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Avatar f tn Symptoms of miscarriage often are similar to symptoms experienced in early ectopic pregnancy.
Avatar n tn i went to the obgyn and got a positine pregnancy test but she was worried about it being a possible ectopic pregnancy so she had me go for a transvaginal ultrasound which showed nothing but she said it is too early in my pregnancy. so she has me going every 48hrs for an hCG test and she said my levels are dropping faster than expected. She said we have to get down to zero. This means a definite failed pregnancy? Or a definite ectopic? or is there any chance of this being a normal pregnancy??
Avatar f tn So I ended up with an ectopic pregnancy, they gave me a shot of some drug. I was very early so my doc said I'm lucky. I thought was a miscarriage. I never realize when I was pregnant with my 5yr old how hard it is to get pregnant and all the bad things that can happen.
Avatar n tn They said that I was pregnant and since I was having pain, it could be miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. They did internal and external ultrasound and they told me that my tube is inflamed and they can't see anything in my uterus. They also said that it could be a cyst and it's just too early to see the baby (I conceived between may 21 and 25). So they're doing more lab tests in a couple days to see if it's progressing normally. I'm having a little pain but it's like menstrual cramps.
Avatar f tn I have ectopic pregnancy and it was diegnozed on very early stage like 3 to 4 weeks. Doctor gave me Methotrexate shot, and after 48 hours receiving this shot I took 4 Misoprostol tablets but I did not bleed , I went to the doctor again, he did an ultrasound and did not see the pregnancy cells but home pregnancy test was positive, he gave me the same shot again and I also took the tablets on Wednesday but I did not bleeding yet.
Avatar f tn I read that this combination of symptoms may be early signs of ectopic pregnancy. Has anyone else had any symptoms like this?
Avatar f tn With an ectopic pregnancy you would miss your period and get one-sided pain. In many cases, an ectopic pregnancy WILL show up on a pregnancy test.
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would be very concerned about ectopic pregnancy. Once the hcg level is over 1000, it should be possible to "see" the pregnancy. If you were my patient, I would want to repeat your quantitative beta hcg in 48 hours and I would also want to check a progesterone level. For a normal pregnancy, the hcg should rise at least 60% in 48 hours (approximately double) and the progesterone level should be approximately 15.
Avatar f tn Three days ago I had my right fallopian tube removed due to ectopic pregnancy I was 5wks6days, and the pain was bad but not excruciating, mine even subsided after a couple hours and came back the next day and subsided again ,by then my tube had ruptured so if you have any incling to some sharp pains here and there or pressure on one side get it checked out!
Avatar n tn Does anyone know what the typical hcg level is for an ectopic pregnancy at 6 weeks?
Avatar f tn they then took my blood for hormone level and it came back over 2000 so they did another internal scan ad again found nothing? they are now saying it might b ectopic but they ant see anything in my tubes etc???iv to go back tomorrow to check hormone level again? i have no symtoms of ectopic? could they b wrong???
Avatar f tn there is information there about ectopic pregnancy am sort of in the same situation cause they aint see no sac or baby am 4 wks 2 days when i was pregnant wid my son it was there so am just holding on tight hoping for the best.
Avatar n tn I just had the surgery due to extreme pain and recovered rather quickly. If I had not had the surgery I would of taken the shot. good luck to you and whatever you decide to do.
1509009 tn?1289949697 She told me that it can be possible that it may be an ectopic pregnancy, but after she told me that she said to not worry because it may also be too early that we still cannot see the baby. Has this happened to anyone? I am really worried.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever experienced an Ectopic pregnancy. I went to the ER for lower back pain and they did a vaginal ultrasound and seen the sac but nothing else. I am only 5 weeks and 5 days today. They said it could be to early for them to see anything but the doctor scared me and said I could be experiencing a Ectopic pregnancy but he said he wasn't sure. I am not in any pain like cramps or bleeding. I'm confused at this news. Pelase help with responses I just don't understand.
Avatar f tn I had an early scan and my sac was seen in the right place but no baby but i was only 5 week so too early to see baby.
Avatar f tn Everything will be ok o went through the same thing about two months ago it freaked me out because this is my first pregnancy I was spotting so I went to thehospital tthey didn't see anything on the ultrasound but that's because I was really early in my pregnancy but they gave me information about miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy but just take your prenatals pills don't stress out about anything and follow up with your obgyn
Avatar f tn Has anyone had an ectopic pregnancy in the past? What are its symptoms? And when did you find out?
461010 tn?1208486059 You need an ultrasound to determine an ectopic pregnancy. 4 weeks is a little early. She'd usually get symptoms around the 6-7 week mark. Just make an appointment and speak with the doc.
Avatar f tn Do you have a doctor yet? You can always call the hospital mine has an advice nurse you can speak with, sometimes they can help you over the phone or they may suggest you come in and be seen. At the hospital i go too, i went in the other day for cramping but they sent me up to the OB floor to be checked out rather than the emergency room since it was 9 at night.
Avatar n tn Hello, I had an Ectopic pregnancy in Feb 2008. Now today I got my period 9 days early. This is the first time this has happened to me. I'm in a lot of pain. is this normal? Could it be another Ectopic??
Avatar f tn I went to the hospital this morning for cramping & back pain i am 5w2d they did 3 vaginal US and couldnt really see anything my pregnancy hormone level was 1600 they told me i could have an ectopic pregnancy or it could be just too early i go bak monday for another blood test & US did this happen to anybody else before?
Avatar f tn I don't know for sure that it's not an ectopic pregnancy but I do know that it's normal in early pregnancy to feel a slight stabbing pain on one side of your lower abdomen; which is early ligament stretching. It feels almost like someone taking the end of a pen and jabbing you with it. It sounds like that's all you're feeling.
362119 tn?1223141536 I was reading about ectopic pregnancy.. and now its got me all freaked out. how common is this?.. it says you will probably bleed. is this true?.. Im not bleeding.. just curious. I feel like i am freaking myself out now. I am almost 5 weeks.. levels are at 1344.. very tired, breast tenderness.. I have had some cramping in the pelvic area (this is normal right?) When I went in for my ultra sound a week ago, I was told it was too early to see anything. I go back in a little over a week.
Avatar n tn I made an appt with my doc to see me early because I had a previous m/c and I had been having some cramping and RT shoulder pain. If they catch an ectopic pregnancy early they can treat the tubal with a methotrexate shot instead of having to remove a tube. If you are worried I would call your doc just to make sure. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn That does seem fairly early to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy. I had an ectopic pregnancy back in June of last year. It took several blood tests and ultrasounds to diagnose the ectopic pregnancy. Either way, you were treated for an ectopic pregnancy and you need to be monitored. Once you are given the methotrexate shot you need to follow up with your dr in timed intervals to monitor the progress of declining hcg levels.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that you miscarried, or do you normally have long periods like that? If you did m/c, that might explain your hcg level. Most ectopics develop in the fallopian tubes (95%), but it is possible for one to develop on an ovary. It seems like the pregnancy would be very hard for them to see if your hcg was that low, so maybe it is a cyst. I had an ectopic in July, but my hcg was like a normal pregnancy and doubling every 2 days. Sorry I don't have more information for you.
Avatar m tn I had an ectopic pregnancy it was my first pregnancy and due to that doctors have removed my right tube. Also i have gone for the tube test to check whether there is no blockage in the left tube the test was perfectly fine.Exactly after one and half year again i had an ectopic pregnancy but it was diagnoist at early stages. As per the doctor my left tube is perfect but the brush in the tube might be not working properly as they are not pushing the pregnancy towards uterus.