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Avatar f tn what is difference between Combivent spray (OR Duoneb nebules) and what dosages should be ordered for 1 combivent 18-mcg--103 mcg (90 mcg) acuation / 2 treatments 4 times per day. In nebule form. I cannot afford combivent spray. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I am using Duoneb with nebulizer 5 or 6 times a day. Also I just started Spiriva one time a day. I have started having a very tight feeling in my chest. I feel it is beause the two meds are contraindicated. If this is true, how may I wean from the Duoneb? My family physician has diagnosed me as having COPD. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have used both albuterol and Duoneb (albuterol and ipatropium) with a nebulizer. Were I to use albuterol I would have to use it more often than Duoneb. With Duoneb I can stick to 4 times a day, and sometimes 3. Albuterol has a shorter half-life.
Avatar n tn The answer is complicated. The reason for giving these medications sequentially, is that they have different effects. By giving one med before the other the optimal medicinal performance is obtained with a minimum of medication. There is a difference of opinion regarding this issue. My brain is foggy, but that is how it was explained to me a long time ago by a very knowledgable R.N. Ocassionally there are side effects, and mixing the drugs does not hold well for figuring out the problem.
Avatar n tn I use DuoNeb Inhaler 4 xday in a nebulizer. Also, Advair 250/50. When I use the DuoNeb, it actually gives me a feeling of burning (is the only word I can think of). I have combivent as a rescue inhaler with spacer chamber, lately have had to use it about 2 am. Otherwise I don't use it at all. These are the same medications, the combivent does not have this effect, but the DuoNeb does. It also almost makes my lungs feel over expanded. What is the norm to be expected with this medication?
Avatar f tn i HATE IT but im doing all i can do i cant do anything different 5 meds duoneb 3x a day allergy shots weekly still i have to do inhaler EVERYDAY!!! ive resigned myself to the fact that its just gonna b that way and i have to find a way to work around it and if i cant breathe i have my inhaler!!!!
757137 tn?1347200053 I wake up at night because I am congested and have to use a portable nebulizer. Is there something similar to Duoneb that is not short-acting that I can take at night? Or is there a non-steroid medication that would be helpful? Thank you for any suggestions you may have.
Avatar n tn I use Duoneb and Mucomyst in a nebulizer. Additionall I use natural antiinflammatories and an anti-histamine. I do not use any inhaled steroids as they caused bronchitis and sticky phlegm. They also caused adrenal fatigue and, after using that poison for eight years, I suffered a broken hip. Steroids cause osteoporosis, cataracts, and wreck your immune system. I am thinking of adding Spiriva inasmuch as Mucomyst has solved the mucus problem.
Avatar f tn I assume your mother is also taking Duoneb nebulizer treatments in addition to advair and/or spirva inhalers? You may not be aware that emphysema is now classified as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). A safety concern would be not smoking with the cannula on, which some former burn patients have tried. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn I now use only natural anti-inflammatories and am more symptom free than I was using those poisons. The only medication I take is an Duoneb (albuterol/ipratropium) in a nebulizer. I have fairly severe COPD. The best remedy I have found for chronic bronchitis are large doses of vitamin B5. B5 is a mucus thinner and an anti-inflammatory. There are no side effects. I take other stuff as well and have just added some Chinese herbs (under doctor's advice).
1516809 tn?1345086364 I should add that since she was diagnosed with COPD two years ago, she has been on a regimen of Pulmicort and Duoneb via Nebulizer. When this exacerbation began, the doctor suggested doubling the Pulmicort vials that were inserted into the Nebulizer for two weeks to see if that helped, which did not much so went back to the regular dosing of 2 Pulmicorts and 3 Duonebs per day.
Avatar n tn I use an albuterol combination in a nebulizer. I can't do without it, but the B5 reverses the drying.
Avatar n tn , I am currently on 60mg Prednisone, Formadil 2puffs/day, Flovent 220mcg 1puff/2bid, and DuoNeb prn, albuterol. I stay indoors most of the time with a/c, air purifier, dehumidifier and my inhaler close by. I often "feel worse," call my GP and Pulmonologist, sched a visit, then when they listen to my lungs, which usually sound clear, am told the same thing - "If you feel worse, go to the E.R." - I have atypical asthma symptons i.e.
Avatar m tn I also have COPD and handled the problem by using nebulized acetylcysteine. That breaks up the mucus. Also, because of the albuterol and Duoneb that you might be using with an inhaler or nebulizer, this causes thrush, a fungal ailment, that starts in the mouth but can extend to the sinuses and lungs. Stay away from sugar, bread, and carbohydrates in general. These are foods for fungus that causes mucus.
Avatar n tn Again I went back and he gave me a shot of predisone and put had me on duoneb (combivent) for my nebulizer, 4 x's a day. When it's time to do my next treatment, I am ready,wheezing and coughing(I can set my clock by it.) Inbetween treatments, I feel a little better. After 4 and 1/2 wks. and all the meds. I have been on shouldn't I be better and not need the nebulizer as much? The worse is the coughing fits I get into, sometimes I feel like I'm choking, and than I feel like I did 4 1/2 wks.
Avatar n tn Flovent is a corticosteroid. Read the FDA warnings of February 2010. Like you I have moderately severe COPD. I use Duoneb (similar to combivent) in a nebulizer and find it very helpful. I discontinued the use of Advair (which is basically a combination of Serevent and Flovent) because it almost killed me (choking). It also caused adrenal fatigue, was harming my eyes, and was subverting my immune system. In place of Advair I use a variety of natural anti-inflammatories and mucolytics.
Avatar f tn I will have to check that out. I still us a nebulizer with Duoneb. A big help and no side effects that I can see, as long as I keep the mist out of my eyes.
Avatar n tn Then my asthma become much worse. I currently take Advair 500/50, Singulair, Duoneb in nebulizer 2x a day, Xyzal (antihistamine), and other meds for depression and hypothyroidism. I also have a Combivent inhaler that I use as needed. When I get up in the morning and use my Advair and nebulizer, I feel fine until about 3:00 in the afternoon.
Avatar n tn About a month ago, I came down with a bad chest cold, which aggravated my asthma a great deal-wheezing, coughing, couldn't breathe, chest tightness, etc. Wound up in the emergency room. My family doc put me on Advair 500/50, Duoneb and Albuterol with a nebulizer, a short burst of prednisone, and my usual rescue inhaler. I had started to improve; my peak flow readings were back up in the 400's, then last night and today, I got worse again for no apparent reason. I am down to 40 mg.
Avatar n tn , now on nebulizer with Duoneb, Advair 500/50, rescue inhaler. I am still short of breath, especially after exertion, and am tired all the time. My legs get weak just walking through a shopping mall. Any physical activity completely wipes me out and I have to sit down and rest. I was in fine physical health (except for allergies and IBS) before I got the chest cold-no problems with my asthma at all whatsoever (and we have five dogs!
Avatar n tn I have been to the E.R., and my family doc has prescribed Advair 500/50, Duoneb and albuterol by nebulizer, an antihistamine, and a rescue inhaler. I have also been to an allergist/immunologist, who prescribed Prevacid and Veramyst and told me to start working on ridding our house of mold and dust mites. Given that I've had all this medical care, and given that my asthma symptoms have subsided to a degree, is it still necessary for me to see a pulmonologist?
Avatar f tn com/health/copd/DS00916/DSECTION=symptoms Adding inhaled steroids (symbicort or advair) may help, in addition to bronchodilators like Duoneb. Also there are a few long acting bronchodilators such as Brovana. Talk with your MD and make a plan to manage your symptoms. You may also qualify for a pulmonary rehabilitation program which will help.
Avatar f tn I have taken allergy drugs, zertac and singular, Amoxicillian, nose rinses for sinuses, asthamex, proair, use of nebulizer and duoneb med's, and med's for cystic fibrosis, and nothing works. The Amox worked for a very short while than stopped working. I'm beside myself b/c I can't live like this. I wake up in the morning most times totally congested getting almost no air in my nose, and my throat with a big pocket of phlegm.
Avatar n tn She took singulair and flovent inhaler and walked 3 miles a day. Two years ago she needed to use Duoneb via nebulizer. She was not short of breath at any time but had a few bouts with chronic bronchitis. Since moving to Florida a year ago, her husband died in Dec of 2007 and she is now short of breath. Her pulmonologist in FL took her off all of lung medications and within 3 days she was wheezing like a maniac.
Avatar f tn I have tried every type of respiratory treatment known to god and man. Currently I am on singular, symbicort, xoponex 1.5 mg nebulizer two to three times a day prn and lately every day at least twice a day. Additionally I take Benicar HCT, Cardizem, estrogen and wellbutrin. I also use nebulized Duoneb and pulmicort once or twice a day in between xoponex doses depending on the severity of the cough.
Avatar n tn I was also put on prednisone again because of how well it worked with the pneumonia and was having very bad breathing troubles, and was also prescribed duoneb, a nebulizer solution that I guess is a combination of incruse and albuterol. She also switched me to breo and incruse, rather than the advair. I am now around 265 lbs. Over the past weeks I've worked my way down to being on 5mg of the prednisone a day, almost done with it.
Avatar f tn Yes, Atrovent is ipratropium bromide is used for COPD. I use Duoneb which is a combination of albuterol and ipratropium. You are making me wonder if I can manage with ipratropium alone. I have never tried it. I will ask my lung doctor. I use a portable nebulizer. With that I can take as little as I need (or as much).
Avatar f tn I am 83 and have had this ailment was diagnosed about 15 years ago, although I think the first signs appeared about 30 years ago. I am on 2 liters of oxygen and used a nebulizer. I do not take prednisone or inhaled steroids as I found they affected my health very badly. I do use Duoneb and natural anti-inflammatories. I have not found any benefit from Spiriva or Singulair. The progress of my illness is slow and my pulmonologist refuses to speculate on my life expectancy.
Avatar n tn I realize now that the serious bronchitis I was suffering was caused by Advair. The only prescribed drug I now use is Duoneb (albuterol and ipatroprium) in a nebulizer.
Avatar f tn Weizs48, I am in the very same boat as you. I was diagnosed with moderate COPD in Oct. 07. At the time of diagnosis, me and my husband did have health insurance. Then, due to the rotten economy, my husband lost his long time job and our health insurance. So, since March 08 I have been winging it attempting to manage my COPD, without the benefit of health insurance. Personally I totally agree with allmymarbles. For 6 mths. after diagnosis, I did have insurance.