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Avatar n tn Hello, Without physical examination and investigations,diagnosis is difficult but it can be dry skin(xerosis) or eczema(nummular eczema). Dry skin usually results from environmental factors that you can wholly or partially control. These include hot or cold weather with low humidity levels, long-term use of air conditioning or central heating, and washing or bathing too much.These factors are modifiable by the efforts of individual. Eczema is a form of chronic dermatitis (rash).
Avatar m tn From a little more than a month and a half my skin turned more dry than usual (never had it this way) and i feel it hotter too, but not fever ( started on my forearms, then lower legs and now upper torso-neck area). There is some tingling especially on my forearms along with some slight redness on them. This is giving me a lot of anxiety which has an impact on my sleep.
Avatar f tn Hope that helps you out some!!! Believe me, I have had such dry dry skin for pretty much my whole life and I live in dry Colorado! Take care and much luck with your pregnancy!!!
Avatar m tn The impression pops out slowly and is back to flush after 1 minute approximately. When this first started back in 2003 the skin became hard scaly and dry. I Feel it is a lot better and the affected area is smaller. can you let me know what you think this might be and what you suggest. thank you.
Avatar f tn It is bittersweet to know there are some of you experiencing the same excruciating, insane itching of the lower legs and sometimes arms ( no visible signs of dry skin, rash etc) prickling feeling, often triggered after being in water but not always. I am glad to finally know I am not the only one experiencing this because I have tried to explain this time and time again but people just don't get it.
928257 tn?1296677092 Hi Ma'am, How are you? The itching may be attributed to skin disorders, certain diseases, certain medications, dry skin, contact with irritants, fungal infection and the act of scratching can cause further itching. Systemic diseases that can cause itching include liver disease, kidney failure, lymphomas, leukemias and other blood disorders, and, occasionally, thyroid disease, diabetes, and cancer. Have this evaluated further to rule out conditions mentioned.
977832 tn?1248285538 I'm eighteen and I have a lot of trouble with dry skin, especially on my lower legs and face. It's very flaky on the sides of my nose and in the forehead area between my eyes, and sometimes it's almost scaly up and down both of my shinbones. I've noticed this dryness for several years now. I've tried various lotions and everything, but they don't seem to do much good in the long run...I think because I put off doing anything about it for so long, the situation might be a little more severe.
Avatar n tn my skin is very dry and i have had muscle pain and joints popping every time i move.been happening for a couple of months. the soreness has went away the joints still cracking in wrist knees and shoulders.stomachpain after eating mainly that goes away after bowel movement.skin is real itchy and dry and looks wrinckly.im only 28.i also had some headaches. my doctor said everything is normal just to give it time.also some twitching in my muscles arms legs but back you name it.
Avatar n tn I also forgot to mention that my right nipple was also very dry, itchy, and also cracked like dry skin.
Avatar n tn For the last two years have had dry itchy skin mainly in the winter but don't have much problems in the summer as I wear lighter clothing mainly skirts. But in the winter when I start to wear long trousers I get a burning/itching on my lower legs at night which keeps me awake. This doesn't trouble me during the day. I wash my legs at night with a soapless type cleanser and then apply either hydrocortisone cream or elecon.
Avatar n tn The bumps mostly went away, finally, and their disappearance did seem to be following the improvement of my tendon injury. But for a week or two now I've been getting intense itching in my lower legs and top of the feet, when I sit at the computer at night. With the number of pets I have, fleas would be the obvious answer, and yet not one of my pets is scratching or showing any other signs of having fleas, and I don't see any near the floor. I'm wondering if any of this is adding up.
Avatar f tn My DD is having white dry oval patches on her lower legs.I can only see the borders.Rest of the skin is normal.They seem to grow in size..She doesnot have rashes neither she has itchiness.I can see them more clearly when her skin is very dry.
Avatar f tn I have developed very dry and thin skin on arms and lower legs - have been usin aqueous cream/30%glycerol for some time.paricularly on these areas. Could this have contributed? Would collage/keratin supplements be able to reverse any of this?
Avatar n tn Free, I have very dry skin on my lower legs, mostly on my shins that get increasingly worse every time I shave. So, i just stopped shaving (i feel bad for my boyfriend though lol) I can't even bring my self to think about shaving "down there" anymore because whatever moisture was in there just gets stripped away and makes it itch even worse.
Avatar n tn My pain is always there my feet hurt and as the day goes, the pain moves up to my ankles and lower legs. My wife always tell me go take some Advil, well that does nothing, I've tried all of the over the counter stuff, Iam seeing a Footdoctor Next Tuesday, because thats where it starts at the pain. Iam telling you the pain gets so bad at night, I could cry, and never get wink of sleep, untill i started breaking a Vicodine in half, That my Faimly Doctor prescibed last month.
Avatar m tn Now, since three weeks ago the rash has spread to my butt, between my legs, to my upper legs and to my lower arms. It doesn't hurt and it doesn't itch, it just forms these dry looking circles that look like I burned myself with a hot metal and I am getting worried. What could it be? An answer would be much appreciated.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have had for two months itchy red bumps [no rash] on my lower legs. They so not go away and itch very bad at times. Dr said it was eczema but not to sure. The DR took a swab to see if it was a bacteria waiting for the results tomorrow. I hope my immune system is OK. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn Ever since my late teens I have had spots all over my forearms and my lower legs. I am now 41 so they have been with me for over 20 years. My mom has the same problem and has had them for almost 50 years now. The best way to describe these spots are that they look like water spots - slightly whitish with a definite white border around the edges. As time goes by, the spots grow - but very very slowly.
Avatar f tn when the lower part of my legs get hot they start itching very bad, and only stop after i get them cooled off.
Avatar m tn Hi there, There are many causes of itchy legs like dry skin, acne, folliculitis, cholinergic urticaria, jock itch etc.In conditions like stasis eczema there are rough reddish, purplish, swollen, itchy skin on lower legs. In restless leg syndrome there is a constant urge to move legs that become itchy or tingling during rest. Peripheral vascular disease, venous insufficiency, blood clot in the legs all can lead to severe pain in the legs.
Avatar f tn Have you been to any doctor yet? Any fatigue or anxiety or any other symptoms?
Avatar f tn I have not changed soap, detergent, or lotion when I started having these problems, but have since tired different soaps like oatmeal, dry skin, and sensitive skin soaps. I have tried benadryl, and even put a humidifier in my room. It sometimes wakes me up at night, and my only option is a cold rag to sooth it. I went to a dermatologist this morning that asked if I have back problems, which I do. I have arthritis in my lower back.
Avatar n tn I've suffered from this for 20+ years and think I've solved the problem for me. My lower legs tend to itch after a morning shower (or if water even touches my legs!). This is an uncontrollable itch that lasts for about 20-30 minutes. My doctor could not suggest any reason for it. I have found that aerobic exercising first thing in the morning for about 20-30 minutes (I jog), then shower with no problems. Dry body brushing also helps - perhaps it's a circulation problem?
Avatar n tn I broke out with a rash on the front of my lower legs. It is dry and does not feel itchy. It looks like the hair follicle is dry up. Since that time the same rashes have shown on my forearm and on my back. I haven't used anything for it. The hair on the area where the rash is has not grown or is completely gone. Is there anything I can use at home or purchase something over the counter??
Avatar n tn The skin is quite dry, red and sensitive. I don't think that I usually have sensitive skin. I am using moisturisers for dry skin and it's not working. The area is not itchy. I can't think what is causing it. What could this be and how do i get rid of it?
Avatar f tn I seem to get a rash which occurs only in the morning last for at least 30 to 40 minutes then goes down when it goes down its interesting because I have white rings on the legs not that prominant on legs but I get these sort or irregular bumps in no particular pattern on my lower legs and thighs dotted around they seem to be under the skin and the only thing I have had over a while is thrush that didn't seem to go away because I was treated with about 8 courses of antibiotics if anyone could s
Avatar f tn But apart from that I don't know what to do, the irritation has not subsided. It is basically very dry skin and along my legs seems to be some stretch like marks.I've tried Talcom powder which helps with the irritation but only for a while, tried some Aloe Vera but the irritation doesn't seem to go away. What could it be? could the csw have had some skin disease which she passed to me? Is this HIV? STD? STI? Fungus? I have no idea, need help please!