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Avatar f tn My face is sooo dry. I already have really sensitive skin and now my face is just so dry and irritated. I've been putting lotion on it like crazy but it doesn't help. I don't use soap to wash my face. Please and suggestions or remedies would be awesome!!
Avatar m tn Same here!!!!! Ugh I can't even wear makeup because it gets all flaky so gross I don't know what to do! I lube it up with lotion every day and it doesn't change!
Avatar f tn Soo I'm dealing with dry skin in my face seems like no lotion is working for it now. I've never had this problem until recently. Anyone else having this problem and what's something that would help??? 18w=5m if it matter how far I am.
Avatar f tn What helps with dry skin besides lotion. I mostly have the dry skin on my face and I just don't like it. It starting getting noticeable a couple days ago and I just want to find a way to get rid of it or whatever helps.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies do any of u hv very dry skin im only 16weeks 4 days and my face is so ry feels horrible to touch was wondering of any of u knw any good face masks creams teqniques lol nything ..
Avatar f tn I am almost 12 weeks, and my hands are really dry, and i have patches on my face that are dry. and on other parts of my face, i am full of acne ( Not fun) I assume it is part of the pregnancy, as I never had any of this prior. I have tried putting lotion (thickly layered on) on my hands and then placing a cotten sock or if you have them, a cotten glove on before going to bed It has worked wonders for me.
1980069 tn?1328912468 I have extremely dry skin on my face since I got pregnant.I have tried everyyyything!!!! Does anyone have any suggestions on what works best to sooth it?
Avatar n tn how about you try a vitmin E lotion? i use it every now and then when my face gets dry and it really works. or maybe vasline? ive used vasline too, and it really takes the dryness out of my face.
4250330 tn?1388621179 Vitamin E cream works very well
Avatar f tn Look out for moisturising cream for dry and sensitive skin. Apply it after you wash your face/shower as this is when your face will dry the most. I suffered terrible dry skin, so bad i felt like my face was cracking and thats what i done.
Avatar f tn My skin was dry and i started using baby lotion and it helped so much! I also had really dry lips, i started using the eos lip balm and it helps. Hope this helps you as well if you try either one!
Avatar f tn Especially on my face! Does anyone have any reccomendations on a really goid lotion or oil etc both for face and body!!!!
Avatar f tn I'm 30 weeks and 2 days pregnant. For the last couple of months I've noticed my skin (feet, face and hands) are super dry. My feet are the worst, it's like no matter how much lotion I put on them they're still not smooth. What can I do to help it?
5650943 tn?1374112808 So im almost 22 weeks and my skin has been exrra dry no matter how much i put on or the kind of the lotion it stays dry all the time any of you ladies have this problem
Avatar f tn Anyone else have dry red itchy skin on face with my last pregnancy I had it and it stuck around for the four years til this one but it wasn't really bad baby lotion would usually help well it's back with a vengeance this time it hurts it's burning and itching so bad any suggestions that has helped with urs
Avatar f tn So lately I've been experiencing some dry skin! All over my legs and thighs and face! I've Ben reading a lot of people saying it's because of not enough water... Did any if you ladies experience this? And what helped!?
Avatar f tn It could be either you are allergic to something in the lotion or your face is a bit too raw. I would try some cetaphil lotion. It can be really soothing. It was recommended by a doctor several years ago when my hand were like that, too. I use a very light application of Hydrocortisone on my face when it gets really bad. My allergist said this is the best choice. I usually apply a lotion after that then it doesn't sting. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Because once it wears off, from either me sweating, or rubbing my face against something, my skin becomes dry again. And when I touch them, or put lotion, or face cleansers that help with dry skin, they burn, and get irritated. I REALLY need help, I don't know what to do anymore....
Avatar f tn Anyway, I use generic brand of Cetaphil to wash my face and a face lotion that is for sensitive skin and is noncomedogenic. I get the walmart brand of both. Recently I bought a face sponge that lightly scrubs off the dry skin. It seems to be working. I know people say to not scrub, but what are you to do?? Have a crusty face all day? I also stopped putting acne medicine on my face because that I was irritating it more.
Avatar m tn I have some vaseline body and face lotion for dry skin. My question is applying this lotion on my penis safe? I dont want to do any harm to the sensitive part, my glands. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Ok so I'm nearing the other and of pregnancy I'll be 32 weeks tomorrow. My face seems so dry around my cheeks an forehead. I don't wanna put lotion on my face an risk irritating it and make my face all red and puffy since my face is very sensitive. What can I do? For whatever reason the skin on my face is sensitive like most face washes I'm allergic makes my face all red an swollen.
Avatar f tn I'm having a boy and the same thing happens to me. My cheeks and t zone are dry but my nose is oily. I use the gel lotion from clinique because it's really lightweight or just put lotion on the dry spots. Have you tried a less harsh cleanser?
4105678 tn?1356545271 Yes! My skin was always dry all over, my face was always broken out and blotchy and had bags under my eyes with my son, it's the same way this time around but don't know what I'm having yet..only 11weeks!
Avatar f tn I am taking allergy medivatipn but it is not helping. I can put lotion on at 7 am and my face will be dry again by noon. Does anyone else have this rash?. What do you use that helps with it?.
Avatar f tn Thanks. Its not intolerable, but I just feel a little out of control. Im using Cetaphil for everything right now. Cetaphil face wash and 24 hour mosturizer. My dermatologist also gave me D&L lotion which they say is a great lotion and still dry dry skin.I hope my body adjusts, thanks for the advice!
Avatar f tn Hello ladies... my 2 month old has really dry skin forehead/face I haven't put any lotion or anything on her face.. Has your baby had that.. what helped? what did you put on it?
6265786 tn?1386113658 I suffered with that white patchy skin since my first pregnancy after i had my first it continued.. I have it now n i hvent found any thing that works better than excema creams n foot creams work well as well ive tried those too ...