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Avatar f tn They start out just looking like dry skin patch then it's apears to Scab over. I've been to my doc. Numerous times. I have went to a specialist and they took a sample an the answer wasn't definitive but they "thought" scabies and gave me some lotion and a steroid. Which didn't help. They actually kind of went away on their own. But they seem to spread an I have noticed them now on my testicles an one on the shaft of my penis an now Im worrying much more.
Avatar n tn A week or so ago, I discovered two reddish, dry patches of skin on my penis. One on the front, the other on the back. Each are about 1cm in diameter. These patches are covered in some dry, flaky skin and are reddish in color, and are more noticeable when flaccid. My first thought was that these were caused by excessive and agressive masturbation, since I hadn't been using any lubrication. Will these skin patches clear up? Will there be permanent marks?
Avatar n tn I recently noticed some patches of what seems like dry skin, but I have had this for about 2 weeks now and I am starting to get nervous. The patches are red about 1cm and a half in size with flaky skin on top. Can you tell me what this might be and whether I should go to a doctor for treatment right away? Thank you.
Avatar n tn i have been having a problem with dry skin patches on my leg and shoulder which bothers me when i have clothing on it. the area on my shoulder gets irrated if my bra strap is directly on it. i also work in a retail store which is sometimes very hot and dry which between the clothing and the heat seem to make me perspire and irrate these areas. i also work with boxes in my receiving room and clothing where it is dusty and some of these boxes are from all over the world.
Avatar n tn And also I have almost perfectly round dry skin patches on my body. On my ribs under my arms, one is under my chin, on my breast, here and there. Maybe 15 or so... They aren't in patches, they are spread out. It does seem like on the inner most part of the circle it's fine but there is kinda blistery bumps also. No puss or anything just bumps in the circle, but definitely dry skin.
Avatar m tn A few years ago, before I lost my virginity, I would develope patches of dry skin on the head of my penis. They do not hurt, and seems to not be centered in one area other than the head. How ever when I lost my virginity and started having sex regularly, it went away. How ever a year later and now single, I found it coming back again. I'm thinking it may just be chaffing combined with he turn of the seasons/ drying out. But I am curious, is there some type of STD that would cause this?
Avatar n tn In particular, eczema is a type of inflammatory skin condition and may present as rough and dry spot on the skin on one part of the body to raw and bleeding patches of skin in various spots on the body. On adults, eczema usually occurs on the neck and face, as well as inside the crook of the elbow, ankle and knee. If it persists, have this evaluated by your doctor for proper management. Direct clinical examination is important to determine the diagnosis. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I have patches of dry skin in my head and ears and in my genitals. It really dry and scaly and I'm worries because I tried all sorts of shampoos and cream and doesn't work. Wondering if it's dangerous and if there is a solution for it.
Avatar n tn This is my second pregnancy and with my first, I never dealt with dry skin issues. But with this one, I've developed dry skin patches on my back, which are also itchy! I have a doctor appointment December 6 and just wondering if any other moms to be deal with this same problem!!
Avatar f tn You may need to have this assessed first as fungal infections may also present as dry patches of skin which may actually be itchy (but not always). Did these dry skin patches appear only after taking the pills?
Avatar f tn Hey all, I have a few small dry skin patches on my neck. They're so itchy! :( I'm not sure if this is because of pregnancy? Apparently skin changes due to the hormones in our bodies? I'm 5 months along.
Avatar f tn My name is Hailee Danielle Lambert and I have problem with Dry patches on my face and they ichy and really dry and feel like rug burn and it peels and I have been using Vitamin E Skin Care Cream everyday and night! It gets so dry when I'm sleep. What should I do please I need help.
Avatar m tn Dear Doc, I have these strange dry spots that have been showing up on the shaft of my penis, and sometimes flakes of skin that if i pick off leave raw skin, i was wondering if this was common, Im not sexually active I have masturbated recently thought recently (without lubrication) and i was wondering if this was causing the issues, they do appear at different places and are not very big...
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, My five years old son got really dry skin but from last week after recovering from cold it's gone worse around his lip area and on cheeks it's really dry that skin start coming off and on his nose area it's really red and painful. It's not itchy though. I start putting moisturisers but after I wash his face and before putting any cream it's really bad. I stopped using soap or any cream with fragrance I make sure he drink a lot of water. But just wondering what causing all this ?
1624955 tn?1300282067 My Persian has these dry patches she has been battling with since she was 2 mths old. she was tested and diagnosed for ringworm but it is dry buildup of skin. Its not itchy, not wet, no ring, Has anyone else come across the same issues? Please let me know.
Avatar n tn I have some strange areas or patches of what appears to be real dry skin. I cant tell if you would describe it as scaly or rash like. Its not red but the areas are rough and looks like small tiny hard bumps patched together. So far they are really only on my arms but I am concerned what they could be. Could it just be dry skin or does it sound like something more serious.
Avatar m tn I have small patches of dry skin. They are about dime sized. They do not itch. They are darker on the edges and look like peeling skin in the middle. I used to get them once and awhile but recently I have been getting them more consistently and now I have them constantly.
Avatar f tn It started off raised and now its just a discoloration but it's patches of light skin. Now it's spreading to my face. Can you tell me what it is and how can I fix it?