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Avatar n tn i tan a lot in the tanning salon and i have what looks like dry and flaky skin on the penis is this common or is this a symptom of a herpes outbreak? And im also confused on something if u have herpes are recurrent outbreaks going to be in the same area or will they be in different areas? Im getting different answers and now im nervous because i get small little cuts in the same area every now and then but i always thought it was from friction!
Avatar m tn I noticed a dry patch on my penis. It small, circular and is dry. Does it sound like herpes type 2? I did some research, and I don't think that's a symptom.
Avatar f tn idk, but i had the same problem, me and my boyfriend both had sores ans redness, he even had dry skin on the underside of his penis.
Avatar f tn It was not herpes. Herpes outbreaks do not heal in a day.
Avatar n tn where was skin to skin contact?
Avatar m tn i had a condition with extremely dry flaky skin on my legs,(dermothopy) which then began to crack and become inflamed. After several weeks had several blisters on back of legs and one on foot which healed quickly. Doctor thought it may be HSV2 but culture was negative. I am still concerned about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I was sexual active with a girl in Oct 2008. I developed 2 very small areas of dry skin on my penis and one on my scrotum. One eventually developed a scab and they other 2 just healed. There was a general tingling/itching senasation on the sides of the shaft of penis and the botton on both sides of my scrotum. Also my anus itched intensely. I went to a local health clinic and was tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, Hep B/C and all came back negative.
Avatar n tn hello i have a one round dry shiny skin on the penis glans that's painless and not itchy its 9 day since its first appear......i'm so worry about having a herpes virus. 2 month ago i have sex with my girlfriend, we started without condom but after a few minute i wear the condom thru out the sex...
Avatar m tn About a week later I noticed that my penis became extremely dry, with small patches of dry cracked skin occurring in a couple of spots on my foreskin. My penis would also become very red in color after masturbating and the head of my penis would become extremely dry as well. After 6 weeks of this occurring the dryness has decreased but is still mildly present. I have been very concerned as I have read that genital herpes can present itself as patches of dry cracked skin.
Avatar n tn The skin looked shiny and red, and after a few days it became hard and dry with lots of dry hard skin on top. Then the extra skin fell off after 2 days (and a lot of moisturizer), and now it looks normal again, except for a tiny cut like thing, that might have been a crack from the dry skin. The cut doesn't hurt. I have had some unprotected oral prior to the event, and one unprotected blowjob when the skin looked shiny and red. I have a couple of questions: 1) Is this herpes?
Avatar f tn Hi. I have a rash on my chest that looks just like herpes zoster but it doesnt pain at all, it only itches. I've been treated for herpes zoster but it didnt go away. I've been to 2 dermatologists but neither of them know what it is and they've put me on steriods for short periods at a time. After finishing the steroiads the rash would 'seemingly' dry up but re-appear in about a week. This has been going on for about a year, please HELP!
Avatar f tn I do have sensative skin in general, I have allergies to some shampoos and my skin can get really dry in winter. I thought is was an infection but when i went to the walk in doctor he only tested for STD's and nothing else, he thought it was herpes. I never have had any bumms or bubbles. Just what i stated above.
Avatar m tn t have really any bumps, just red, and peeling skin, kind of like when you get dry skin on your face, thats what the dry skin looks like on the rash, do you think it could be a std. as in herpes or something?
Avatar f tn Dry, irritated skin is not a symptom of herpes. It can be just dry skin, or a sign of an allergic reaction, a fungal infection, eczema, or a host of other things, but it's not herpes or an STD. If you are concerned, get it checked. (You should probably get it checked if it lingers, since the treatments for all of those are quite different, and treating it incorrectly could make things worse.
Avatar f tn Is dry skin a symptom of herpes? I have some dry skin towards the bottom of my penis. I read online that is a symptom of herpes.
Avatar m tn i have a recurrent dry skin 2 weeks after it went away. it looks like dry skin, not nearly as dry but on the same spot on my scrotum. it does not itch or feel like anything.
Avatar m tn Or skin peeling n or flaking off?
Avatar m tn Although you still may catch the herpes virus even though you use protection, the dry patchy skin that you noticed on yourself may not be herpes, but a localised dry patch of skin, may be an allergy to soap or dermatitis. Rub some moisture cream that is also antiseptic or an antibacterial cream like germolene, sudocrem, doublebase, your pharmacist may have a suitable cream. Herpes normally comes out like blisters and sores that run along the nerve route.
Avatar m tn The next day or so the skin on my penis glans looked extremely dry and pale. There was also a very minor split in the skin on the bottom edge of my glans. It healed almost immediately and was only a 1mm or so long. It looked lke the result of the dry skin. My penis glans looked like there was a layer of loose skin which was all wrinkled. When i pulled my foreskin back, i noticed indentations on the loose layer of skin.
Avatar n tn The burning continued in the penis, not on the dry skin and the dry skin turned into a somewhat rash, it does not have any lesions and is not tendor, it just has some discoloration and wrinkles that I am concerned about. I went to a second doctor and he told me that I might have a STD (Chlamydia or gonnarhea) due to the burning sensation(Not while urinating). He prescribed me an azithromycin 1g.
Avatar m tn This past week I have had something going on with my penis. At first it looked like extremely dry skin with white dry skin covering most of my penis shaft and it started flaking. It did NOT hurt or was not uncomfortable in any way. I put a ton of Neosporin on it which might have irritated the skin. A day later, a red dry rash started appearing on my penis shaft and underside of penis. I also had it around the pubic region of my penis.
Avatar n tn Last week I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend and the skin on my penis seemed extra dry and I picked the dry skin in one area. I broke the skin but now I have 8 red bumps on the shaft of my penis and I am just wondering if you have any advice to what this is. These bumps are fairly small but they hurt when I walk because my penis rubs against my leg and when i touch my penis to urine. I am thinking that i picked the dry skin and it just needs time to heal but I honestly do not know.
Avatar f tn Herpes is a tricky question because it can be spread through skin to skin contact. Since you have already get it tested, I don't think you have herpes. You are just being stressed out.
Avatar f tn Recently I have had an issue with tiny redish/skin colored bumps around my vaginal area along with extremely dry flaky skin. This never irritated or bothered me a lot, although it tends to get itchier the longer the day goes on. In the past I've had 1 or 2 breakouts around that area that went away in a day or so and razor bumps that were slightly itchy occasionally. Never scaly or dry skin though.
Avatar n tn Next, it formed a lined white border of dry skin around it that looked as if the blister just broke through the skin separating the blister from the rest of the skin. Also, the surrounding area around the blister has a lighter red surface. The blister has only caused irritation (not pain, but discomfort) when it is touched or pressed upon, particularly after showering/in the morning, when it's very dry.