Early miscarriage or late period

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Avatar f tn i was woundering if anyone knows if this is a very late period or a early miscarriage????? i've had 2 miscarriges before in previous relationships but i knew i was pregnant then and was sent by the hospital for scans can someone please help me ?????
Avatar n tn bleeding became heavy and came down like delayed periods with slight blobs.I am confused whether it was just late periods or an early 5 week miscarriage?? Please help!!
Avatar n tn There may be mild abdominal cramping as well as mild spotting just prior to what most women think is their normal menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle usually begins on time or a few days late. T Causes of a Chemical Pregnancy The true cause of a chemical pregnancy is not known, however, most believe it is due to abnormal chromosomes within the fetus.
Avatar f tn I've been pregnant before twice & had successful births with no problems & have not had a miscarriage once ...i am 6 days late for my period as of today..i tested for pregnancy on monday because i had spotted 1 day only about a wk before i tested but the test was negative, the nurse thinks i tested too early & now i am having period cramps but no blood. Is this a sign of miscarriage?or is my period coming?Should i go see a nurse about this?
Avatar f tn '( the other 4 tests I took late in the afternoon n they showed positives but with my fmu ones they were sooooooooo faint barely there... I don't understand... I used ovulation tests too coz I heard if I'm preg they would go positive n they did but I haven't tried again coz I'm just upset from seeing that one this morning so if anyone could give me advice would be nice....
Avatar f tn ok, I always have a regular period of 27-28 days. never late or early. After my last period which started on april 3 and ended on the 10th, me and my husband has relations. He used a condom, but after he ejaculated he rested for a couple of mins. the started again and ejaculated a second time, right after i started feeling some liquid leaking from the condom, but i didnt pay to much attention to it. A week later i started spotting first pinkish, the brownish for about 4 days.
Avatar f tn I normally have 29 day cycles and started bleeding this morning at 46 days. I took a dollar store pregnancy test over a week ago and it had come back negative. I'm not sure if the test was accurate or not. Last night I had sex with my boyfriend again and afterwards got very light cramping, but didn't think much of it. I woke up early this morning with light spotting and cramps. I went back to sleep and then woke up again with heavy bleeding and strong cramps.
Avatar n tn I've been off the minipill and have been using other methods of birthcontrol but now I'm panicking because I'm a few days late again.Is this normal for a period after such an early miscarriage?Am I worried over nothing or is worrying justifiable?What should I expect?-thanks!!
Avatar n tn My girlfriend had her period usually 27-28th of each month and now she has missed her period this month (Nov/2011) it's almost 1 week and 1 late, starting to have brown discharged. we did a pregnancy test Dec.5/2011 and came out positive. Is this something we should be alarmed about?
4442122 tn?1354645441 I have been able to get positives on all my pregnancies either the day my period was suppost to come or a few days later. Early pregnancy cramping is normal, I had it will all my pregnancies even though 2 did lead to early miscarriages also know as chemical pregnancies, I would say YES go ahead and test and usually you can make a doc appointment when you are 8 weeks and I started prenatals right away!!
284690 tn?1191511548 I had a miscarriage the first week of August. I had a period starting 9-8-07. We tried to conceive. I am now 4 days late for my period!!! I have very tender breasts, I have extreme fatique, I have dizzy spells, and hours at a time where I get really hot and then really cold and feel sick as a dog!!! I took a pregnancy test yesterday 10-10-07 it was a Walgreens brand and it came back negative?
Avatar f tn Hi. My last period started on 12th of October. This month it was late 14 days. Today I have bleeding. Pregnancy test doesn't show anything yet. Breast hurts, gaining weight and feeling week. Is there any possibility to be pregnant? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I am soo confused i normally have regular periods and this month i didn't get my period im 3 1/2 weeks late and today i started to spot. i took a pregnacy test last week and it said negative. this is what happened with my first pregnacy. im scared to go to the doctors because i don't want to be disappointed. do you guys think im pregnant or having a miscarrige?
2172810 tn?1337383747 Can rough sex cause miscarriage. I bleed sometimes during or after sex and its not my period. I've been to the doctor and there's no infection, swelling or thrush. Its just I've thought a few times I was pregnant cos I was late + had symptoms, but before I had tests we've had rough sex + I've bled then got my period a few days later. I had a test today + it was inconclusive. I started My last period sat 28th April,ended on the 5th of may + I ovulated on the 12th of may + had sex twice that day.
Avatar f tn Very early miscarriages often occur, even before a women may know she is pregnant. They are often mistaken for a very heavy and often late period. In this situation, the only way to know for certain is if you knew you were pregnant and a Dr. following your beta/hcg levels. Even early u/s often won't show anything at this stage. If you know you are pregnant and are further along, miscarriage symptoms are bleeding and cramping.
Avatar m tn Unfortunatly, bleeding in early pregnancy is not usually a good sign. I would contact your OB/GYN right away and let them know what is going on, most likely they will want to do blood tests to monitor your HCG levels (pregnancy hormone). If the pain gets too intense, you may even want to go to the ER at your local hospital. I hope this helps, good luck!
Avatar n tn I was late on my expected period this February, around the 20-24. I got a bright red light bleeding on March 1st. Around midnight I started bleeding very heavily and when I used the restroom I had clotting and what looked somewhat like jello which I'm assuming were blood clots. Then as I sat there a large, long sac looking clot came out. Did I have a miscarriage?
Avatar m tn If the miscarriage was within the first month, you sometimes only know by taking a pregnancy test and having it come up positive, and then taking one later and having it come up negative. Those early miscarriages are called "chemical pregnancies," and can be mistaken for a slightly late or heavy period. If you have a miscarriage in the first trimester, depending on how far pregnant you were, you might pass tissue or clots, and have cramping, and bleed.
Avatar f tn I have been using wild yam cream to try and control hormone levels for the past two years. My period is always on time but this month it was 6 days late, On the sixth day (Sunday) I took a pregnancy test which came back negative. Later that day, I began spotting. I had cramping like normal a week prior to the spotting that lasted until two days ago. I passed a grey clot on the second day and began bleeding a little more with one or two red clots but mostly pink or brown blood.
3051504 tn?1340188728 days have passed and still no period this has never happened to me,i have been very irregular but once there's a blood trace my period would come. So i was 3 days late, took the test, negative, friends told me to wait until 1 week,very light spotting continues, nausea, vomiting, fatigue.. 6th day missed period i got so tired at work and felt so weak, then i noticed spotting got heavier,but after few hours it stopped. went home,rest,cooked dinner.. then i peed noticed big clots bright red.
Avatar f tn The next day i woke up, my pad was filled and i was passing big clots (not the usual light clots during periods) but then this bleeding only lasted for 2 days. Is this implantation bleeding? Miscarriage? Or late period? The first day i was bleeding i had painful cramps that lasted for a day. Now, i feel very bloated like there is so much in my stomach! Help i need to know what this is.
971074 tn?1362763366 I had a very early miscarriage last May-June. I had gotten a positive test and a few days later I started to bleed while vomiting. It was relatively painless and the flow was pretty much the same as a period, just a little heavier. Not long after my symptoms started to disappear (I vomit and have constant nausea while pregnant so that was a 100% indicator it was a miscarriage) and blood work confirmed my levels dropping.