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446049 tn?1468272237 My oncologist told me today that he's had several patients that had good results from using 60 mg/day of duloxetine to calm their chronic pain. He gave a link to the Cochrane Reviews and said that Cochrane was the benchmark for evidence based health care practice. While going through chemo, the oxaliplatin masked the pain (one of the only good side effects!) but now it's back and I'm wondering if anyone else has tried using this medication for relief from pain?
Avatar f tn My GP gave me two weeks worth of Cymbalta 30mg samples, saying that it'd help me with the chronic pain I've been dealing with since September, caused by occipital neuralgia. A blast of cold air really makes the pain untolerable and I don't want to be popping 7 tylenols a day for the next few months. I'm also taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg for depression, Klonopin 1mg as needed for anxiety, and recently my doctor added Aderrall 10mg/day to help with my ADD-PI.
20003388 tn?1515169640 Clearly I have some mental health issues, hence the Fluoxetine but I also take Duloxetine for pain/anxiety. This combo seems to work great. My head is clear and I have energy I haven't had in years. I wouldn't want to stop either medication but I NEED to be able to sleep at night. I've tried everything. Ambien doesn't work. Trazodone doesn't work. Hydroxyzine and diphenhydramine doesn't work. Doxylamine doesn't work.
1903433 tn?1321708568 air after birth followed by tylex, Pethidine and finally an epidural which was the only thing that relieved the pain. As it stands I have pain in the pelvic region (unable to have sexual relations), constant urgency & frequency to urinate and pain in the coxic region. Original diagnostics were broken coxic and scar tissue. An x-ray 2-3 months later revealed no break in the coxic region. A scar tissue removal (5 months later) made no difference in pelvic pain.
Avatar n tn He is takes duloxetine for depression 60mg a day. His pain level is about a 9 now and he cannot deal with this anymore, he talks about giving up, he is so tired as he hardly sleeps anymore, the pain is mainly in his hip and leg, but currently down the whole left side of his body. He was under the pain clinic who has basically stopped seeing him as they have tried everything, he see a neuropsychologist every 6 months but as good as he is, he is unable to help.
8513688 tn?1398470758 I will most often limit opiate use to two weeks or will limit daily use to the most painful time of day. With that said, it is important to achieve pain control. Chronic pain sufferers rarely experience total pain relief without surgical intervention. Oftentimes patients find that they have to increase dosages when they allow pain to get out of control.
428266 tn?1295648380 I have been having chronic back pain for a few years now. I see a pain managment dr. (suggested by my primary doc).My pain has increased in the past years and I recently had an MRI on my lower back. I have moderate spinal stenosis with some bulging and degeneration of the disk. Also, a few years ago I had an MRI on my cervical spine and it showed I had a bulging disk. I had experienced severe neck pain then but the ortho dr I saw at the time did not want me to have surgery yet.
1637739 tn?1371692306 Hi there, I've had pain at the bottom of my feet like walking on little rocks. I also get spasm type pain on the top part of my feet. I just learn to live with this cause there isn't much I can do about it.. I hope you feel better soon.
1245842 tn?1287833651 Targinact MR(Oxycodone Hydrochloride)60mg Per Day But i dont feel like these tablets are doin anything other than making sweat well over the top, if ther wher a water shortage ther'd be no probs at my house, Ive been to my Pain Clinic Dr and told him about the pain, sweats, legs jerking in bed, my mind, well i defo think thats goin with the wind bcoz im constantly forgetting things even sentances when im chatting, the fact i feel absolutely exhausted all the time, but he just puts my meds up in
Avatar n tn I had a biopsy on my tongue 8 years ago and my nerve was cut I have suffered with chronic pain in my tongue I have just been given duloxetine I have been taking it for 3 weeks the pain in my tongue has worsened is this normal?
405614 tn?1329147714 he was calling to see if I was interested in participating in a study of a new medication for treating pain in people with MS. He said I would be a good candidate for the study, and that he needed to know either today or tomorrow. I called back, but he was with a patient, as was the person that he said I could talk to if he was not available. The receptionist said she would leave a note on the desk of Dr. C.'s assistant, so the assistant must have been busy, too.
Avatar f tn My right leg was achy and the pain in my shoulder blade area had lessened with the exception of surgical pain. I am 9 weeks post op and am now having increased pain in my leg, The pain in my scapula is worse than before surgery and I also have a sensation of something crawling around under my shoulder blade. This seems to cause a terrible tightening, and pain up the right side of my neck. This pain at times feels like it is pushing on my throat and making it difficult to swallow.
Avatar n tn I have had a chronic progressive pn, ideopathic, for 10 years. It affects many parts of my body, both sides, paraesthetic pains and autonomic. After 23 IVig treatments my body which had responded very well began to resist and the infusions were stopped. After two years in wheelchair a doctor started me on a 'cocktail' of cymbalta, neurontin, and clonazepam. This has been helpful but does not cover pain, although with leg braces and cane I now can walk short distances.
Avatar f tn I would like to know what sort of medications are available for the acute pain that i have in my hands and hips. My doctor has given me IBU 800, but sorry to say that this medication just is not effective. There are times when I can't even tie my shoes because of the pain. I however do not want to be "out there" on some narcotic. Help?
Avatar f tn A comprehensive pain management program should be considered for chronic refractory neuropathic pain. Working with a counselor, undergoing physical/massage therapy, and relaxation therapy are other elements that may help in managing your pain. Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions, I hope you find the information I have provided useful, good luck.
Avatar m tn Hi i'm 49 and i have cervical spine osteoarthritis or Advanced Degenerative Disc Disease on multiple levels for 7 yrs now. Neurosurgeons have said surgery will not happen ( anywhere in the world ) cos it's far too dangerous !!!!!! less than 5% chance of success......and if it was successful i would have more pain in my neck...ffs!
Avatar f tn 4) While giving exam I am a little bit easy about 30 min but after I start to feel breathless, stretch and pain in nose, uneasiness, restlessness , dizzy and like I will faint, sweat from feet and hands. 5) After I get out of the exam hall I try to relax drive my car back home and just relax at home I feel better. 6) It has been about 2 to 3 years I have developed some kind of fear from driving.When I drive I start to get nervous, breathless and uneasy.
Avatar f tn The study looked at the drug duloxetine, or Cymbalta, which is used to treat depression and generalized anxiety disorder. It's also been shown to work in multiple other chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia and, more recently, osteoarthritis. It is believed to decrease pain through its actions in the central nervous system. Of 29 patients evaluated, nearly three-quarters reported that their pain had decreased by at least 30 percent.
Avatar f tn Both chiropractic and massage have been shown to alleviate some pain and low energy associated with chronic fatigue. No definitive studies have proven the efficacy of either treatment, but chiropractic is thought to help CFS by stimulating the nervous system, while massage may benefit CFS because it improves circulation. Sometimes simple lifestyle adjustments are the most effective natural energy boosters of all.
366811 tn?1217426272 Alot of the drugs you named above are used in treating the various complaints of those with MS, also, since depression and anxiety can play a big role in the up and down lives of those suffering with MS and chronic pain.
Avatar m tn I am a 35-year-old male suffering from chronic intractable back pain. In 2004, I fell off a ladder resulting herniated discs at L4, L5 and S1 with mass effect on the right S1 nerve root. In short, over the years, I have done everything asked of me; my treatment has been as follows: +Bedrest initially in addition to Meds & ESI x 3 before operation +Rehab which consisted 5 months participating 3x/week of PT, Message, Acupuncture, Trigger point injections. No Better after 5 months.
924711 tn?1290270157 I am new to this site but not new to fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic pain. I used to take antidepressants for the pain only but have had to up the dosage for depression as well from having to live with the chronic pain. Cymbalta caused bad depression for me as well as my sister who lives with the same diseases. I moved over to Celexa and it has helped me get out of the depression. There are a lot to choose from.
Avatar m tn for something that lasts less than 2 weeks.......i know i'm whining but chronic pain makes u do that.....i'm just fed up, but thnx 4 ur comment.
667923 tn?1421466324 Duloxetine treatment will be excellent for your pain and partial depression caused by the failure of previous treatment Dr Nassim
217229 tn?1192766004 Here are some resources that may be helpful for you.... What is Diabetic Nerve Pain? Diabetic Nerve Pain is caused by damage to your nerves. It is also known as Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, or DPN. DPN is often found in people with diabetes who have high blood sugar levels over time. Your doctor may be able to help you get better control of your blood sugar level. This may help prevent more nerve damage. If you still feel some pain, LYRICA may be able to help you.
Avatar m tn They are also used to treat anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), chronic neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). You could try Duloxetine (Cymbalta, Yentreve) and see how it goes. But i really don't know why you would change medication if everything is okay with your current med...
Avatar f tn Due to the dual mechanism of action as an opioid agonist and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, there is potential for off label use in chronic pain. There have been no clinical studies conducted for off-label use of tapentadol in chronic pain.
Avatar f tn pain in the left side of the body; pain in the right side of the body; pain above the waist; pain below the waist. In addition, axial skeletal pain must be present and the duration of pain must be more than 3 months. A tender point is considered positive when pain can be elicited by pressures of 4 kg/cm2 or less. For tender points to be considered positive, the patient must perceive the palpation as painful; tenderness to palpation is not sufficient.
Avatar n tn Hi KimSb, From the description of your symptoms, you have chronic daily headache tension type. Chronic daily headache can be caused by many different diseases. Most commonly, neck pain/neck strain can trigger tension headache; in your case, the "cervical facet syndrome". I do not know the nature of your cervical facet syndrome.
Avatar n tn My heart has a huge pressure in my chest and pain in my upper back. My periods have stopped and I am at my wits end. Does anyone have a recommendation of what to take temporarily that will help with this?? Its feel so lonely in this and really could do with some advice asap.. I have just moved to sweden with my boyfriend and don't know anyone here. I will go to a doctor this week but I wanted to see if anyone here had some sound advice?? thankyou for reading..much love... Love21 ( i am not 21..