Early pregnancy lack of appetite

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130047 tn?1210285144 But remember every pregnancy is different and you may have all, some or none of the early pregnancy symptoms. Have you had a hCG level test done? Good luck to you and I'm sure everything is just fine. I was the same way...very scared after having a m/c, but I feel very positive about this pregnancy and I do a lot of praying.
367100 tn?1330918325 Between 3-4 weeks all ive notice is lack of appetite, a bit of dizzyness and just knowing i dont feel 100% with it!!! I have been getting very small cramping down in my womb. Wind and hunger pains but havent been hungery,,,,,, My stomach talks to me every night....it grumbles constantly. But its only cause i new i was preg that i noticed these,you may not notice them... I was 4 weeks yesterday .....
Avatar n tn (My periods are usually 5 days long but heavy first 3 then lighter last 2 days). After that I started having frequent heartburns for no readon and lack of appetite, but then when I am hungry I can only eat a little before feeling stuffed. I have taken many hpt's and they are all negative. I am now experiencing twinges in my lower left abdomen since the past 3 days, nothing painful but jut very uncomfortable. Do you think I could be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I did untill I got to the middle of my second trimester.. at first I just ate eggs but now that im 27 weeks I eat everything in sight lol.. trust me itll come back real soon...
Avatar n tn Baby will take the nutrients from your prenatal vits and your fat stores. Your appetite, or lack there of all not effect your baby's growth rate. All three of mine were born 2 weeks early at between 7 1/2 to 8 lbs.
Avatar f tn If you are anxious, maybe that is causing your lack of appetite. In reaction, you are feeling nauseous because you have nothing in your stomach causing you to vomit. See your doc. They may refer you to a specialist.
Avatar n tn It was just like pms. Bloating, tender breasts, lack of appetite, cramps!!
Avatar n tn I'm doing better after getting my gallbladder out, but still having days with discomfort and lack of appetite and difficulty putting weight on. The worst thing I've eaten before or after surgery was cream cheese. That is one food that is so high in fat that anybody with gallbladder issues would be foolish to try to eat. It sent me into my only true gallbladder attack, where I was doubled over with a feeling like a band was around my ribcage and excruciating pain in my mid back.
Avatar f tn Hi! I wouldnt worry too much about the lack of symptoms. It's still very early. I just got my BFP today and the only symptoms ive had were sudden sharp pains/ pulling feeling in both of my sides. Not painful just noticeable. I havent had any morning sickness either and frankly I hope im one of the lucky ones who dont get it at all. Good luck and keep us updated on your pregnancy!
Avatar n tn I'm really worried and scared and can't stop thinking and obsessing about lack of pregnancy symptoms (I had nausea but not today) and I'm emotionally spent.... I have to wait until Wednesday for another ultrasound. What can I do? I feel helpless and I wish I knew how to not get so upset but I'm devastated.
Avatar n tn By a couple hours later, my breasts were hurting. Now it's the 14th, and I've had lack of appetite and queasiness more or less since then, with a definite reaction in my breasts, and they are sore periodically, although Sunday and Monday they downright hurt. And I'm convinced I've jumped a couple cup sizes since last week, BUT... It's still 8 days until next MP (which I hope never comes).
Avatar m tn I recently took a pregnancy test on last Wednesday or Thursday and the FirstResponse tested negative (as I was feeling extremely nauseas, tired, lack of appetite). I had light cramps, but barely noticeable then. Now it is the 20th of May and STILL no period ( I have NEVER, regardless of the stress been late besides one or two days) the cramps (mostly in my uterus) are getting heavier with each day, but I am unsure of whether to contribute this to early pregnancy or to a late period.
Avatar f tn including bloatedness, headache, weight gain, depression, breast tenderness, excessive hairiness, greasiness of skin and lack of sexual interest.2 Our data related to a selected population who had the Mirena inserted under general anaesthetic after hysteroscopic examination of uterine cavity to exclude lesions, such as submucous fibroids. I would expect the continuation rate to be lower in women having the system inserted without prior exclusion of intrauterine pathology.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if vaginal discharge could be a sign of early pregnancy. I miscarried 10 years ago and have no child as of yet. Have been trying for 5 years. Finally, last month I didn't chart period. Think I am late (period around thanksgiving)Breasts are swollen and nipples very sensitive. Only other sign is a lot of milky/white discharge, like for ovulation. I am probably being just hopefully, but I am scared to do HPT. Any comments...please....Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hello Ladies- I'm 36 and have had history of cysts, endometrios, & phallops. I have had my embryo transfer 2/28/07 and my pregnancy test is 3/10/08 at 8am !! I'm sure all of you out there know how stressful these past 14 days have been. I have been taking pre-natal pills for a long time and now I'm doing 300 units if progestone (vaginally.. let me say ewwww !!) . I have not had my period yet and I know that even if I have a positive test , I could still have a m/c.
Avatar f tn He is a result of our first try, my last pregnancy a result of our second, and this pregnancy is a result of our third. And I probably wouldn't have gotten so lucky if not for the charting. I still get blue thinking about my m/c, but I try to focus on my son and my new little angel, and my husband, who can be a ****, but is great for the most part. Anyway, best of luck. Keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I plan on taking another later this week after I am suppose to start. I have had some signs of pregnancy but not all the signs of pregnancy. My breast are tender. I have had frequent urination and I'm tired a lot a little nausea here and there too. Has anyone here that has posted actually had a positive test and been pregnant or is this possibly just another side affect? I am really worried I already care for 4 children. 3 of my own and 1 that is my sister.
Avatar n tn I have recently started to feel the symptoms of pregnancy. I came here looking to see if there was any chance of it. And now seeing that there are other women with the same concerns, I am seriously getting worried. I haven't had a period since before the ablation. I was thinking that if I went to the OB/GYN and told her my concerns, she'd think I was nuts. She's not like that, but I still worry about it. The other issue is that my husband has had a vasectomy.
Avatar n tn With my first child I took one of those stupid early pregnancy tests (the ones you can take 3 days before your missed period) and it came up negative. I then took one at my Obgyn's office the day my period was supposed to start and it was negative. My doctor advised me to wait 3 days and to test again. I did and it was finally positive. The one thing I noticed when I finally tested postive was that there was a noticable difference in the way my urine smelled.
Avatar n tn I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy on 11/19/08 and almost die because of the loss of blood. Prior to the ruptured, I didn't have any unusual signs or symptoms. What sad was that I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks prior to the ruptured. When I call to make my 1st doc's appt, I was about 4 weeks along. The nurse went through the routine questions and told me that no appts were avail until December 15th (at 12 weeks pregnant).
Avatar f tn Im 9wks pregnant and had symptoms up until now such as sore breasts, tiredness, lack of appetite and some sickness but for the past few days i have had none of these symptoms, apart from being tired (may be due to work) has anyone else lost symptoms? My breasts feel totaly normal today with no pain at all, whereas before i was in agony with them. I have had no bleeding, really worried, just cant wait for my first scan to find out if all is ok.
Avatar n tn me and my boyfriend have been trying for a child for about year and a half now and it has never worked then in august i didnt get my period at all september i had gottin it twice with just days apart this month i am late i was suppose to get it on the 4th i have symptoms of early pregnancy but i took 3 test one there was suppose to be a line in both boxes if it was pos.
Avatar n tn I am always 31 day cycle, never missed a period in my life, not stressed or worried about anything, I had all classis symptoms of pregnancy but strangely when all tests came back negative the symptoms dissapeard which makes me think it was in my head. Being caught up in the holiday season I really did forget about ovualtion and trying to fall pregnant so would ahve been the perfect time to actully conceive without putting much stress on it.
Avatar n tn I have never heard of that and my doctor sure didn't tell me of such a pregnancy. I took another bpt on Monday and this time my hcg level was over 2000. I hope that this is a good thing. My hcg levels continue to increase. So, how can your sac continue to grow if there is no baby inside? If there is no baby then what happens to the sac? Were you having any symptoms, if so what were they or did you just show up for your ultrasound and that's when you found out?
Avatar n tn I took lots of luxurious bubble baths while listening to music and had no particular desire to exercise. - Weight gain. I can no longer even zip up the dresses I wore last year!! - Problems achieving orgasm, but since I had no reduced interest in cuddling, and since my huband and I have a very good relationship, I have not been too worried about it. - Tendency not to keep papers and accounts in order.
299260 tn?1304219705 By the time we got out of the limo and to the reception hall I was exhausted and very sick from lack of food. Of course we had to dance and be merry. At the end of the night I went to the bathroom and mixed in with the always present progestrone leakage was a light brown spotting. Of course it is making me panic. I can't figure out what it's from. Sunday I tried to lay around most of the day and get my feet up and it went away.
Avatar f tn 18 – 7,340 mIU/mL. for 6 weeks of pregnancy: 1,080 – 56,500 mIU/mL and for 7 to 8 weeks of pregnancy: 7, 650 – 229,000 mIU/mL. Your number seems to be within these ranges. And you weren't checking every other day to give you any idea of how fast numbers are increasing. The American Pregnancy Association says to not make too much of the HCG readings. If it stalls or starts decreasing, that is worrying. But it sounds like things are on track with your pregnancy.