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787566 tn?1240283057 I had previously posted a question about how early in a pregnancy can you experience a miscarriage. Now I am wondering how early after conception can one start to feel symptoms of pregnancy? As early as within the first week?
Avatar n tn when you got pregnant did anyone have any early pregnacy signs? im dute for my period on friday but i did have sex on the time of ovulation... what signs did you have?
Avatar f tn Many years ago I had a miscarriage and I was cery early and I didnt even know, the only thing off was large clots (tmi sorry). How far along are you ?
Avatar n tn I go back in a weeks time to see if a heartbeat can be detected in case I am just too early to see anything. Nurses told me to prepare for a miscarriage to happen, they gave me a little hope and said next week could be a whole different story but from what they can see and they aren't normally wrong that I will lose with baby. Can anybody relate?
368690 tn?1284357253 i too had a recent early miscarriage. my signs and symptoms were very much like your own, except i got a positive test one day and a negative the very next day. how many days were your tests apart?? because you MAY still be pregnant and just having a period. my levels dropped WAY FAST! so dont lose all hope, and if you are religious.... PRAY! :) hope it all works out for you!
Avatar f tn I had an early miscarriage at 4 1/2 weeks and when I went to the doctor 2 days after bleeding began my preg test came up neg. The cramping definately felt different than a normal period and I did have clots on the 2nd day of bleeding. So, it is possible that you could have had a miscarriage, but it could have easily just been a wacky period as well.
Avatar f tn I'm around the same time as you. I've had several different early symptoms. I haven't tested yet but I do know that increase in appetite is an early sign, so good luck!
Avatar n tn It may be impossible to tell now. your best bet at finding out is getting a blood hcg test done, and see if there are still any pregnancy hormones in your system. however even if there aren't, it's still possible you had an early miscarriage and your levels have already returned to zero. maybe a scan would be a good idea too, to make sure there's nothing in your womb.
Avatar f tn ive been posting so mny worry questions here u guys probably think im a loon!! but how would i know if i had a possible ectopic pregnancy?? what are the signs and symptoms..??
Avatar f tn be just 3 weeks long. I feel stupid for asking but what common early signs of pregnancy would I be having right now.
Avatar f tn Hello all! :) I'm 21 and i was just wondering what everyone's early symptoms were as AF should be arriving tomorrow but the past week iv been extremely bloated and my abdomen is hard! Iv been getting slight period pains only lasting a minute or so once a day, I also noticed yesterday that there is a dark brown circle going around my nipples (TMI) sorry haha.. Any help please?!
Avatar f tn A blighted ovum is a type of miscarriage in which the baby either never develops or stops growing at a very early stage in pregnancy and then disintegrates -- but a gestational sac does develop and the body does not recognize that the baby is missing. Causes: Doctors believe that blighted ovums are the result of chromosomal abnormalities in the fertilized egg. One 1993 study looked at the genetics of blighted ovum miscarriages and found abnormal chromosomes in 67% of the samples.
Avatar f tn shes in her first trimester but had no signs of miscarriage, no cramping and no bleeding at all. is it possible the doctor could be wrong? she's gonna get checked again to double check.
Avatar f tn For those of you ladies who somehow went into early labor, what were the first initial signs? Did you think something else was wrong other than labor? What was the experience?
Avatar f tn I didn't have any signs with either of mine. With my first miscarriage in December I went in for my first big prenatal appointment at 11 weeks and the midwife couldn't find baby's heartbeat so they sent me for an ultrasound right away and there was nothing there, just a sac - it's what's called a blighted ovum. I had to have a D&C to basically have my uterus cleaned out, remove the sac and all that.
Avatar f tn can anyone tell me early signs of pregnancy which most of you have experienced before missed periods
Avatar n tn Have you had your first OB check yet? I agree it's likely you're fine, but this is one of the first signs of a possible early miscarriage. I've had three healthy pregnancies and two miscarriages and I knew from the beginning that something wasn't "right" with the miscarriages - I just didn't feel pregnant besides feeling a little headachy. Your OB should be able to tell you pretty clearly at this point - Best wishes.
Avatar f tn Women don't usually have many obvious symptoms so early along, breast changes are common, tender swollen breasts, a missed or abnormal period. Some experience cravings or food aversions and nausea early on, something that I had never read about is stomach soreness, I experienced that before I missed my period. I felt as if I had been doing a lot of ab workouts. With certain movements or stretches I would feel that my insides were really sore probably because of the stretching of the uterus.