Early mobilization of acute stroke patients

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Avatar m tn Some stroke patients do appear to have 100 percent recovery. And many regain a great deal of their abilities. If the "stroke" is stabilized, and there is no further bleeding or clotting I would remain optimistic. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn Of the 59 cases, 49 were classed as ischemic strokes, 5 were transient ischemic attacks, and 1 was a hemorrhagic stroke; in 4 patients, a diagnosis of stroke was suspected but not confirmed because no neuroimaging was done. They add that in many cases the strokes appeared to have occurred while the drug was actually being smoked, or within half an hour of smoking, which is in accordance with another study showing that cannabis increases myocardial infarction 4.
Avatar n tn Lumbar disc arthroplasty has been developed as a potential means to improve the long-term outcome of these patients. Although these devices have had relatively good early clinical results, questions still remain about the long-term efficacy in maintenance of motion and relief of pain, life span of the devices, and results of randomized comparative trials with fusion.
Avatar n tn my mother had a stroke 10 years ago and had a pacemaker put in as a result of low blood pressure.she recently had her pacemaker check-up(annually) and they put her on morphine(4 days) even though she is in no pain.
Avatar m tn Will the medicines controlling the heart rate not lower down the blood pressure, resulting in worsening of stroke? In these subset of patients(acute ischemic stroke & atrial fibrillation), what is the role of anticoagulation?
Avatar n tn Back strengthening exercises should be started after initial healing has taken place. Early mobilization may help heal faster and walking postoperative is advised. I understand your neurosurgeon would have advised you all these measure in the acute post operative phase and care must have been taken. Since you are having fresh symptoms, you need to undergo a fresh imaging study, MRI spine to check the new changes including bony spurs.
Avatar f tn Hello Dear, Successful rehabilitation depends on how early rehabilitation begins, the extent of the brain injury, the survivor's attitude, the rehabilitation team's skill, the cooperation of family and friends. For some stroke survivors, rehabilitation is an ongoing process to maintain and refine skills and could involve working with specialists for months or years after the stroke.As such the time , to get back to normal activities cannot be predicted.
Avatar n tn Rapid assessment of acute ischemia is critical for the management of acute stroke patiens who may benefit from thrombolytics or neuroprotective therapeutics. Differentiation of acute from chronic stroke, which may all appear hyperintense on T2- Weighted Imaging(T2WI ), is essential in determining the management of patiens.
481864 tn?1208324609 s (ASMA) recommendation are that as long as the acute phase of a stroke has passed, a person may travel at the discretion of the treating physician. It is important that person's such as your father do not travel alone. And, I see that your mother will be accompanying him. Some other thoughts for your consideration. Your father should not stay seated for prolonged periods of time on the flight. He should get up and walk around the airplane every 1 or 2 hours.
740140 tn?1232426714 It is a useful test for people with one or two risk factors who wonder if they are at risk of heart attack or stroke. The JUPITER study results suggest that people even with minimal risk factors in an older age group (late 50s to early 60s) should have their CRP tested and treated accordingly. Ultra Sensitive C-Reactive Protein Blood (HS-CRP) •C-reactive protein measures an inflammatory response in the body and has been shown to play a role in atherosclerosis and blood clot formation.
Avatar n tn The onset of pain under any circumstance shouldn't be ignored. I highly recommend that you pay a visit to your doctor as soon as possible. That said, I'm not sure why your post bears the title "Stroke". Strokes usually present over the course of several hours and involve a plethora of neurological symptoms, like confusion, difficulty speaking, memory loss, sudden lethargy, tingling or numbness down one side of the body, and sometimes a sharp pain in the head.
Avatar f tn My MRI Brain without contrast shows there 2 foci of restricted diffusion located in the periventricular white matter of left frontal lobe consistent with acute lacunar infarction. Brain Paracenchyma: Evedince of partial empty sella.Brain prenchymal architecture otherwise is within normal limits. Brain signal: There are multiple foci of T2/flair hyperintense signal located in the subcortical white matter of the frontoparietal lobes bilaterally.
Avatar n tn patients in whom early active mobilization and walking were possible (walking group, WG, n = 45), and patients in whom these were not recommended (nonwalking group, NWG, n = 37). Levels of free T3 (fT3), fT4, TSH and rT3 were measured before and after surgery, and then at 1, 3, 7, 14 and 30 days from the beginning of rehabilitation. Personal, nutritional and clinical data were acquired for all patients. The Barthel Index (BI) was used to assess disability before and after rehabilitation.
Avatar n tn The majority of migraine patients should have a fast-acting triptan as part of their acute treatment plan. Since you have had a stroke and have high blood pressure as well, triptans are probably not an option for you. Still, if you have never talked to your doctor about triptans, it would be worth having a conversation about them. Naproxen is another medication that many migraine patients should have as part of their acute treatment plan.
Avatar f tn Make sure you and everyone that is around your dad know the signs of a stroke because acting quickly when a person has a stroke can save his life! Good luck to you!
220090 tn?1379167187 In patients who did not use epoetin, use of epoetin for less than 6 months and use of epoetin for at least 6 months, the numbers of patients with stroke were 38 (1.0%), 8 (0.9%) and 27 (0.9%), respectively, and those with newly diagnosed or exacerbated malignancy were 88 (2.4%), 30 (3.4%) and 71 (2.5%), respectively, demonstrating insignificant associations between outcome and duration of treatment with epoetin (P for trend = 0.666 in stroke and 0.836 in malignancy).
Avatar f tn I go back in 2 day for more xrays and to get my PT started. My finger is completely frozen and bent in the position of the cast. It is also swollen. How long does the swelling last?? I understand I am on a long road of PT.
Avatar f tn The best thing for you to do is look up REHAB centers in your area or as much of an area that you can afford to drive. It's imperative that you visit more than one. Use all your resources...internet, friends, references, staff and other informative resources that can help you decide. Nursing homes really just take care of the patient with little or no rehab. Do you have a HealthSouth in your area? In bigger cities HealthSouth has a good name.
Avatar m tn Any thoughts? I am planning on getting a second opinion on the stroke diagnosis. Appreciate all of your thoughts.
Avatar f tn My finger is stuck in the position it was as when the pins were in, and I am still unable to make a fist. Also my top part of my finger is pointed more towards my pinky finger than sitting in the normal position. Is this how it it will stay, or will this get better when my knuckle swelling decreases?
Avatar f tn I agree with the doctors as the time taken for recovery may be in months or even years. But preventing malnutrition and removal of the cause of stroke helps in quick recovery. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.