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Avatar f tn It is bittersweet to know there are some of you experiencing the same excruciating, insane itching of the lower legs and sometimes arms ( no visible signs of dry skin, rash etc) prickling feeling, often triggered after being in water but not always. I am glad to finally know I am not the only one experiencing this because I have tried to explain this time and time again but people just don't get it.
928257 tn?1296673492 I'm a 43 year old woman. The last few weeks, my lower legs itch like crazy. There's no rash, no bumps, no hives. I've used lotions including Sarna. Not much help. Nowhere else on my body itches. If it were due to allergies to, say, dryer sheets, wouldn't it be all over my body or at least in the most prone areas such as my under arm areas, thighs, stomach, etc.? The only thing I've done different is began taking Theanine Serene with Relora to help with my anxiety disorder.
Avatar n tn Hi I'm so glad to hear others suffer with the itchy legs; no rash problem. I've suffered from this for 20+ years and think I've solved the problem for me. My lower legs tend to itch after a morning shower (or if water even touches my legs!). This is an uncontrollable itch that lasts for about 20-30 minutes. My doctor could not suggest any reason for it. I have found that aerobic exercising first thing in the morning for about 20-30 minutes (I jog), then shower with no problems.
Avatar m tn From a little more than a month and a half my skin turned more dry than usual (never had it this way) and i feel it hotter too, but not fever ( started on my forearms, then lower legs and now upper torso-neck area). There is some tingling especially on my forearms along with some slight redness on them. This is giving me a lot of anxiety which has an impact on my sleep.
Avatar f tn My DD is having white dry oval patches on her lower legs.I can only see the borders.Rest of the skin is normal.They seem to grow in size..She doesnot have rashes neither she has itchiness.I can see them more clearly when her skin is very dry.
Avatar f tn I have not changed soap, detergent, or lotion when I started having these problems, but have since tired different soaps like oatmeal, dry skin, and sensitive skin soaps. I have tried benadryl, and even put a humidifier in my room. It sometimes wakes me up at night, and my only option is a cold rag to sooth it. I went to a dermatologist this morning that asked if I have back problems, which I do. I have arthritis in my lower back.
Avatar f tn I noticed recently that I have some pretty intense razor bumps on my legs. They show up on part of my lower leg, and a lot on my thigh. I use a moisturizing shave gel, I change my razor blade monthly, and I use lotion after I shower. The bumps are small and red, but not itchy. I'd like to know how to prevent this and treat it easily. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Have you been to any doctor yet? Any fatigue or anxiety or any other symptoms?
977832 tn?1248281938 I'm eighteen and I have a lot of trouble with dry skin, especially on my lower legs and face. It's very flaky on the sides of my nose and in the forehead area between my eyes, and sometimes it's almost scaly up and down both of my shinbones. I've noticed this dryness for several years now. I've tried various lotions and everything, but they don't seem to do much good in the long run...
Avatar n tn what exactly can i use to help stop itching and rash pn my lower and upper legs? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/241193'>Itchy legs, no sign of rash or irritation</a>.
Avatar n tn So I'm 11weeks and my legs are solo dry all I do is itch them all night n leave marks. Idk if its because I'm prago or is it from the Cocoa Butter I am now using all over idk it really ***** ! Any help??
Avatar n tn Well I have had unprotected sex, but was on predisone for another rash under my arms, I had alot of itching, chronic, but it subsided, also had small red bumps, and some discoloration and the it just changes to real dry itchy skin, on arms, inside of knee, stomach, and lower back, My skin is irritable now because it is really dry. Maybe I'm stressing too much I don't know, but I will be getting tested.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies I was wondering if dry skin I normal during pregnancy? I've had 3 kids before. The last one was 4 years ago so I don't remember if that was an issue. The dry skin is on my breasts and I have this patch on my forehead. My legs seem to be dryer as well. I was just curious if thi is normal.
Avatar f tn So lately I've been experiencing some dry skin! All over my legs and thighs and face! I've Ben reading a lot of people saying it's because of not enough water... Did any if you ladies experience this? And what helped!?
Avatar f tn Hey ladies, anyone experiencing very dry legs and arms? I thought it might be peeling from sunburn but now its starting to look rather ... reptilian! lol! I use moisturiser but it doesn't seem to scrape the surface. Anyone know how to super moisturise?
Avatar n tn I was told a rash on the lower part of my legs, covering mostly the upper shin area, was due to poor circulation. I started working out, losing weight, adding Gingko, Flax Seed and Fish Oil supplements to my diet, and generally taking better care of myself. However, the rash remains. I have tried Calendula, Cortisone, Clinique skin care treatments and am now using a rinse of peroxide followed by witch hazel.
Avatar f tn Hi, Itchy skin below knees along with generalized itching all over the body could be due to dry skin, thyroid disorders, liver disease, kidney disease or anemia. Certain medications can also cause itching. I would recommend that you consult a physician for further work up and confirmation of the cause for this. Best.
431894 tn?1216655946 I am in my 25th week of pregnancy and am starting to suffer from really bad dry, itchy skin on lmy upper legs, mostly thighs and buttocks. Its so dry that the skin is cracked and leaving brown shaded marks where the skin has become very dry. Am using E45 cream wash and lotion, the past 3days which has helped soothe the itch but the dryness seems to be getting worse and spreading to my lower legs. Feels as if all the moisture in my skin has been sapped away. Help!
Avatar m tn I am not sure if this is eczema but every winter I get itchiness on my lower legs that drives me crazy I have been to several dermatologsits but it will not subside I have tried every moisturizer and soap there is olive oil shea butter too what is this and how can I get rid of it???
Avatar f tn You have to apply it every day and after getting the legs wet, dry by patting dry and then apply the cream. You can get it online. I have tried everything and this was the best for me. It works on my hand eczema too. If you try cortisone don't use it on your face as your skin on your face is thin and absorbs cortisone too well. It causes problems.
Avatar n tn my skin is very dry and i have had muscle pain and joints popping every time i move.been happening for a couple of months. the soreness has went away the joints still cracking in wrist knees and shoulders.stomachpain after eating mainly that goes away after bowel movement.skin is real itchy and dry and looks wrinckly.im only 28.i also had some headaches. my doctor said everything is normal just to give it time.also some twitching in my muscles arms legs but back you name it.
Avatar f tn It starts off with one little spot, then spreads to both my upper and lower legs. I have to put on pants to make it calm down. liquid benadryl does not help, bio oil does not help aloe gel does not help, lotion does not help. The only thing that helps is covering my legs with either long pants or a blanket. Do I just have sensitive skin and is there a remedy out there I need to try? Thanks.
Avatar n tn The itching was very intense and i was unable to refrain from scratching because to scratch made it feel much better for a moment but after scratching the itchiness would be much worse. shortly after that, my lower legs ans thighs started to get very itchy as well as my arms in the creases of the elbows, behind each shoulder, and on the back of my neck. All would be more red and dry and itch more as i scratched. These symptoms lasted for about 4-5 weeks.
Avatar f tn Im almost 24 weeks pregnant and my skin is so dry that it hurts. Im scratching so much that im leaving marks on my stomach, legs, and hands. Ive tried a bunch of stuff but my skin is so sensative, most of the time it just gets worse. Does anyone know of something really good? Lotion, oil.. ill do anything at this point. Also my boyfriend went out and bought me some coconut oil mixed with hemp.. and it seriously smells like pot... So my concern is, is hemp pot? Will it absorb through my skin?
Avatar f tn I have developed very dry and thin skin on arms and lower legs - have been usin aqueous cream/30%glycerol for some time.paricularly on these areas. Could this have contributed? Would collage/keratin supplements be able to reverse any of this?