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Avatar m tn Im putting of getting the other one done until I can find out what's causing the star burst. I have dry skin around my eye and use Vaseline on them if I got a small amount in my eye could this cause the wrinkle and starbust? If so could the eye with out a lens bag be irrigated ? To remove the haze ? Thank you.
Avatar f tn 28 weeks today and my skin is very dry done lotion and its not working any more else having this issue.
Avatar f tn I've been using aveeno body wash for sensitive skin and its been really good on not making my skin dry after showers, which is shocking because everything drys my skin out..
Avatar f tn What helps with dry skin besides lotion. I mostly have the dry skin on my face and I just don't like it. It starting getting noticeable a couple days ago and I just want to find a way to get rid of it or whatever helps.
1980069 tn?1328916068 Rinse your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser specially for dry skin. Soaps removes natural oils from the skin, so try using a moisturizing body wash. This will maintain the essential oils for your skin. For extremely dry skin, try using a mechanical exfoliate once a week to get rid of any flaking skin. When moisturizing choose an emollient moisturizer and don’t forget sun block, not only will sun exposure worsen dry skin, it will also put you at risk for skin cancer.
Avatar f tn There are creams and lotions you can buy, but I found that baby oil gel works wonders on all dry skin. I use just a little neck to feet after the shower. It's a little oily at first (obviously) but when it soaks in I feel wonderful.
Avatar n tn Next time you masterbate, use the vaseline instead of the soap, (or buy a good lubricant). The soap could dry out your skin and make your skin burn. HOWERE, NEVER USE VASELINE WITH A CONDOM...THE OILS IN THE VASELINE CAN DAMAGE A CONDOM.
Avatar f tn i always put bibs around her neck and changes it as soon as it gets wet due to her drooling but she still gets those rashes.what can i do to stop the dry skin and rashes?
Avatar f tn Have you tried e45? I get really dry skin on my face when it starts getting really cold and e45 moisturiser works wonders, hot water and cold weather will make it worse so moisturise before u bath and go out!!
Avatar n tn you should try putting vaseline on you penis a few times a day.
Avatar f tn Im 27 weeks and from this week i ve noticed that I m having dry skin on my tummy.does any one else have it? And why?
Avatar n tn I do not have sensation in the middle of the dry spot. I have tried lotions, neosporin and vaseline to attempt to effectively treat this issue. What could this be and what are some suggestions for making it better?
Avatar f tn hi all im 22wks n just wondered if anyone else is sufferin frm dry, flaky skin? its asif ive been on holiday n my skins peelin, im gttin this on my belly n breasts i moisturise throughout the day it jst dnt seem to b gttin better!
Avatar m tn Some of them cannot be picked up on doing blood tests at certain phases of the disease cycle. For the dry skin, you can apply a moisturizer or Vaseline.
Avatar f tn Hi my toe (the third on the left foot) has this really dry hard skin. It is rock hard and kinda dark. I applied a ton of Vaseline and it went away twice. My skin then dried up again and came back. Its starting to spread to my middle toe too now. It’s now rock hard and I don’t know what to do. Is there a cure? Any solutions?
Avatar n tn Aquaphor is really good for severly dry skin...but I wouls honestly consider taking your daughter off the Accutane. The side effects can be so horrible and are now related to a lot of gastrointestinal issues long term. My husband is a prime example...never had an upset stomach in his life and now all of a sudden he can't eat anything without tummy trouble and he's only 24. There are other options and unless absolutly NOTHING else has worked it is the last resort.
Avatar n tn I had eczema for 15 years as a child, I do not have to many outbreaks, somtimes on back of scalp and roscia on face. Also my legs itch and I scratch sometimes to bleeding. The worst dry skin ever, what is best product to use to keep skin moist?
Avatar f tn I have hashimotos thyroiditis and have excessively dry skin all over (particularly face, lips, hands, feet) even though my TSH is in the normal range. After searching I have not been able to find facial moisturizers that contain NO alcohol. Does anyone have any recommendations for facial moisturizers (day and night) that do not contain any alcohols? Also, any suggestions for a great long-lasting lip moisturizer that does not need to be applied every half hour?
Avatar n tn I have itching dry irritated skin above my bikini line around my vagina sometimes on the lips and between my legs if i scratch for lil period of time patches of bumpes will appear...ive had this for quite sometimes..just wondering wat it could be? Ive tried diff soaps,vaseline,excema creams and rash creams...someone help!!!!
Avatar n tn I have itching dry irritated skin above my bikini line around my vagina sometimes on the lips and between my legs if i scratch for lil period of time patches of bumpes will appear...ive had this for quite sometimes..just wondering wat it could be? Ive tried diff soaps,vaseline,excema creams and rash creams...someone help!!!!
Avatar n tn Hi there, I suffer from patches of really dry skin, not necessairly eczema mind you something similar. I currently have a quarter- sized patch of really dry skin on my cheek due to acne. It just keeps getting worse! I've tried every remedy in the book and loads of different creams such as Avene milk cleanser, Clinique, Vaseline, everything and nothings seems to make it go away.
953439 tn?1246472891 Which I was told by doctors that they are all linked together. But just a few weeks ago, the skin under my lips have been really dry and itchy. So I have been putting lotion at first. Then over time it had seemed to be getting worse. So I tried putting hydrocortizone, and Triamcinolone Acetonide (something I use for my ezcema). And it has only been getting worse and more painful over time. I finally thought Vaseline would do the work, since my skin looks dry and its cracking open.
Avatar n tn Her skin is so dry that we can cover her in Vaseline after her shower and the next day her skin is flaking again. She drinks plenty of fluids and is currently NOT in any sports. Is there anything we can do to help her?
7612493 tn?1393740678 I was hhaving the same problem, I used cocoa butter (body butter) Palmers, twice a day in the am and before bed, itll reduce as the weeks go by.
Avatar n tn I am starting to see what looks like dry skin on my penis. It only appears howver when my penis becomes erect. Less than 30 min after I am not erect anymore the white dry skin goes away? Also it only appears on the upper underside of the shaft of my penis. In addition on the middle underside of penis on the shaft there is what looks like a darker spot, but it is completely flat and I have no pains or burning? I noticed today that my semen was a little yellowish?