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Avatar n tn (I'm not sure if it is the same thing or something different) I have dry skin along with and have a strange dryness on and inside my ears and behind my ears there is a dry rash as well. On my face it is red with what look like dry hives and more dry skin on my face. I'm also suffering from dry scalp which is itching and flaking and seemed to have been brought on and gotten worse by dandruff shampoo which I discontinued use of.
Avatar n tn about 4 weeks ago i noticed a rash on the cavles of my legs ( it was not itchy) about 1 week after that i started noticing risen, clear, itchy spots on my arms,stomach, and legs (not on the rash) and when i scratched it, they would have a little clear or yellowish liquid and them scab the next day. Could you help me in trying to find out what this is?
Avatar n tn I broke out with a rash on the front of my lower legs. It is dry and does not feel itchy. It looks like the hair follicle is dry up. Since that time the same rashes have shown on my forearm and on my back. I haven't used anything for it. The hair on the area where the rash is has not grown or is completely gone. Is there anything I can use at home or purchase something over the counter??
Avatar n tn Hi, Ankle rash could be caused due to various reasons including - dermatitis, dry skin, eczema, heat rash or sweat dermatitis, uncomfortable footwear, etc. It is important to wear lose comfortable footwear and maintain good personal hygiene. Use a powder to avoid sweat collection and apply calamine lotion at the sites of the lesion. You could take oral antihistamine or antiallergic medications for the itching. Apply calamine lotion at the sites.
Avatar n tn My dd is 21mths old. She has had a rash on her legs for about 3wks now. I thought it was eczema but doesn't seem to look like that. They are red and blotchy on her legs and butt area....any thoughts? I've been putting hydrocortisone in it but doesn't seem to be doing anything.... oh...it seems to be worse after she is in the bathtub,..and i have to changed soaps either.....
Avatar n tn My wife has had a recurring rash on her legs for about a year and a half now. we have been to a few doctors (no dermatologist) who have prescribed anti-biotics because they said it looked fungal. they have never helped. it will occasionally go away(not all of it but most of it) and then re-appear. she says it hurts when its really bad and itches all the time. it also makes the skin around the area look really dry to the point where it looks tight almost chapped.
Avatar n tn I have an American Bulldog, he has a rash on both back legs and he is constantly chewing/scratching at them. Are there things I can try to make this go away. The vet wants to try different antibiotics but has no idea as well. His food he eats is Kibbles and Bits dry food but he has been eating this for about 6 months and this rash has just occured. Any suggestions would help.
1980069 tn?1328916068 Ive been using aveeno and so far I love it. I jad a rash on both arms and legs from dry skin and the soap and detergent I was using. Aveeno has helped soooo much.
Avatar f tn I have had a rash on my face and 3 spots on my legs. at first i thought it was dry skin, but the dermotoligist gave me all sorts of creams and none of them worked. They think i am alergic to something. being food or other. they think i should do tests. they did test me for lupis, but my blood work was fine and that isnt it. i am in menopause and my hair used to be totally straight. when i went to get my hair cut, it turned curly. really curly. i think its due to my hormones changing.
Avatar n tn I have multiple little scars everywhere on my legs from years of itching and to be quite honest I feel that I have damaged my layer of skin on both of my legs, because if I shave my leg hairs will grow back to stubble within a day or so, sometimes even quicker! It is so FRUSTRATING! Every time I shower, as soon as I get in, I will turn the shower to boiling hot water and run it on my legs for it satisfies the itching sensation and feels so good!
Avatar m tn Then two spots appeared on the head of my penis, one on the right side (which is the side the rash started) and then on the left side. And now finally, another small round spot has appeared on my left thigh, close to where my penis head normally rests. The spots on my legs have faded but I can still see the outline of them, and the areas are all still relatively dry and scaly feeling.
Avatar f tn When you scratch them off They re-appear. All they consist of is dry skin. I have them on my hands. a couple of them on my face. What is this.
Avatar f tn If I lie down most of the day and don't have any clothing touching my legs they seem to be almost non-existent. If I stand on my legs all day, they get really really red. It doesn't matter what season it is, it's always the same. I've tried lotion and foam prescribed from the doctor. I don't have dry skin-it's very oily skin. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 23, 2010 and am currently in remission.
Avatar m tn About two weeks or so ago I woke up with three little bumps on the upper part of my leg, I thought they were just flea bites, but a few days later those little bumps turned into three big bumps with dry skin on top. I now have bumps on both legs, stomach, and butt area. These bumps are a mix of large with dry on top to very small and clustered with almost dry scabs. They itch and sometimes burn. They will appear for a couple of days than disapear, when they come back there is more of a rash.
Avatar m tn I was having apparently normal skin until a month back when i noticed red petechial non blanchable rash which was nontender, itchy, at the same time i noticed that my skin over my both lower legs were dry. I also used to get swollen legs by the end of the day. Then the rash gradually worsened, i used to put an emollient over it as per advise of a dermatologist. checked my counts, thyroid profile, and ESR which were unremarkable. I had also taken a course of cephalexin.
Avatar m tn hi i am a sixteen years old and i have had a uncontrollable itch on the front of my legs for years but it is getting progressively worse i will itch till blood and sores have formed i cant stop it hurts really bad
Avatar n tn The rash started on the back opf my torso it is as ictchy as hell I seem to run a tempreture now and then slightly and it gets more itchey it is now on my arms. on my upper legs I have small blotches with dry skin on top. I am under a huge amount of stress at the moment. The rash has no blisters and I am feeling the cold a bit. I first noticed an oval dry patch of skin small. Pityriasis Rosea?
Avatar n tn Scabies is characterized by intense itching, usually at night and by small insect-type bites lesions on the skin. Diagnosis of scabies is made by scraping the skin and viewing the material under a microscope to see the characteristic mite or eggs. For exact diagnosis, I suggest you to get it evaluated from a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn 5 weeks ago, I started noticing these rashes. Two on the side of my lower back and few on my legs; thighs and below my knees ( about 6-8 on each leg). They were red in color, not raised and dry looking. A week after I went to the doctor and he prescribed me with Flutecasone cream. Now it has been a 1.5 weeks and some are still red and other turned this fading brownish color. do you know what it might be?
Avatar n tn i have experienced hives a week ago for the first time, i am 62 i have had dry itchy skin every winter. i now have been gettig red itchy blotches on my extremities mostly. antihisimens do not help. i have also had periods of rashes on my ankles scince childhood. what is my problem.
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning and was scratching more then i have before at my chest and my throat. I havn't found any on my legs or my arms, just my chest, throat, and on my jaw line. I have very sensitive skin, but nothing has effected that for a couple years now. The bumps are small and don't have any pus in them, the more i scratch the more red and itchy they get. They dont seem to bother me throughout the day, just when i wake up in the morning.
Avatar n tn Hi. I am on vacation in Honduras and have developed a very wierd rash on my arms, legs, hands, and chest. It itches all over and looks like small blisters but in reality its just small bumps. I have been in the sun for a week after not being in the sun for about two months but I live in Miami so I am always in the sun and have never gotten a rash before. Also I got quite burnt on my back and do not have a rash there.
1847172 tn?1319050869 Except for the face, (where for now i've almost nothing). For instance the legs are only now being affect a little on the upper region.
Avatar n tn I have small circles of dry skin on my legs that are about 4mm wide ive just noticed some on my other leg sometimes they get itchy.?
Avatar f tn i've been to 4 doctors and its getting worse... couple weeks ago, i've got rash on my body near the wounds. the rash came up after i put some dettol around my wounds... so i meet the 1st doctor and she gave me loratadine 10mg. the effect only stand like 4 hours and its start to itch again..next morning my lips swollen and become very dry.. i met the 2nd doctor and told him bout it, then he gave me piriton 4mg.. WORST! my lips become sOoOo itchhhhhyy.. it swell than the first one..
Avatar n tn They itched and ozzed, but eventually the area just turned into dark areas of raised skin, almost like scar tissue. I have very dry legs, and a dermatologist gave me a steroid cream to use. I used it for awhile, and they got better, and the one on my left leg has pretty much disappeared. But on the other leg, two years later I still have to areas the size of a quarter each that just won't go away.
Avatar n tn I would say It is most likely dry skin and fabric irritating the skin. If the sweat pants arnt bothering you, it sounds linked to tight fabric, or the fabric resting and chafing on the skin at all times. That can just be irritating, or allergy to fabric detergents. Hopefully thats all, good luck!
Avatar m tn And the entire area where the patches were used is like this, on both legs, to the point where you can clearly see the area of dry skin as a big square shape--same shape as the fentanyl patches. Has this happened to anyone else who has been on the fentanyl patches? I know that getting a red rash is a common side effect of wearing the patch, but I cant find any info on the rash lingering long after the actual patch has been removed.
Avatar n tn I don't have any redness or anything scary looking, but I get tiny little skin colored bumps after I itch repeatedly on my legs. And I itch so bad under my arm too now! I'm thinking it has to do with the severely long winter months that we have in Michigan, after being gone for a year from the area. I'm hoping my problem is just dry skin, can anyone help me?!???