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Avatar m tn from last Tuesday it started with a few coughs, dry coughs, it was nothing, from Thursday it got worse my throat was itchy too, Friday I felt a little sick and cold, from Sunday my throat got sore and my nose went runny a bit, the soreness and runny nose was a little. I had the sore throat till last night and now I'm feeling I just want to sleep, I'm not fatigued. is this normal for common cold?
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old daughter's nose is very sore , and she cannot touch it ... maybe she is coming down with a cold , what could she do for it ?
484844 tn?1253968693 Being hypothyroid can bring on viruses and colds. Even if you are not having classic symptoms the sore throat and ear pain can be a problem. I suffer that but as my TSH is lower it is less noticeable in the throat - no ear pain anymore. But the cough is there. I experience a dry cough too - but I smoke. Before I had thyroid problems I never noticed a "cough" but now it is there. Quit!!! I say to myself and that will happen MAy 17th. My sone asked me to do that for his birthday.
Avatar m tn Almost 10 days after the vaginal sex, I began feelling fatigue and tiredness, runny nose and dry throat and a little sore throat. This is day 3 since those symptoms began and I still don't have any fever, although i can notice my right neck lymph gland swollen...I am dying from anxiety...please, help me...
Avatar m tn Yes I've read that flu's and colds are viruses and cannot be treated by a doctor ultimately. I do think I will just wait it out. I'm just shocked that of all the symptoms that remained it was the aches and pains that stayed. I've never had that occur. It's always the cough, the sore throat or the runny nose that stays, never before have I had the aches and pains be the last remnant of the sickness. Oh well.
Avatar f tn Do you have any runny/stuffy nose? Sore throat? Those are usually signs of a sinus headache, or a sinus infection. If I were you, I'd either take some OTC pain relievers, or some dayquil or something.
Avatar m tn And also - I now have a bit of a dry cough and runny nose. Is it unusual to get this after a virus that is just a fever and aches, or is it common to have respiratory problems once a fever breaks? Or do you think I caught something new? Thanks!
Avatar f tn org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Sore-throat--running-nose-and-cough-with-body-pain-at-5th-week-of-exposure/show/2986901#post_14217885 The only sexual risk for HIV is having unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex. You had condom-protected sex, which is NO RISK for HIV, so you do not have symptoms of ARS or HIV. You did not even need to test once, and you certainly do not need another test.
Avatar f tn Developed sudden sore throat a wk ago within a few days later my nose was congested, my eyes were red & I had yellow mucus. I then developed a once in awhile tickly throat cough. I took sinus pills and while my eyes & nose are almost cleared my sore throat is not. I feel like I have a lump in my throat, I am at times swallowing frequently & it is so sore at times I can barely swallow. Any thoughts on what could be going on?
Avatar m tn i recieved a very small cut on my nose, right where the bone ends and the cartillage starts. however after it happened i cleaned it as it bleed abit. after i cleaned it i noticed it was quite deep as the skin isnt very thick . but all around the small cut it is a reddish brown colour that looks a little swollen its quite la. its a few hours on and its still like that. is that normal?
1399033 tn?1449587779 with the itchiness & nose bleeds it sounds like you are very dry too..... Try a cool mist vaporizer in your room at night, or a humidifier by your bed. it really helped me. Cigarette smoke REALLY bothered me in early pregnancy too. as far as medicines....
Avatar n tn This is commonly from an upper respiratory infection, which is from several viruses (like herpesvirus, etc.). The good thing is none of them are contagious to you. Lysine is certainly benign enough. Make sure to isolate your cat from other cats (i.e., if she's an outdoor cat, she may be catching this outside from other cats).
Avatar f tn The Optometrist told me he has seen people get dry eyes from viruses and it can take months and months and months for things to get back to normal...i just want your opinion on this. The other odd thing that happened to me over the winter is I developed itchy ears a lot and sometime they bother me with I get aick but sometimes they bother me at random...very strange...to top it off my allergy tests do not indicate this as the cause...
Avatar f tn I felt the inside of my nose and noticed there were dried mucus. Now I got a sore throat and a dry nose. I keep swallowing saliva whenever my nasal passage feels dry and thats almost every minute or so. I considered getting a nasal spray but I wasn't sure because I never used it before and I worry I might worsen my sore throat. Please help me, I want to get rid of this dry nose condition, it's been preventing me from going to sleep. It's been going on for a week now.
Avatar m tn hello, last week I developed a mild sore throat (burning feeling in the back of the throat), it lasted 2 days, and then develpped a slight dry cough. The sore throat went away when the cough began, very few times had a little productive cough, but very few times, no runny nose, maybe a very little micro nasal congestion for a day or two. Did not get a fever nos muscle aches. The cough lasted around 4 or 5 days, then nothing else. Please give me some insight in what this could have been.
Avatar f tn Any nasal symptoms, like runny nose or sneezing? If you have a fever and sore throat it may be the beginning of the flu or if no fever of a cold. I would take it easy until you feel better. But if you have a fever of 100 or more I would see the doctor or call the doctor and they may give you Tamiflu if they think it is the flu. Those are possibilities. If you don't have a virus then you are run down and need rest.
Avatar n tn I have a sore throat, sinus headace, sneezing and stuffy nose....I believe its allergies, since its happend 2 times in the past 2 weeks....
Avatar f tn What could it be if it is not weepy -- just dry, dry, dry.
Avatar f tn During the medicine for the reflux I start to have dry mouth and toothache . The toothache went off after 2 weeks and dry mouth is start around .My tongue started to have strange and irradiated feeling like scalding tongue and the upper wall of my mouth also have irradiated feeling . Now I start to have bloated stomach .I really don't know what the main cause of this . Is it anxiety ,reflux or other illness .
Avatar f tn My Lymph Nodes located behind the ears and my throat are so enlarged that they are very sore. My nose is congested and is constantly bleeding. Is anyone having this problem? and is their any releif? Thank you for helping.
Avatar m tn The next day my throat became scratchy and continued till the next day, then on wednesday i began with a small congested nose, and a dry cough. today, I have no sore throat, almost none congested nose, never had runny nose, but still have the cough, feel a little weak, and my eyes hurt a litlle.. What can this be, is it more of a common cold or the flu. Have not had fever nor muscle aches.
Avatar m tn Do you ever suffer from acid reflux or indigestion? That may cause the burning. Or it could be just really dry. I know when I blow my nose sometimes there is burning because its so dry.
Avatar n tn Do this several times a day. It does a great job knocking sickness out. Vapo rub the feet chest and under nose. Before bed.Ask the doc about the cough if it persists miserably. Dont take certain medicines people suggest Unless you ask your doctor. Feel better soon!
Avatar f tn During the medicine for the reflux I start to have dry mouth and toothache . The toothache went off after 2 weeks and dry mouth is start around .My tongue started to have strange and irradiated feeling like scalding tongue and the upper wall of my mouth also have irradiated feeling . Now I start to have bloated stomach .I really don't know what the main cause of this .
Avatar m tn I am doing not too bad at all...minor sides at day 5..nose gets wee bit dry and and after a sneeze i had a couple of nosebleeds because of it,but the blood flow stopped right away...coconut oil up the nose is quite the relief...LOL...got a tiny sore on my lip...and i felt a litlle dizzy when i got up this morning...no biggie..thats the extent of my sides so far...oh ya...im having the vivid dreams again...best part of treatment...eye pain and headaches are gone...
Avatar m tn Herpes simplex viruses 1 and 2, influenza, and parainfluenza viruses may also simulate streptococcal pharyngitis . Even when careful microbiologic techniques are used to detect bacteria, mycoplasma, and viruses, no causative agent can be detected in a substantial proportion of all cases of acute sore throat.” Acute Infectious Mononucleosis is another common cause of persistent sore throat.