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Avatar m tn I saw an ENT who said he thought it was normally on its way out, and a culture revealed no active infection. I use a neti pot twice a day and saline wash a few times a day, but I still get the dizzy/motion sickness feeling so bad on occasion that I just have to lay back and do nothing. It seems I still have the basic symptoms, and these motion sickness things pop up like a light switch and are really debilitating.
Avatar n tn I've had ear pain to the point of curling up like a child and crying. I was told by a very educated doc "you have facial neuralgia..took gabapentin until my ankles swelled up, then stopped. Why medicate s/thing that I don't have? Stressed out? Yep, ears will ache too. Now, ear pain has lessened as I'm sure the pollen count is down.Allergies will make you "so tired" you feel like you have the flu..I'm feeling v.v. tired ev. day and cannot do much either.
Avatar f tn Hi Nicole, I appreciated your response. Thanks so much. I have seen an ENT specialist since I posted who informed me that I have asymptomatic chronic sinusitus. The nasal stuffiness is really from my deviated septum which she said she could perform surgery, but it would only allow me to breath a little bit easier. My obvious hearing loss needs to be tested and pursued further as some serious damage could be occurring from another cause other than if it's from aging hearing loss.
1348686 tn?1310654243 I have a Brita gallon jug and I use that for drinking water and neti pot. I cannot live w/out the neti pot. My family members l wanted to know "why didn't you tell us about this"..yes, I did..but you didn't listen. Every ENT dr. will recommend you use it also. It clear/cleans out the mucus w/out meds. Yes, anxiety...don't you hate it. think I told you go to NEILMED.COM AND YOU SEE THE VIDEO. My g/kids and son in law are not big users of the neti pot.
Avatar m tn Nasal saline irrigations over the counter like NeilMed or Neti pot are very effective, but worsen Eustachian tube dysfunction (water in the ears or feeling of fullness in the ears). The best diagnosis for this problem is a CT of the sinuses. Surgery is recommended to patients that fail maximal medical treatment. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn ve just noticed that the anxiety seems to follow the use of your NETI pot in the morning. If you are using the NETI pot correctly, you should not be getting any of the solution in your stomach. Or at the very least, just a drop or two which I can't think would make you "hot and anxious." I would suggest not using the NETI for a few days and see if that stops the problem. If it does, you need to discuss a possible adverse reaction with your doctor.
Avatar n tn Mountain cedar is making me miserable, went to Dr today, gave me z pack for ear infection. But my nasal passages are swollen shut & can only breathe through mouth. I can only use saline drops & they don't really work. Anyone else suffering? Any remedies would be appreciated!
8711588 tn?1399453904 I suffer from chronic night-time (when in bed to sleep) nasal congestion. It responds well to the medication used in Afrin, which can not be used more than a few nights in a row. I have used a Netti Pot and not gotten any relief I can ascribe to the NP. However, repeated use of saline nasal spray helps - and I use a saline solution in the Netti Pot - so it should help, but the saline spray is much easier.
296076 tn?1371334474 if you dont have reoccuring infections you dont need a neti pot, just a saline spray. my dr said only to use the pot if you have chronic infections. the saline really does make you feel better though.
Avatar f tn You have seen an Ear Nose and Throat doctor? Have you tried something called a neti pot? This could be very effective for you. https://www.mayoclinic.
1348686 tn?1310654243 I was just wondering if anyone has tried anything natrual to help cure a sinus infection? I know about the neti pot and I think I am going to give it a try but I was wondering if there was anything else that others have tried that works? I have had one for over a month now and I have been on antibiotics but I keep getting it back. Honestly I hate taking antibiotics so I wanted to try something natural that might actually work. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....
Avatar m tn A nasal steroid spray is also beneficial as well as oral steroids. Nasal saline irrigations over the counter like NeilMed or Neti pot are very effective, but worsen Eustachian tube dysfunction (water in the ears or feeling of fullness in the ears). The best diagnosis for this problem is a CT of the sinuses. Surgery is recommended to patients that fail maximal medical treatment. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn I did not see the post you referenced but if your wife is dealing with recurrent sinus infections a few things to consider are: see a specialist - an Ears, Nose Throat Doctor, many ENTs now recommend using a saline nasal irrigation system like Neil-Med or a Neti pot - check with doctor first because this isn't always good for people who have ear problems as well.Also, does she have allergies - that is usually worth looking into.
Avatar f tn I tried the hydrogen peroxide/water mix for the outer ear, and then tried the saline in a neti pot thing for the ear tube. (Found here - http://www.wikihow.com/Unclog-the-Inner-Ear-or-Eustachian-Tube) Did it a few times, but my ear is still slightly clogged. Should I go see my doctor? Or is there something else I can try? Or do I just need to wait?
Avatar m tn About 2 weeks ago I woke up with my ear feeling clogged. I had just went to a live show, so I thought it was related to that. As the days went on my ear became even more clogged, and hearing became muffled. In the last two weeks I have had frequent headaches, stuffy nose, drowsiness and overall head conjestion. It is worse in the mornings and in the evenings.
Avatar f tn Have you tried using a neti pot or other sinus irrigation technique? I have had sinus problems since childhood and whenever I start to get the headaches, I use my neti pot. It has helped greatly.
867954 tn?1356900863 I saw my doctor yesterday, almost immediately he said it's time for the ENT specialist. He took a look and said I don't even have an infection. He suggested I start regularly using my Neti Pot. I'm keeping it up with the Flonase and Allegra-D. My appointment with the local ENT is on Friday, where he will see if there are any blockages and what is going on. Thanks for the help!
Avatar n tn Something that has helped tremendously, especially before bed is the sinus rinse bottle or the neti pot, it helps break up and clear out that infection. You can add golden-seal powder or zylotol powder to the mixture and it will boost white blood cells to fight bacteria and infection. Drinking Echinacea tea is also very good and can be used several times a day. I pray you get over this soon! Yay that your bundle of joy is coming soon!
Avatar f tn s called the Flip-Turn Sinus Flush, which will wash the infection out of your head, thereby curing it. The neti pot is useless in your situation, because of gravity, and it can wash the infection into your Eustachian tubes, which is why you are having hearing problems. The flip turn defeats gravity and gets saline into all of your infected sinuses. You may want to get on antibiotics while you are doing this to prevent an ear infection. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn My head feels so full that I am struggling to do anything to get ready for baby. I have tried Sudafed, Robitussin, Benadryl, and my Neti pot that were all recommended by my Dr along with orange juice, hot showers, tea with cinnamon and honey and Thieves essential oils. Nothing is working and I am getting frustrated! Today, I just decided to let myself sleep all day as much as I can.
Avatar n tn If you are getting a sinus INFECTION, you should probably see your doctor to get antibiotics to help clear it up. Another thing that will help is a sinus rinse...like the neti pot. You can buy this at most pharmacies and places like walmart. It works great.
1271927 tn?1310580362 ve tried hot showers to break some of it up and nothing. Could this be left over from the ear infection? Could this be a side effect from the flu shot I got on this past Thursday? What can I do besides complain and cry about it?! At what point do I go to see the dr?
Avatar f tn And gargling with salt water usually helps with my sore throats hope that helps.