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Avatar m tn I'd personally avoid Atkins -- or any fad diet, actually. Atkins has more research on it than any other diet because it was developed originally to prevent heart disease (the creator, Dr. Atkins, died of heart disease!) The research showed that the diet did not work in the long run and was unhealthy in the long run, as it's too high in protein and too low in antioxidant rich foods.
Avatar f tn I switched to an Atkins-like lifestyle about a year ago after being told I had be become a type 2 diabetic. I reduced my carbohydrate intake to less than 50 grams per day. I found that my overall heart rhythm improved and noticed a reduction in the number of PVC's.
4054761 tn?1349368749 So glad to find someone following the same program as ME! Can I request you as a friend? Sure hope so.
732164 tn?1237118767 I had a lap band and the diet you have to follow for that is a modified version of Atkins. It's all about low carbs, high protein, but its also low in sugar/fat. I did really well with it and am doing it again. I posted before that I don't really feel like my lapband did TOO much good, its just as much diet/exercise after as it was before. But the protein definitely fills you up more than the carbs.
1159480 tn?1263405571 m glad to see some positive talk about the Atkins/lo carb diet. I went on the Atkins diet about 6 years ago. I lost about 50 lbs. Once you get used to it, it's easy. And, I kept the weight off for the 6 years. I only gained back a few pounds when I started eating carbs again. You really get used to not eating alot of bread and sweets and it does not bother you after awhile. Unfortunately, what killed me was menopause. I gave in to the cravings for sweets and gained more weight back.
Avatar n tn DO NOT go on a high protein low carb diet . Atkins is horrible! It causes your bad cholesterol to go way up. And you will only Lose water weight. You will also stave your body of glucose. Your average daily protein intake should be 15 to 20 percent of your total daily calories. According to the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board, the preferred form of protein is from non animal sources: beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds. They are also naturally lower in fat too.
451075 tn?1210258648 Hello, I am 23 year old Male, medium built, in overall good shape, healthy, not taking any medications. However, my goal is still to get very toned. I work out a lot and feel good. I seem never be able to get rid of the extra layer of fat that is covering my lower torso and ABS. I decided to take a new approach - Atkin's diet. i want to get my 8 pack showing and have no fat on my hips and stomach. In the morning I eat: 1 Cup of Oat Bran and 1 egg, 1 egg white with 2 glasses of water.
Avatar f tn Dukan diet worked for me out of all the diets I tried.
1054985 tn?1257173275 I have been on atkins for 3 years, diagnosed with MS 6 months ago. Anyone try the diet? I feel great with enough energy to drag myself to the gym on a regular basis. Wondering if anyone has had succsess.
764257 tn?1234724152 I agree with the above. Talk to your doctor about whether you should try Atkins or not. I was on Atkins for approximately 5 months (something happened and I completely stopped eating, but it isn't related to the diet). The results were fantastic. By the end of the second week I (a carb lover) didn't want to eat carbs although I was still eating fruits and veggies. I lost weight and I felt good.
1464587 tn?1307491605 or none if you can, good proteins and high fiber. A couple people refered to it like the atkins diet, since atkins seems to I think concentrate on meats (proteins), low fats, and little to no carbs. And thank you soooo much jackie on that chocolate refernce!! I will so look for it the next time I'm at the store =D And the meat I have is very little, just once a day, and half the portion of my veggies =) and it is very lean.... maybe 2 grams of fat per night. And as far as the egg whites..
Avatar f tn Word of caution -- Gymdandee is telling you to try Atkins, a long discredited diet, and livestrong, tied to a guy who lied about doing illegal drugs. There are better things to try, many suggested by Gymdandee. Again, be careful what you ask for on the web -- you might just get it! Again, given your history, I'd see a holistic nutritionist and get a diet you can stay on for life.
Avatar f tn Dig up the Dukan Diet on the internet and follow the Attack phase for 5 or 10 days and you will lose 5 kgs in a month and it won;t be just water.
Avatar m tn People keep telling me that the Atkins diet is unhealthy, but my labs tell me differently. I lose weight on this diet and for the 1st time in 20 year my triglycerides are below 200. Also my cholesterol has come back into the good range. I feel better and have more energy, so why is this diet a bad thing? Maybe I don't see the big picture, please let me know.
Avatar m tn I've never heard of the diet - maybe it works or maybe it doesn't - everyone is different. But since you like meat alot, why don't you read up on the Atkins diet or the South Beach diet. These diets are low carbohydrate diets. Eating low carb avoids the constant stimulation of insulin. The first few weeks of the diet help in getting rid of insulin resistance. Many people say goodbye to their medications on this diet.
649848 tn?1534633700 What type of “diet” plan are you on? For example, are you on a commercial plan, such as Nutri-system, Medi-Fast, Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc, or are you working on lifestyle changes that you’ll stick with over the long term? Are you reaching your goals on your plan?
Avatar n tn //authoritynutrition.
Avatar f tn //www.dukandiet.co.uk/the-dukan-diet/method/true-weight. This site http://mydukandiet.com/dieting/attack-phase.html was really helpful when I did the diet as you can find lots of information there for free.
Avatar m tn Harvard researchers put pre-obese people (they had just lost 10-15 percent of their body weight) on three different diets—a low-fat, high-carb diet; a low-glycemic diet with fewer carbs; and a high-protein, high-fat, Atkins-style diet. Each participant ate the same number of calories on each diet, yet at the end of the study, they found that people burned the most calories at rest while on the Atkins diet.
Avatar f tn Everyone's situation will be different, especially if you are on insulin or other medications vs being diet controlled. I'm diet controlled (for 2 years) so I have to be very mindful of what I eat and I had to learn what foods made my sugar spike. I NEVER recommend trying to eat a certain amount of carbs, I believe we should limit them as much as possible unless your sugar dips too low. Focus on eating as many leafy green veggies as possible. Drink lots of water.
Avatar m tn i've had a continual sinus infection for about 2 years.....i've always had sinus infectioons more than others growing up....now i'm 33.......i went on the atkins diet to see if me getting sick all of the time is from an allergy to like wheat, gluten , or milk....i was on the atkins for 2 days.....that is the worst thing for people....i feel bad for them....anyways...that diet made me feel like i'm starving....i have steroids (prednisone) that i started last night......
Avatar m tn s not advisable for you to put your mother on the Atkins-type diet. It would be safer for your mom to see her family doctor and have her doctor suggest a food plan for your mom. The back pain may be because she is overweight. If your mom loses some weight through a food plan which she has discussed with her family doctor, her back problems will probably improve. Not every person is a candidate for the Atkins diet. It's nice of you to try and solve her food plan.