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Avatar f tn do any of you have any suggestions for dry skin , my tummy and breasts have gotten dry lately .
Avatar f tn I sell skincare and body care products. Hemp lotion does wonders! I live in the Canadian prairies and our winters are very brutal. Hemp lotion is my best selling item all year round. Hemp has healing properties and is natural so it shouldn't sting. I'm not sure if you live somewhere that has the body shop but they have the best hemp products by far. Maybe try putting a thick layer of lotion on your feet and put on cotton socks over night. Hopefully it works out for you.
Avatar n tn Okay I'm alittle over 14 weeks pregnant and I've been having really bad dry skin. Especially on my face and boobs? Anyone else experience this it know what I can do?
Avatar f tn I'm 34+6 days and my my skin is very dry on my hands my ankles idk why I keep lotion on it whatshould iI do
Avatar f tn Soo I'm dealing with dry skin in my face seems like no lotion is working for it now. I've never had this problem until recently. Anyone else having this problem and what's something that would help??? 18w=5m if it matter how far I am.
4437866 tn?1388119624 maybe try a different lotion. I will say if the skin is cracked, it will hurt and burn when you apply lotion and even when you wash your hands. I get dry skin issues in the winter, especially on my hands. I've found that the body shop's hemp lotion works great, its very heavy, but soothing. I use there almond one in the summer month. If you are using scented products this can sometimes make things worse.
Avatar f tn ( the skin between and under my breast have become dry and have a darker color. Then a couple days ago my neck started to be itch, and now its become dry! Is this normal!? I moisturize every day and it doesnt seem to make a difference. Any advice?
Avatar m tn Same here!!!!! Ugh I can't even wear makeup because it gets all flaky so gross I don't know what to do! I lube it up with lotion every day and it doesn't change!
Avatar f tn My skin was extremely dry I tried coconut oil tummyy butter aveeno lotion and baby oil nothing helped so I started using something called "mothers friend" it works amazing got it from a local pharmacy but it can be ordered online and is only $8. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water also it helps. For my hair ive been using mane and tail horse shampoo.
Avatar f tn What helps with dry skin besides lotion. I mostly have the dry skin on my face and I just don't like it. It starting getting noticeable a couple days ago and I just want to find a way to get rid of it or whatever helps.
Avatar f tn So I have had really dry skin after my ahowers. I currently use dove moisturizing body wash. Is there anything out there that doesn't dry skin out? Help me please! I do use lotion after the shower but I am hoping for some better body wash.
Avatar f tn Try putting coconut oil on your face. I have very dry skin and sensitive skin and that the only thing that doesn't make me itch. Maybe also put a cool mist humidifier in you room at night. Try to drink some more water. Those r the 3 things that help me.
Avatar f tn my friend sd cleanse ur face with herbal clenser scrub it once a week and then apply a soft non peel of mask then keep mosturising ur skin...
Avatar f tn Do anyone get really dry skin on the back on your hands??? I'm almost 10 weeks and a little over a week ago the tops of both hands are extremely dry... I've never had dry skin before and it's so bad now my hands are in a lot of pain...
1980069 tn?1328912468 Rinse your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser specially for dry skin. Soaps removes natural oils from the skin, so try using a moisturizing body wash. This will maintain the essential oils for your skin. For extremely dry skin, try using a mechanical exfoliate once a week to get rid of any flaking skin. When moisturizing choose an emollient moisturizer and don’t forget sun block, not only will sun exposure worsen dry skin, it will also put you at risk for skin cancer.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately there really isn't any preventing it although I use a Shea and cocoa butter lotion to help with dry skin and itching. It's a mix between hormones and genetics.
Avatar f tn Lotion is fine, but try to use one that's unscented and doesn't have perfumes in it for the first little bit. Newborn's skin is so sensitive, anything with perfumes in it might irritate their skin a bit.
1420905 tn?1282427611 I have ESRD and I am going through dialysis, I am getting large dry patches on my skin Is this from dialysis? If so why is it starting now?
Avatar f tn Im 15wks and 4days and my hands have been so dry and the skin has been peeling for about a wk. Is this normal, is anyone else going thru tgis?
Avatar f tn 28 weeks today and my skin is very dry done lotion and its not working any more else having this issue.
958880 tn?1263678827 I know that dry skin is a part of being pregnant. But it's terribly uncomfortable. I've tried coco butter, every kind of bath and body works lotion, palmer's, and regular jergen's. Help! I don't know what else to try. Has anyone else had this problem? I itch like crazy!
Avatar f tn Omg me too my skin has always been dry..now my tummy itches really bad and my arms to!
Avatar n tn hello doctor , i had dry skin on my fingers mostly on the thumb,index, and its started befor 3 years ,and i went to doctor ,he gave me topical steroid and another cream.......no response. i went to another dr he gave me cold cream and no response,,,,, and i dont know what's the problem..plz help me ,and prescrib to me som drugs?
Avatar f tn I'm 30 weeks and 2 days pregnant. For the last couple of months I've noticed my skin (feet, face and hands) are super dry. My feet are the worst, it's like no matter how much lotion I put on them they're still not smooth. What can I do to help it?