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Avatar m tn My baby has a dry skin and we'r using LIPOBASE twice a day. she is only 7 days old. Willit work? and what the advice for these cases? Thisis my second baby and the first is normal (now 3 years old). I and my wife are indirect cousins. If photos required, please advise me to provide.
Avatar f tn I have very dry skin .... its not excema its not in patchs... its just when i shower my arms... legs... stomach are soo dry and i HAVE to moisterize otherwise my skin is all flakey, itchy and tight during the day.... Summer times are not so bad .. although my face has always been dry in places and ive had to keep it moitserized during summer and winter months too..
Avatar f tn I'm sure she's not very comfortable with such dry skin. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else is helpful in this situation?? THanks.
175665 tn?1306462624 for the dry skin i put some baby oil in ds bath water and use aquaphor on his body. the other lotions i used left his skin to dry. my 2yo had dry sensitive skin and still does, i could not use lotion on his face. aquaphor i was able to use on face and body. mmp800--i am going to try the purelan on my feet. thanks!
Avatar n tn Eucerin IS really good for dry skin. I live in AZ and we haven't had rain in like 120 days or something like that. You can get it at Walgreens or Osco. There's a REALLY thick formula that comes in a little tub, and then there is the pump lotion. If you're REALLY REALLY dry, the thick one is good for those nasty spots!
Avatar n tn Hello -- I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or can relate... A couple times in the past few months I will be having bowel issues - going alot (sorry if tmi!) - and i think I irritate the area, then it seems as though the "dry skin" & irritation spread...
189192 tn?1261345228 Jacobs skin is so dry ever since we had to start running the furnace. I'm using a humidifier and baby lotion but it is still so dry. Anybody have any trade secrets.. a lotion you think is better to use? I prefer not to put anything on him with a lot of fragrance in it. I bought some for his face from babies r us that was supposed to be special for faces and hypoallergenic but it was terrible. It smells of flowers so strong we can't even use it.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem! Dry, cracked skin that I have to peel off of my upper eyelids. It comes in waves. It might be bad for a week and go away for a month, or vice versa. It seems to be worse when the weather is hot or dry, but sometimes that makes no difference. And sometimes it cracks so badly it bleeds, like chapped lips. I went to my doctor and he said that I had a "skin condition." I'd never wanted to beat someone so badly.
118074 tn?1228332603 My dd had cradle cap real bad. I rubbed Aquafor onto her scalp and left if overnight. The next day I washed her hair (3 or 4 times to get it all out) and used an infant washcloth to help rub it off but it worked like a charm when nothing else helped.
Avatar n tn You apply it for 15 mins twice a day and after two days your skin is completely clear. My skin was SO bad at the time i was in tears and it fixed me up right away. It also gives you a sun tan. I applied it to my legs and arms and the next day everyone thought i'd gone to Hawaii over night. roughly 1 in 6 people in the world suffer from Psorisis so we are not alone.
Avatar n tn Definitely wash the baby clothes. Babies skin are very sensitive. I dried all the clothes on a lower temp setting. I would recommend using a baby safe detergent since babies skin is very sensitive it's easier to be safe than have to deal with a rash.
Avatar m tn As you know I am suffering this for almost 2 years now. This appeared out of the blue in June 2012 (I say out of the blue because I don't take drugs, don't smoke, don't have diabetes, didn't have chemotherapy, and didn't take medicines for long periods of time -besides 1 week of cyprofloxacin in March 2012).
Avatar f tn When my nieces had their babies all of their skin broke out in tiny little bumps all over their body and face. I think it was because they didn't wash the babies things before putting it on them but i could be wrong. I've been washing her clothes and blankets as i get them because even though they're new people been touching them. But so far the clothes and blankets have shrunk.
Avatar n tn Not all babies are born with different skin colour all over but among African descent you do find a lot who are initially a lot paler than they will be later on, probably among those whose original African descent has been mixed during slavery or during European colonization of their islands. A baby at he Ivory Coast, born to loacl parents, may be really dark to begin with. It is all in the gene pool.
Avatar n tn Okay, so with all this bd'ing, I'm really really dry "down there". The skin actually kinda tore to the point where there's a drop of blood here and there. Is there a special ointment or cream they make for that area of the body? It just seems like neosporin or something to that effect would be too harsh. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn one time my brother in law put a type hair oil in my nephews hair.
Avatar f tn It's not like the normal skin peeling tho , his tummy is peeling but it's dry dead skin the skin in the creases is wet looking .
Avatar f tn We can't figure out why DD is constantly scratching her head, ears, nose and anything in that vicinity. I know she has my skin type (which dries up like crazy when winter rolls around). I don't use soap every day in winter for myself either (I do in certain areas only) for that exact reason. No matter how much lotion I use after the shower, I itch like crazy due to my very sensetive skin type. I'm afraid she inhereted that from me.
Avatar f tn They both had Curly hair, my Daughter does not have this condition and neither does my grandson, both my daughter and grandson have straight hair I have very curly hair I have natural ringlets of curls all over. The only thing that has made an improvement in my skin condition is moving to Florida! I lived in the Midwest growing up and my hands were so Brown and rough no matter what I was given to use.
Avatar n tn Since the pillow experiment, my eyes aren't swollen, red or covered in scaly, dry skin anymore. They do still itch though. I don't drink more than one night a wk and noticed this on other nights, I've never used any MAC product, I've had no allergies to date, non-smoker. I do have an indoor cat and we've had her for years. I originally noticed the problem after starting a treatment of Differin and Benzyclin. I used to think that the medicine got on my under eye skin and irritated it.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 10 days old & her skin is so dry and peeling ! It looks painful! Should I not put lotion on her??
503960 tn?1399932852 We adopted a cat from someone in Mid July, she ended up peeing and pooing everywhere so we had to get rid of her, shes been gone for almost 4 weeks now, since my baby is on the way. What we didn't bother concerning about was, she had really dry skin as well, I don't know what caused it, we took great care of her and she was itching like crazy all the time. I thought it was just because of the dry skin...
Avatar n tn The doctor said it's completely normal and is the result of their skin reacting to being dry for the first time in their lives. I used exactly what you are using, then I switched to Vaseline. That seemed to keep the skin moist longer and helped heal the cracks. I put socks on him to keep the Vaseline from rubbing off.
Avatar f tn Then out comes the gallbladder due to 5 stones finally found in an ultrasound when my mother went off on a doctor. I was 19 when I got the first of 3 false positives in bloodwork in my lifetime also. Then I get diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 25 due to a multitude of medical issues. More recently I have been dealing with a number of absorbption/spinal problems.
453826 tn?1227186830 Most babies will flip before the 36th week and then by 38 weeks only 4% of babies are still in the breech position. My daughter got stuck in the breech position at about 36 weeks and when she didn't move by 38 weeks they gave me the option of scheduling a c-section or for doing an external version which is where they manually using pressure massage behind the babys head to get into to flip down.
Avatar f tn I went to the dermatologist for the first time yesterday and she merely gave me a prescription lotion for extremely dry skin. This actually made the stickyness worse. I applied it to my hands and it just sat on top of this film and became even more sticky. I washed it off, which took two rounds of washing, and the stickyness was worse. I feel like this sounds crazy. It is debilitating. I find it difficult to do much of anything because I stick to anything I touch.
Avatar f tn Don't want to dry out from the constant washing. In my case, pregnancy had given me really dry skin ask over.
Avatar n tn when getting the two babies out of the box i noticed one has only one ear on one side and half an ear on the other side they both are very tiny are i am certain they are only a couple of weeks old, their skin condition is very poor both haing bald patches on their backs, crusty, scaly dry skin from between there eyes to back of their heads and there body is covered in scabs and sores and most of their skin was inflammed, i went straight to pet shop and got some spot on treatment for the babies
Avatar n tn If you can control the itch with cream (I assume this means cream you get in the drugstore), then it's probably from dry winter skin. For proper diagnosis, you will need to see a doctor in person, who can tell you what it is, whether it can be "cured," or at least helped, and so forth. Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn I started switching face soaps regularly, I mean they were sensitive skin in all so I thought no harm. Then I began to experience this hot feeling, itchy tiny little pimples(if you will), breakout all over my cheeks and forehead. Then I would apply a "sensitive skin" face lotion and that would calm it down. Still, you can see that my face is in breakout mode. I now use Cetaphil face wash and I am not sure if it is helping.