Early pregnancy loss

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Avatar n tn At what stage of pregnancy are you? If it is before 5 weeks, it may well just be too early to see a thing. The high numbers (and rising) are a good sign. And was it a vaginal ultrasound? Keep in mind also that if it is twins, you will have numbers that sound high enough to see something long before anything is visible on an ultrasound, since the HCG count the doctor uses to judge readiness for ultrasound is for one. Good luck!
Avatar f tn You can lose a pregnancy at any stage, just the further along you are the less likely this is. An early miscarriage is called a chemical pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Are these signs that he is dropping? How long after loss of plug and dropping baby does this last? I don't think I and gonna make it to 40 weeks.
Avatar f tn But I do know how awful it is to have someone who's very close to you in your pregnancy I had a friend who was exactly a week behind me in her pregnancy. I stopped talking to her.. Blocked her number/Facebook. It was just to hard hearing her complain about morning sickness/back pain/heartburn, ect. Even harder seeing her post ultrasound pictures and what not.. She now has a healthy 5 month old son. I started TTC as soon as I stopped bleeding. But I got the all clear from my doctor.
796506 tn?1370191905 I lose hair because of my PCOS, not because of pregnancy. I haven't ever heard of that being a symptom. Most women, because of the hormonal changes, get thicker hair and the shedding comes after they give birth.
268356 tn?1236006204 Cramping is normal in early pregnancy, but if it gets bad then call your Dr.
Avatar n tn 5 weeks and then the pregnancy would end. The m/c's always start the same, spotting from the beginning of the pregnancy, loss of pregnancy symptoms, and then heavy bleeding. My levels (HCG and progestrone) were always low. During this pregnancy my numbers are super high. My HCG is doubling according to the half-live times perfectly last one was 79000 and my progestrone is at 42, but I'm still spotting the same way I did with the others.
Avatar f tn From what I understand, dogs do have slightly different experiences. Her symptoms are absolutely classic for early pregnancy. Dogs do experience the canine equivalent of "morning sickness" occasionally they vomit but most often they just go a little off food for a short time. They usually make up for this though later on in pregnancy. Tiredness and 'clinginess' is classic too, connected to hormonal changes. But I agree, it does all sound a little early at 9 days.
Avatar f tn Very normal, best of luck to you, post any time!!!
Avatar f tn It may just be an off cycle for you. It would seem to me that if this was indeed a pregnancy and a loss (which would probably have been called a chemical pregnancy when it happens this early) then the hpt would have been positive since it takes hcg a little while to leave your system. For instance, in October I had an early miscarriage, but I tested positive on a hpt for 2 weeks after the m/c. So it's my guess, and only a guess, that this is a messed up cycle.
Avatar n tn The Dr didn't seem to concerned with it, but just thought i would ask since i have a history of early pregnancy loss. also i have noticed a lot of pain that feels like stretching already which i don't remember having in my last successful pregnancy which was five years ago. Last night i was having enough pain it was difficult to keep up with my daughter at the mall. i'm scheduled for ultrasound in a week and a half.