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Avatar f tn this is a thread for anyone rele but im wanting to hear when ur pregnancy symptoms began and what were they! i wanna hear when the earliest of signs occured, and it turned out you were by all means pregnant!
525485 tn?1314364901 Im just curious what the earliest date for everyone getting a BFP. For instance, how many days before AF is due? I am on a 28-29 day cycle, on 11DPO, has anyone had one that early?? earlier? later? I know its better to wait....but most of us are inpatient as heck!!
294817 tn?1263840438 I got my first positive pregnancy test 11 dpo. I used the ones from the dollar store. They were cheap and accurate, and of course I didn't believe the first one so I took four more!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn What were your earliest pregnancy signs ladies? I know it's early but I had a ton of symptoms during my last pregnancy (which ended in miscarriage in October :/) very early on. Doss it sound like I'm pregnant? I will be testing this weekend.
Avatar n tn I doubt it would lodge there,lol....Ive never heard of that before...but gas is just that...gas....it doesnt lodge itself anywhere...I can only say ask your dr. or call an advice nurse.
Avatar n tn If cervical mucus after ovulation is a sign of pregnancy, does having dryness means pregnancy is slim? It's 9dpo for me and I have no signs of pregnancy symptoms, but feel like I have caught a virus (chills, fatigue, mild indigestion, stuffying runny nose, but no breast tenderness at all.
Avatar n tn Every month i have symptoms like breast tenderness,tiredness,digestive problems,bloating and twinges in lower abdomen for about a week prior to my period.All of these symptoms resemble early pregnancy symptoms.Since i have been ttc,it becomes very difficult for me to understand during the two week wait.Kindly share your opinions.
Avatar n tn i'm confused about the whole situation also had my tubes tied also supposed to be tied/burnt/clipped but dont really know i'm showing signs of pregnancy and i have two kids both disabled ones in a wheel chair both a blessing and i kind of want another one but i dont know if i am i have took about ten tests and even some at the dr office all neg. but i still feel pregnant.
Avatar n tn I plan on taking another later this week after I am suppose to start. I have had some signs of pregnancy but not all the signs of pregnancy. My breast are tender. I have had frequent urination and I'm tired a lot a little nausea here and there too. Has anyone here that has posted actually had a positive test and been pregnant or is this possibly just another side affect? I am really worried I already care for 4 children. 3 of my own and 1 that is my sister.
Avatar n tn If I think conception was October 25th and implantation bleeding occurred 12 days later, on the evening of November 6th (brownish mucous-like discharge lasting only a few hours), is today, November 15th, too soon to get a positive test, even with a sensitive test like First Response? Any and all thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
Avatar n tn I'm late by 6 days, and 5 weeks and no signs of period.
338830 tn?1230003078 When you become pregnant, vaginal discharge increases (it'll look all sorts of diff. ways) because of your fluctuating hormones. Headaches and gas are definite symptoms. When are you going to test?
Avatar n tn I did my first pregnancy test today and it was positive, this will be my third pregnancy, but i also realised that i had a beige discharge this evening, i never had this with previous pregnancies, but it is great to hear that it seems normal, as i was getting a lil worried.
Avatar n tn My right tube was removed because of an ectopic pregnancy one week ago. This ectopic pregnancy was from IVF. It's a rare case that IVF pregnancy result in an ectopic pregnancy. I am still spotting with small tissues expelled. Does anyone know if it's normal ? Is the bleeding from menstruation after the surgery or the bleeding from the ectopic pregnancy ? I had the bleeding before the ectopic pregnancy was diagnosised ?
Avatar n tn I have never heard of that and my doctor sure didn't tell me of such a pregnancy. I took another bpt on Monday and this time my hcg level was over 2000. I hope that this is a good thing. My hcg levels continue to increase. So, how can your sac continue to grow if there is no baby inside? If there is no baby then what happens to the sac? Were you having any symptoms, if so what were they or did you just show up for your ultrasound and that's when you found out?
Avatar n tn Well my period is now a month late I haven’t had many signs of Pregnancy. But late period WHAT. I have been freaking out and never in my life late. I am 32. So I did all the tests. 2 HPT came back positive and 2 Neg. Blood Neg. So I called Planned Parenthood and they didn’t ask any questions they gave me an Ultrasound. Nope no Baby. I guess DR’s don’t worry unless you miss 3 periods. So hang in there.
Avatar n tn due again on 8/13...no signs as of yet for af, but pregnancy symptoms. I have a DR appt on 8/16...I'll keep you posted!
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Avatar n tn I have a 32 years old and about 1 month ago my husband to touch the head felt a big hole in the center, I think I had felt before but was now bigger. My worry is that now I have 12 weeks of pregnancy and thought the worst, today I went to my OB and I see this abnormality him it seemed strange and referred me to a neurologist which I will attend the next 07/08. Now I read your comments I feel a little more relaxed to see that none of his cases resulted in nothing tragic.
280700 tn?1210287416 Also beware that many of the other side effects of clomid nausea, tender breasts, some cramping are also signs of early pregnancy. Good luck and SSBD to you!
Avatar n tn I've taken over 6 pregnancy test the first three came up invalid and the last three came up negative but i still haven't gotten my period im over 3 months late and im experiencing over half of the symptoms of pregnancy always wanting to take a nap cravings, trips tho the bathroom, tenderness of the breast and abdomen, constanst headaches, and swelling of the hands and feet.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have had many signs of pregnancy like, swollen and tender boobs, stomach cramps on the left side, constant diziness and a few light headaches. My last period started on May 13th and I started on June 12th with a very light period. I typically have very heavy periods and this time it is light. I have read all about Implantation bleeding and not sure if that is what I am going thru. I have heard many things and not sure which to believe.
Avatar f tn feel nothing,iam wondering can i get BFN after IVF ,is it possible to have this or i must have positive&if they die i have miscarriage,any 1 can help me in this?
Avatar n tn i am 7 dp iui, the last 3-4 days my ears have been plugged and wont seem to pop, i thought it may be an ear infection but i read something that said it may be a sign of pregnancy. do any of you have this symptom? im also really exhausted, cant stop yawning, i stand up and my whole body just wants to lie down flat. ive been running to the bathroom every 5 minutes it seems and for almost nothing, what seems like i should be holding for for a while till i have much more to release =).
1160836 tn?1332333769 I am now on my 3 and last round of Clomid I am on 150mg 3-7 days and I hope that this time I O because on my last round they told me I O early on cd 15 I have never O in 11 years so that was a good thing. But doc said that the numbers where not where he wanted them to be at so that is why he up my clomid this time. As for side effects on 50mg I had mood swings and hot flashes and the wonderful headaches... On 100mg I thank god I did not have any but did have crazy dreams with them.
Avatar f tn When it comes to pregnancy symptoms don't mean anything....because those same symptoms can be a change in your period....and she's right its way to early to be feeling any flutters...the only.way to know.for sure is to test...
Avatar n tn However, she hasn't displayed any tell-tale signs of pregnancy (morning sickness, sore breasts, spotting, cravings, etc.) We never had sex without a condom after she was off birth control, and I made sure I removed the condom and checked it for breakage. While she was on birth control and we had unprotected sex, I would never finish inside of her. As far as I know, there's no way she could be pregnant.
Avatar f tn How soon do you get the symptoms of pregnancy? The last time I had sex was last Monday. I started to feel the symptoms around Saturday.