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4437866 tn?1388123224 I will say if the skin is cracked, it will hurt and burn when you apply lotion and even when you wash your hands. I get dry skin issues in the winter, especially on my hands. I've found that the body shop's hemp lotion works great, its very heavy, but soothing. I use there almond one in the summer month. If you are using scented products this can sometimes make things worse. You can also talk to your doctor they maybe able to suggest something else which will help heal your hands faster.
Avatar m tn I can understand having this very dry skin in winter as did my own knuckles have this, but this summer the complete back of my hands have become so very dry and sore I have been using tubes of ointment from doctor none of which has helped at all. I have bought E45 Bath which I add to my bath water also, I have never applied so much hand care to no avail. Has anyone any suggestions that can help, it is not getting any better, just dryer.
Avatar m tn I've lost 20 lbs over the last few months but just within the last 2 weeks my knuckles have gotten really dark again, the dark skin feels thick and dry. Its only on my hands. Please offer me some good advise.
Avatar f tn My fiance has very thick dry skin on the palms of his hands and the bottoms of his feet; it's like the whole palm or sole is callussed. I know it's genetic, almost everyone on that side of the family have it. What is it?
Avatar n tn there is a small patch on my stomach and my lower back, it doesnt itch or its not gotten on anyone else i touch. Its just very unattractive.. at first i thought it was just dry skin but lotion didnt help its very patchy alittle darker than my normal skin color and dry/rough... its been awhile.. what can i do or what is it/!
Avatar n tn i ordered dry oxy by opaline solutions. the creepy crawlies, stinging and skin irritations ceased in less than 8 hours and i slept like a baby that night. its stabilized oxygen in a capsule. in the beginning i saw a couple of so called bites, on me i went to emergency. the doctor said they were flea bites.i'm like ok. no dog or friends and family with pets.in my home. she gave me an ointment and made a follow up appointment for two weeks later. then i was told no flea bites.
Avatar n tn and dry and scaly it dosnt go as high as her knuckles its just right above the top of her fingernail (on the skin).... do u know what it is?? is it lupas???
Avatar n tn Hi - I am hoping that someone might have some feedback on an issue I have been experiencing over the last year with various areas of skin. It started with my legs and back but now has moved to my face. Basically, for about 24 - 48 hours, an area of skin (generally from the size of a softball to basketball) will become extremely tender and sore to the touch ... almost as if it were bruised significantly. It is so tender that clothes brushing against it is painful.
Avatar n tn You have eczema. I have exactly the same symptoms. Prevent the skin dry skin by taking warm (not hot) showers rather than baths. Use a mild soap or body cleanser. Dry yourself very carefully and apply moisturizing skin lotions all over your body. Avoid lotions with fragrances or other irritating substances. Avoid wearing tight-fitting, rough, or scratchy clothing. Avoid scratching the rash. If you can't stop yourself from scratching, cover the area with a dressing.
Avatar n tn Every winter and spring since then, my hands develop a rash across my knuckles. The rash is very dry, scaly, and itchy. My hands will bleed and dirt will settle into the rash and the rash scars my hands. My fingers become flushed red. (The specialists I saw when I was 13 told me I have Raynauds). My finger joints hurt during this time. I also have hand tremors, but I don't know whether this is related. When I was 13 - 15, I was tested for all the autoimmune diseases.
Avatar f tn I even use a fine pumice stone to scrub the dry skin! it helps but not totally! lotions don't seem to do anything for me! I call it my winter skin because in the summer i get so tan that you cant see it! I LOVE SUMMER! but most of the time exfoliating helps but I do it everyday because it does not go away it just lightens it for a while! Because you have PCOS, you may also be Insulin Resistant!
Avatar n tn Hi I'm a healthy 19 yr old male, I dont have any recorded allergies, however for the past year or so my Knuckles and areas around the knuckle on both hands have become red and itchy, this is the ONLY area of concern, my diet hasn't changed nor has my lifestyle, in fact I'm eating healthier and working out more, the only major change would be that i'm entering/entered stage 4 of puberty, this knuckle issue is becoming a concern as I am completely unaware of what it is, several MD's have told me
Avatar n tn Every winter and spring since then, my hands develop a rash across my knuckles. The rash is very dry, scaly, and itchy. My hands will bleed and dirt will settle into the rash and the rash scars my hands. My fingers become flushed red. (The specialists I saw when I was 13 told me I have Raynauds). My finger joints hurt during this time. I also have hand tremors, but I don't know whether this is related. When I was 13 - 15, I was tested for all the autoimmune diseases.
Avatar m tn In the winter time her hands crack around her knuckles, causing her a great deal of pain by mid day. Because of washing and changing her gloves at work. My question is there any lotions (Vaseline) and or special medical gloves to help my babies’ hands. There has to be other people in the medical field with similar requests. Thank you for your time and help in this matter.
Avatar m tn the skin on my right hand is always dry, which is weird, because my left hand's skin is not dry. my mom claims it's because of lack of sleep, dehydration, lack of iron, and dry skin. i would appreciate an answer asap! thank you. (the photo attached shows how light the spots are.. it's hard to see but it's there) (the photo in this link shows my normal left hand: http://gyazo.
Avatar m tn I have this type of rash on my hands that used to come only in winter and go away when the humidity would rise in the spring, but the last year and a half, this rash has lingered. It starts as an itchy dry spot, then develops little clear bumps that ooze yellowish, clear liquid. Then it sort of crusts over and these areas become dry and tight, then crack and ooze. It hurts so bad when water hits it.
Avatar m tn I live in Southern California, which has a very dry climate. It gets especially bad in the winter. Every winter the skin on my hands, and especially knuckles, gets super dry and starts to crack, sometimes even bleed. I am usually able to control this by applying moisturizing cream to the affected area, but this winter it got really bad on the index finger knuckle on my right hand.
Avatar n tn the area between the fingers is rough as compared to her delicate skin. The skin splits around the knuckles, fine cracks that are red. Throbbing, burning pain... A light cotton glove relieves some of the pain. Never on the palms. She has multiple food allergies (corn, wheat, rye, barley, soy (occ. ok), oranges, potatos, more) but her diet is very well-managed and she eats exceptionally well. Her skin is othewise in good health, she exercises 5x/week 30-60min, sleeps well.
Avatar m tn The mechanisms of disease for these skin conditions do vary. Your skin condition may be any of these as you have noted that solar or sun exposure appears to be the triggering factor here. Solar urticaria and polymorphous light reactions are the likely differentials. You may seek consult with a clinical allergologist or immunologist for this.
Avatar f tn I am always under weight for my height no matter what I try. Now my knuckles are becoming red puffy swollen sore and hard to move/bend. It hurts to warm them and it hurts when there cold, icy hot makes it worse. And now there starting to be dry and cracked on top of swollen and sore. And my feet sometimes feel like there being squeezed or tightly bound with pain up my feet threw my legs and its quite painful, I can't move or walk when this occurs.
Avatar n tn I have very dry skin and my knuckles usually start to bleed before the winter is over. I live in a dry, desert climate. I have never heard of family members having similar problems. My mother (takes care of elderly) is worried it could be a staph infection. I personally do not feel it's ringworm. My husband, nor anyone else that I know, have not developed similar symptoms. None of my animals seem to be having skin issues at this time.
Avatar n tn The picture you reference is rosacea. Your description does not math that, as you realize yourself. I am frankly not sure what you have. I am not sure you have anything. You are paying very intense attention to minor variations in skin appearance and sensation, more perhaps than is useful. I would dispute your assumption that these changes imply that, "clearly something is different in my body." Most skin changes imply nothing of the sort.
Avatar f tn In the past, I have gotten skin irritations around my knuckles during the Winter season, causing my knuckles to get dry and sensitive. But that sensitivity hasn't happened in several years, and this brown spot is in a spot that I have never experienced sensitivity and it looks very different from the hand sensitivity I have had in the past. What could this brown spot be? What could have caused this? And should I see a dermatologist?
Avatar m tn I am very worried about an exposure a few months back. It was winter and really cold. Both my hands were so dry and chapped to the point that there were small bleeding cuts sometimes (By "bleeding cuts", I mean there were small shiny red lines on my knuckles and the surrounding areas, and if I pressed on them, red discharge would come out, possibly blood?) .
Avatar n tn My skin would get horrible rough patches of skin all over; my knuckles would get so dry they would crack and bleed every winter. This dry skin I just assumed were patches of eczema and no doctor ever said differently because it looked and acted like my regular eczema that I get in reaction to my main allergy (fragrance). And the weight problems and constipation was due to everything from family history to a bad diet to me not being active enough.
Avatar f tn I should mention that I noticed the tiny bumps (maybe one or two) on my fingers that would come and go since around 2011, but they were always small and not itchy so I thought nothing of it. This coincided with living in an old dorm building that was incredibly dry during the winter, and I think that might have something to do with it, too. It was only in 2014 that this tiny dot spread and became itchy, inflamed, and crusty.
Avatar m tn Ever since this all started I have also been having dry skin, in the winter my knuckles get very dry and red and bleed at times; I also am very tired after school when I was not in the past. I also noticed that it seems my hair is falling at a faster rate, I can rub my fingers through my hair and get 3-10 hairs. I also have had a drop in libido that has accompanied these symptoms within the past year.
Avatar n tn Dry skin may also be a common factor. Several people got them in Winter when dry skin can be a problem. However it is very hot here in Sydney with temps in the high 30's & very humid. Dry skin could still be relevant to me as I seldom use hand moisturisers & have my hands in water a lot. My latex gloves had a hole in them & I was too ill with pneumonia to shop for replacement so washing up detergent could be another common factor.
Avatar f tn Winter is a bad time of year for me...it's dry...and dry skin and water don't mix well. This is the first year that I can remember where I DIDN'T have bleeding knuckles due to over-washing. My two youngest children are frequently sick. My hubby has COPD...which means that if he so much as catches a cold he's in the hospital on oxygen...or worse. So, like you, I try to keep clean...you know...so that THEY don't get sick.
Avatar n tn I also get migraines, but I have 3 blisters occuring on the same place on my right arch. They dry out, the skin flakes off and then blister again. In this process it is itchy until the blister occurs then it burns until I pop it. I have been using an anitfungal cream the Dr prescribed for 6 weeks now- religiously, NO CHANGE.