar f tn Did we were intimate when I ovulated if so, isn't it a bit to early for me to be experiencing any signs of pregnancy or a forming pregnancy? But yeah. We were intimate 2 times a day everyday for the past week. I am gonna take a test in a few weeks, My fiance says "babe, I have a gut feeling that you are" but yeah... Chances it is a forming pregnancy? Advice? Thanks for help also now the clear discharge has increased, still a little bit of brown.
Avatar f tn But I woke up this morning with the start of a little bit of acne, which is VERY common for me once a month with PMS. Is this a sign that there's no hope for a BFP or can acne be contributed to changing pregnancy horomones this early on too?
776572 tn?1360294339 i've been increasingly blue since yesterday and am having crying bursts now. this is unusual for me as i usually have much less pms, and it is very rare for me to cry as part of my pms... i have been worried about testing and getting a negative again, but this seems much more exaggerated...
Avatar n tn Are you sure you're not pregnant? I remember really early in my pregnancy before I even knew I got really mad one time because my boyfriend bought me the wrong kind of beef jerky. He had gotten me teriyaki seasoning and I wanted the original.
6918915 tn?1395936471 I'm 11 weeks and feel evil!! Everything makes me either mad or make a me cry, or I get mad and feel bad and cry later lol. my husband thinks I'm the Spaun of the devil!!!
Avatar n tn These cramps are stronger than what I usually get. No spotting, or anything else unusual. Usually my PMS symptoms don't start until 1/2 way into the week before my period is due to start. At times I feel waves a nausea, but it doesn't last long and I haven't gotten sick yet. When I looked my symptoms up online, it all came back for signs of pregnancy.