Early pregnancy gas pains

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Avatar f tn Gas pains in pregnancy are killer! You may feel it all over as your intestines snake around in your belly so it definitely could start in your back and move to the front. I just read the blog of an OBGYN nurse who said they had a woman come in and she was in so much abdominal pain (she was early, too, 1st trimester) and then the lady just let one and was fine. So I wouldn't go to the OBGYN for that... see if relieving yourself helps with all the pressure!
Avatar f tn I had horrible gas and gas pains before I knew I was pregnant and it was not common for me at all lol...
4332140 tn?1356289444 So I feel like I have gas pains like if I had to fart or poop but I try and I cant. Sometimes its real intense that I cant walk or bend over. Is it just gas or what else couldnit be?? Lots of pressure in pelvic area ah its horrible. Im 38w4d.
Avatar n tn If this is your first pregnancy and your stomach feels hard at 6 weeks (I think you said), it might be gas, I had a lot of that early on with my last pregnancy, but don't worry, your belly will soon be growing and getting harder and then you'll wish you still had that little waistline, although the weight gain is worth it. Good luck and enjoy getting bigger, it's the best time of your life and think....
Avatar f tn I noticed that it hurt to push gas out whenever I was always constipated. Are you also? Since I'm farther along in my pregnancy the constipation seems to have stopped and I just fart a lot more often now lol. It gets kinda embarassing but it's just something some of us ladies have to deal with!
Avatar n tn it must be gas braxton and hicks dont generally happen under your breast also i dont think that it is to early for them as i got them around 20 weeks good luck
Avatar n tn So I'm 6w 5d and for the past 2 weeks I've been waking up feeling extremely sick and going straight to the toilet for #2 with the worst gas pains ever! I'm not a first time mom (I have a 1yr old) but never experienced direah as bad as this time around. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to settle a stomach in the morning?
1327827 tn?1275040662 A few days later the cramps got really bad and it felt like i had really bad gas and shooting pains in my uterus. the gas feeling went away a bit after a few days, but the cramps continued. Now it is the 29th and i have noticed some slight bleeding. I'm concerned that i might be pregnant! anyone have any advice as to what this could be?
Avatar n tn I had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years with my husband and couldn't.
Avatar f tn The first thing my husband asked me was if I was having contractions but I didn't think you could have them or bh this early in pregnancy. I will be 17 weeks tomorrow. I know I have been so extremely stressed out lately and I don't know if that could be causing this. Please any ideas or suggestions..
Avatar n tn it is pretty normal to have occassional twinges of pain in early pregnancy as your uterus is growing. this is called ligament pain. as long as you are not cramping (af type) or bleeding, i would try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. i know it is hard because of your previous mc but you can't wait in doom. have a happy pregnancy..God Bless!
Avatar f tn Some cramps are expected in pregnancy due to hormonal changes, gas, constipation etc. If you have a tipped or retroverted uterus then this can also cause pain. It can also be due to infection. Any sharp pain in the abdomen can be due to gas, threatened abortion, infection or due to unrelated causes such as kidney or gall bladder stones. In your case since it has been happening for last so many weeks, it must be gas.
Avatar n tn I am very early into my pregnancy also and experienced sharp and mild shooting pains there. I called a friend that just had 2 children back to back..she said she also had those pains . She said not to be scared, it was just my body geting ready for the new baby. She said she was scared she was having a miscarrige. But of cpourse she wasn't!! SO don't get scared but if the pain is very bad or goes on for a long time see the doc ASAP!!
Avatar n tn I was just wandering if it's normal to experience some cramps early in pregnancy and if any of you have experienced this as well. Thank you for taking the time to answer.
Avatar n tn dr told me today i had blood done on friday and monday and dr said was fine..but very early in pregnancy right now. (i have never been preg before and was told i would have to take fertility treatments to have kids...10 years of knowing this..but too scared to go ahead with it) anyway, out of the blue im pregnant...Lords doing for sure.. but ive been getting these sharp pains in my lower abdomen..a couple days ago it was on the left and then on the right..
Avatar n tn I have heard of many others having early cramping which is perfectly normal. I have only had the pains like emw11 mentions.
Avatar n tn i have been experiencing back pains, stomach been hurting alot lately as if i have gas, i have wetnesss in my pannies everyday when i go to the restroom and i have been sleeping early lately, i just wanna know im 17 years old could this be a sign of pregnancy its been almost a month since me and my boyfriend had sex and it was unprotected.
Avatar f tn If you think your not very far along its probably unlikely that you feel baby moving. Gas can feel like baby movements early on.
Avatar n tn i think u should go to the dr. because I had movement very early in my second pregnancy and the dr. didn't believe me until he tried to hear the heart beat and the baby kept moving and this was at 2 months.
Avatar f tn I know my little girl will be here soon. I have eight days left (which is how early my first came) and since last Saturday I've dropped. First off i never have gas, maybe a little toot in bed but never gassy. All the sudden tonight I'm going off left and right and they are disgusting plus two bowel movements. I'm wondering if this means my body is getting anything extra out right before i go into labor. What do you all think??
Avatar f tn early pregnancy symptoms usually mimic af cramps,pains etc. I had those for the fisrt few weeks i actually thought my af would come anytime but it ddnt.i'm sure a test can work now.
202436 tn?1326477933 but I also had a lot of gas too....Anyone ever had gas pains that resembled cramping??? Could that be what I was feeling? I didn't pass a lot of gas but every once in awhile I could feel a bubble trying to work it's way out and this morning I woke up "relieved" myself of a good bit of air.
Avatar f tn Hi! Cramps in the week prior to the date of the periods can be due to implantation, or it can be due to premenstrual tension. PCOD, gas in abdomen and constipation are the other causes. You can wait until the next due date of the periods and if you do not get them take a pregnancy test and see. If the test is negative and you still do not get your periods, then you can repeat the test after 4-5 days. Take care!
Avatar f tn I do not remember feeling the fluttering early in my pregnancy with my first one, which I carried to 37 and a half weeks. And my second and third pregnancies didn't get passed several weeks, as I miscarried. But with this one, I am now 11 weeks and 4 days. Is it too early to feel flutters? I know it isn't gas and I've read that women may or may not feel it this early. Any advice?
179647 tn?1205354236 Okay I am 9w2d today and woke up with the worst gas pains ever. I was almost doubled over in pain. I layed on my side as long as I could this morning, but had to get my two year old ready and get going to work. Needless to say for breakfast I had two tums and a can of 7up. Any other ideas on what I can do? I don't know what else I can take. I can't go home because I am really busy at work!! Thanks ladies.
Avatar f tn It feels kimda like bad gas pains but i havent burped or anything. Nor have i felt the urge to. What is it and what do i do??
324372 tn?1222823802 have you tried Gas-X or Mylanta....check with a doc about using them in pregnancy. But you might need an anti-gas something or other. Maybe?
Avatar f tn I have had many pains with my pregnancy but I just had a u/s yesterday and everything was great. Try not to worry. let the doctor know about spotting. The pains could be completely harmless. Last Thursday I was so misreable. My pain got worse all day and by Thursday night I would have swore I was on my way to m/c. I had the worst pains and couldn't stand to be on my feet. But Friday morning I was fine and on Monday the u/s was good.