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1058898 tn?1275678751 Changes in the skin around the eyelids Dry eyes Inflammation of the white outer layer of the eyeball (scleritis) Blood vessel changes in the retina -- the light-sensitive lining inside the eye Damage to nerves in the muscles controlling eye movement and the nerves affecting vision Involvement More than 90 percent of people with lupus will experience joint and/or muscle pain at some time during the course of their illness.
Avatar f tn Low morning body temperature Weak pulse Poor Achilles reflex response Cold hands and feet, especially at night Low blood sugar Fatigue and lethargy Constipation Diarrhea Overweight and/or difficulty losing weight Dry/flaky skin and hair Slow or slurred speech and/or thinking Lack of libido Swelling of the face an/or eyelids Swelling of hands and/or ankles Bloating and indigestion after eating Short-term memory loss Pre-menstrual tension Loss or thinning of hair (scalp, limbs and outer third o
1319928 tn?1274351472 I can't say if you have lupus or not.I have been dx with lupus for seveeral years and many in my family also have had it. Some of your symptoms are like mine. I'm happy to see that your going to a rhuemo doc, He will run some special blood test to find out if you do. If the doc says you do then there are many types of meds you can take so you can live a long and normal life.With lupus there is a lot of the wait and see thing and if you can do that then half the battle is over with.
Avatar n tn 1. malar rash (butterfly rash) 2. discoid rash - red raised patches 3. photosensitivity - reaction to sunlight, resulting in skin rash 4. oral and or nose ulcers 5. arthritis 6. serositis - inflamation of the lining of the lungs or heart 7. renal disorder - excessive protein in urine and or cellular cast 8. neurologic disorder - seizures or psychosis 9. anemia or low WBC or lymphopenia or low platlet count 10. positive ANA 11.
742950 tn?1232597765 On top of this my ankles and feet have been oddly sore lately. Oh and I have a headache. I also have dry skin on my cheeks which I assumed was from the cold weather lately but its red/pinkish and bumpy so worried that it may be a butterfly rash. Could this be Lupus or am I overreacting?
Avatar f tn i do not have a butterfly rash but do get a rash on my chest youcan see it if i wear a v neck jumper. this is excarbated by the sun. i get round patches of dry skin with defined edges they are itchy but not badly. i get them mainly on arms and top of bqack occassionaly on neck and face. i do get head sores but not as often however all of these were consderbly worse during pregnancy. i do not suffer with recurrent utis but often have slight protein in urine.
Avatar f tn Are there any specific skin products ,such as face and body wash,moisturizers with spf, shampoo, suggested for those with very very sensitive skin , itching and rashes? My doctor is no help. Also, clothing.... everything is a blend and I itch with everything! I was wondering what other women use and could suggest or perhaps a site I could visit. I already called the Lupus Foundation and they really were no help. I also am battleing thyroid and celeic disease.
Avatar f tn 160 and my doctor is now thinking it is Lupus or Sjogren's. Could Lupus explain all my symptoms? I also has an SSA blood test and a SED ordered as well as a HIDA scan for my gallbladder. None of my doctors can figure out what's wrong with me and they are trying to send me to a pain specialist. I was in perfect health until the pain started over 9 weeks ago and has now rendered me incapable of pretty much everything. Does anyone have any input?
Avatar n tn i suffer from very dry skin all year but for some odd reason when the season changes my skin starts peeling and only from my chin and the side of my nose... it looks horrible like i dont wash my face. i moisturize but it doesnt help. i have to use makeup but it looks ugly at the end of the day. it is embarrasing. what can i use?
Avatar f tn Past the last month or so it has gone really really dry. So dry that it's starting to form bumps on my cheeks and forehead. It is so bad that I can't even wear make up because in the really dry areas the makeup goes orange/bronze. It is scaly and also spreading only my eyelids. I've tried everything, moisturizers, exfoliating, facial masks, drinking plenty of water, etc. and nothing is helping, it sems to be getting worse. Its horrible. Please someone help.
Avatar n tn hi, i constantly have dry flaky skin on the T-zone of my face. i've used face scrubs, facials and even E45 as a moisturiser. the face scrubs work for a day and then i'm back to square one again! Any help would be very much appreciated.
Avatar n tn For the past 6 years, I've had a dry patch of skin under my bottom lip and under my nose. I went to a dermatologist and they told me it was just dry skin and I can't really do anything about it, but I can put bleach on it to lighten it... I forgot to mention it was black. (I'm puerto rican, btw)If i scratch it, some of it will come off..but never completely. Somebody help me!
Avatar f tn I have a patch of dry skin on my right eyelid that will not go away. I started putting eye cream on it and it will disappear for a short period but it comes right back. What could cause this? I have tried not putting anything on it thinking it maybe an allergic reaction but it doesn't go away it just gets more irritated.
Avatar f tn hi, my mum has lupus and she uses a special moisturizin cream u get off the doctor for her dry skin.
Avatar m tn hi iv been having a problem with dry skin and redness on my face its on my upper lip my chin and oddly enough on my head and what i mean is i have a red line forming around my entire hair line that forms dry and raise dead skin?
695104 tn?1442197188 Did your doc run the test for hep C hiv wings21
Avatar n tn The dry, flaky, and peeling sounds like lupus, but it's rare in the arm pits. Discoid Lupus lesions generally appear as a Wolf mask on the face with the redness going down the neck, and on the arms, neck, and shoulders/upper back ~ anywhere on the upper body that you'd generally have sun exposure, even if the upper back is protected from the sun. Have the dermy give you a new cream; there are samples you can get ~ and creams that will knock out any known fungus.
Avatar n tn Hydroxyzine will stop the itching, as will benadryl. Cortisone creams are often prescribed for the patches of red, dry skin but will also leave you at risk for UV exposure in those areas for the rest of your life.
Avatar f tn Leg rash went away overnight and facial rash within a few days but skin was also flaky and tight. I again got a facial rash a few months later, with brighter cheeks and the dry flaky skin. It lasted a little less than a week. Now I think I might had lupus. Could I have had it all these years and it just became prominent now? I read birth control pills could cause lupus-I know I started taking them in my 20's not sure if it was around the time symptoms started though.
Avatar f tn Does anyone in this forum have a connection of Lupus and thyroid nodules? Any connection to taking methotrexate for extended period of time? Or prednisone use? All of these apply to me and have been wondering if these things added to having the nodules. Don't know yet if they ae malignant or benign. Should find out tomorrow if Dr will return my call.
Avatar n tn Hello, These symptoms can be due to seborrheic dermatitis. It is a common skin condition that causes flaky,dry, white to yellowish scales to form on oily areas esp under the nose or anywhere on face. Topical antifungals and mild steroids are the usual treatment and combination of the two can be used to treat stubborn patches. Oral antifungal drugs and immunomodulators such as tacrolimus and pimecrolimus are used in very severe cases.
Avatar f tn The herceptin was not bad for the months that I took it alone, mostly splitting fingernails and dry skin. Once you make it through the TCH chemo, things get much better pretty quickly. What is your cancer diagnosis? I am assuming that you are Her2 positive, if you are thinking about taking Herceptin. Herceptin in studies has been proven to work better when begun with chemo, such as taxotere and carboplatin.
Avatar f tn Postural orthostatic tachycardia sunstone. Irregular periods. Headaches. Anxiety, panic attacks. Dry skin. Raynaud’s disease. Mild face and finger/toe swelling when I wake up. Have had trace amounts of blood in urine for awhile now. That’s all I can really think of right now, idk what’s relevant and what isn’t.
434278 tn?1324709825 From what I've read, a dermatologist is able to do a biopsy of the skin involvement in lupus and dx lupus that way. Did your dermatologist do that back in 1996? I know how frustrating it is to be as sick as you are and get the run around from your doctors. Keep positive and try not to get discouraged. If you feel brushed off by a dr., try another one. Drs. don't rush into dxing people w/ major autoimmune diseases. There are certain criteria for dxing lupus. Become familiar w/ them.
Avatar m tn I have had terrible dry, flakey, irritated skin around like eyes, mouth, forehead and on my eyelids for weeks now. I went to my regular Dr. and he prescribed Elocon cream. It seems like it is drying my face out even worse then before. I am not using any new makeup, facewash or soaps. I am 31 yrs old and very healthy. This is just driving me crazy! I wash my face with Cetaphil cleanser and moisturize with Cetaphil face lotion.
Avatar n tn No one is able to figure me out. I have been plagued by dry skin my entire life. It started to get worse two years ago. I also noticed at that time my face has gotten redder, especially when I get in a warm environment. Also, I have trouble perspiring. In the winter I run on my tread mill for a half hour and just get a red face and hot feeling. In summer I perspire very little. My heart just races and my face gets redder and I get a head ache.
Avatar m tn Hello, This dry flaking skin can be due to seborrheic dermatitis. It is usually caused by overgrowth of Malassezia furfur. This skin disease commonly affects adolescents and young adults, especially in warm and humid climates and is aggravated by sweating and humidity. Topical antifungals and mild steroids are the usual treatment and combination of the two can be used to treat stubborn patches.
Avatar n tn i get a flare up about once a month...then it will pretty much go.the skin will get very red/dry and sometimes even itchy. i have a very good diet (im a veggie) , and exercise regularly. i do suffer from a dry scalp but again will just come and go. the only things my doc's want to give me is steroid creams...they do seem to work but i hate the fact that im putting them om my face. is there anyting anyone can suggest ?! i'll link you to a pic of what it looks like in case this helps ?!