Early miscarriage or menstruation

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Avatar n tn Ovarian cancer is not associated with pelvic infections, elevated prolactin, or stopping menstruation early. it does sound like you have a hormone imbalance.
Avatar n tn Is this spotting ever normal or is it more likely a symptom of a low progesterone problem that could have caused the early miscarriage? (I did have my progesterone tested on 6/22 and it was a 20, hCG was a 94.) Also, my new doctor is testing my progesterone levels after my first normal cycle, at day 21.
Avatar n tn I bloat really bad too. My stomach feels like its full. I don't ever throw up or anything I just feel sick. I asked my doctor about it and he said I was fine. It's normal. Of course he is a man and has no idea what it feels like. I feel like I have one "good " week without feeling sick. I take pepto or eat tums. it seems to help for a little bit.good luck. I will also say when I was pg with both of my girls I got a sick feeling at night. I never threw up I just felt icky.
Avatar f tn Sounds like its due to stress same thing happened to me when i first suspected i was pregnant but i was just really stressed this time though i really am prego me and my boyfriend had sex he used the pull out method as well and i was sure he didnt *** in me but obviously he did but we had sex right after my period had went off well a couple days after it had went off i believe or during my last mentrual days cant quite remember but jus to make sure take a prego test and remember faint line or so
Avatar f tn So, I thought it might be from intercourse the night before. On 4/20 today, I have what looks like a heavy bleeding or is it my period? It's a little early for my period, only 25 days so far. My normal cycle before miscarriage is 33 days. I have heard that menstruation pattern may change after a miscarriage. But, 25 days is really short. Is that normal? Does menstrustation after miscarriage tend to go out of whack? How many cycles does it usually take to go back to normal?
Avatar n tn what is going on? is it All still inside me? They say its called missed abortion or delayed miscarriage...Has anyone experienced this? Does it really take this long to come out? And Not feel anything too? Please reach out, any advise will be most appreciated. A baby is a gift. I've decided to have another one if given a chance and if all goes well.
Avatar n tn 1) Is it possible I've had an early miscarriage that happens to coincide with the start of my period?(since my BBT dropped this morning, I may have full-fledged menstruation tonight or tomorrow morning.) 2) Since, over the past year or so, I tend to have some minor brown spotting (though nothing like what I've had this week) before the start of my periods, is it possible this increased spotting has nothing to do with pregnancy but with an increasing progesterone problem? Thanks.
Avatar n tn im very worried, my doctor is like an allien (u can never see him or find him or even talk to him) i dunno what to do. and i dont want to wait in the emergency for hours cos its still uncomfortable for me(im still recovering). is the bleeding normal or should i rush to emergency?
Avatar f tn I'm sorry but it sounds to me like an early miscarriage, if the bleeding is like a period and you are having clots pass then that would be your body getting rid of everything. Have you passed a large clot at all? It would be unmistakably bigger than the other clots. I miscarried at 6 weeks and there was 1 clot much larger than the others which was the gestational sac.
Avatar f tn I have got 3-4 miscarriages each of three months in early phase of my married life. I have put on more than 100 kg weight since then. I went to the doctor for treatment of irregular Menstruation cycle and was diagnosed with the disease of PCOD. I don't know what kind of disease is this. My query is this whether i would be able to become mother or not ? Should I go for the IVF treatment with this weight ?
Avatar n tn told me not to get pregnant until after my first normal menstruation. Her reason is that they cannot determine the first day of your LMP. Whatever that means. I guess it's because your hCG level is still considered pregnant after you pass your tissue and you have to wait until your hCG level goes back to <5 to be considered not pregnant before your body starts another cycle. However it is coincidental that most women typically have their next period in about a month.
Avatar n tn (I had my levels tested subsequently and I would highly recommend this to any woman wanting to conceive over 35 or with a history of PCOS or other reproductive system issues.) I was on a small dose of progesterone cream until about 12 weeks with my current pregnancy. Again, I don't know if it helped, but I'm about 18 weeks now with a strong heartbeat. The placenta starts to take over somewhere around 8-10 weeks, and is usually fully in control around 12-15 weeks.
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage in mid May. I am having my first period since the miscarriage. I am having a heavy period with moderate cramping. This is much different then my "normal" periods. It has been going on for a week. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar n tn So, I guess my bottom line question here is, can you ovulate if you are still positive for HCG on a pregnancy test, or can you ovulate at all with HCG left over from a missed miscarriage/D&C?
Avatar n tn It is normal for the first period after a miscarriage to be heavier that usual. If you start soaking more than a pad an hour, or have lightheadness, dizziness, or faintness, go to the doctor or ER. Take care, hope things start to lighten up soon. The first period is hard, it reminds you of the miscarriage. Take care.
Avatar n tn hi my last menstruation was jan.10. i had a blood test las feb. 11 the result is positive then i had a urine test but the reult is negative. until now i dont have my monthly period am i pregnant? i have some instances that i feel signs of pregnancy like lower back pain, nausea, craving for food and frequent urinal.
Avatar n tn I am SO CONCERNED for some reason about cancers, even though as far as I'm aware, no one in my family had it. 2) Is my risk of ovarian cancer greater due to the early onset of menopause or lower? Or is there any correlation between the two? I started my periods at approx. 13 1/2 yrs. old, had one pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage at 4 mos., NO LIVE BIRTHS and by the time I was 38 yrs. old, was having irregular (perimenopause) periods. By 41 (Oct. 2005) I had my last period.
Avatar n tn My last menstruation started on May 5, and I believe I conceived on May 19. On June 4 I had a confirmed HPT. On June 8 I started cramping on one side only and had some bleeding. It continued on June 9 so I went to the hospital. Ultrasound showed nothing at all, and my HCG was at 36. I was told it was an abnormal preg. b/c the HCG was too low, and should have been at least 2500. I continued to bleed, had many large clots, and had really bad cramps, worse than any period I've ever had.
Avatar n tn The doctor can't tell me 100% what it is if it's a miscarriage or not. She did a sonar but couldn't see the baby so she had to do a internal sonar. There she saw the sack with the baby (fetus). She asked me then how I now I'm 7weeks pregnant. I told her that I did a blood test. She told me then that the baby (fetus) look very small. I couldn't see the screen (I wish I could). She looked for a heartbeat bu couldn't find any.
Avatar f tn You may have had a chemical pregnancy, which is a very early miscarriage.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had an early miscarriage at just about 8 weeks. I did have a D&E though as I never spotted or bled. After the D&E I spotted for over 2 months. I had my hcg followed the entire time. It came down very slowly once the hcg level was under 50. After over two months my hcg was below 6 and considered negative. At this point, the spotting stopped and I resumed normal cycles. I conceived again after two normal cycles. Going through this was extremely upsetting for me.
201326 tn?1234208291 I guess this time I'm just looking for someone that is similar or had a similar experience. I had a dnc 2 weeks and 5 days ago. It was my 2nd. My 1st was in Sept. They were both at 15 weeks. The 1st baby stopped growing at 11. And the 2nd at 14. I went to the doc today for a follow up. They did do some testing to the baby. So far everything is coming back normal.
Avatar m tn One confirmed in 10/2007 and possible two others since. Became pregnant on or about 12/01/2008 (LMP 11/17/2008). Had (transvaginal) u/s on 01/08/2009. Baby measured 6w1d, rather than 7w4d but we did see HEARTBEAT (only 90 bpm). Pregnancy progressed well, we thought. Doctor could not detect heartbeat at regular visit on 02/06/2009 (12w4d). Not unusual, since uterus tilts way back. Scheduled viability u/s yesterday. NO HEARTBEAT; NO BABY.
Avatar f tn The levels of prolactin are also high in breast feeding women and this can also suppress menstruation. If periods do not return then consult your gynaecologist. A complete hormone panel and ultrasonography will be necessary. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Reading around, I figured that a miscarriage is not only stronger and more painful than a regular menstruation, but is usually also lasting longer - thing that didn't happen to me I am trying to understand what's going on here, so I would appreciate any relevant perspective.
Avatar f tn But before then I thought I’d write down some symptoms and things I’ve been experiencing and also to see if anyone else has had these symptoms and if so some advice please!? OK, so I’ve been TTC for a while now, and the only thing close to this happening was miscarriage I had in December. I’m so over TTC that I went to my Doctor and asked her to refer me for an pelvic ultrasound and a full blood test as well as a test to see whether I’m ovulating.
Avatar f tn I know these symptoms are also similar to an impending period. It is too early for me to take a HPT, my period is not due until Oct. 4th or so. I also have a habit of "tricking" myself into believing I am pregnant based on symptoms, only to be slightly disappointed when I get my period. However one symptom is different from what I usually have before a period.