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Avatar n tn Would dehydration cause tachycardia, cracking bones, itchy dry skin, dry mouth and dry throat? I have reason to believe I may be dehydrated. I have had worsening symptoms but I have noticed along with my quick weight loss due to loss of appetite and stress, that I do not drink enough fluids and while I was anxious I sweated excessively and cried lot. Now, when I cry, my tear ducts sting like crazy, I have a constantly fast heart rate, I am anxious and have neurological symptoms.
1711722 tn?1356491154 Even with my water intake, I noticed earlier this week (Week 10) that my lips were chapped, my skin is dry and my hair is parched. Time for some changes again. Any recommendations?? Thanks for your thoughts. Oh, since beginning VIC, I also have this weird side effect of milky white stuff in the corner of my eyes. Doesn't hurt or itch, but I wondered if anyone else had this side. Thanks.
1827365 tn?1410509906 In a healthy adult you can typically treat mild dehydration with more water or sports drinks. More severe signs are extreme thirst, extremely dry mucus membranes, dry skin that loses it's elasticity (when you pinch into a fold it doesn't bounce back) little to no urinary output, amber or very dark concentrated urine if you can pee, decreased blood pressure and dizziness. In that case you need to be seen right away.
Avatar f tn Skin problems are an extra-hepatic manifestation of Hepatitis C infection. Dry skin perhaps is an early precursor to more serious and annoying skin problems. I really don't know. I have lichen planus (from biopsy) which is probably a result of long term infection. You can google skin problems and hepatis c to get the picture of what sorts of skin problems are associated with HepC. If it is systemic, as it is with Diabetes e.g.
Avatar f tn So lately I've been experiencing some dry skin! All over my legs and thighs and face! I've Ben reading a lot of people saying it's because of not enough water... Did any if you ladies experience this? And what helped!?
Avatar f tn I think it is due to dehydration, because I have dry lips. But I drink so much water and other fluids every day. I pee around the clock, but I'm still dehydrated and I don't think I can take these headaches another second. Yesterday I had 90 oz of water. 2 coconut waters. Cranberry juice and G2 Gatorade. This morning I've had 1 64 oz of water. 32 oz of Pedialyte. Cranberry juice& water combo. And the headache is here and chapped lips.
Avatar m tn am so thursty 24 hours, i drink 5 to six gallons a day. my skin is sooooo dry that everybody sees me they tell me whats wrong with your skin its so dry. i visited so many doctors some said its shingles others said noway. and am lost. please help me.
Avatar m tn Has anyone experienced an increase in dehydration and skin dryness after tx? I am just at 2 weeks post tx and still fatigued as expected this early but I've noticed that my skin, nasal passages, mouth, and lips are dryer than they ever were on tx. (or maybe I was just to out of it to notice) I've kept up my water intake as I did with tx and lately I'm drinking even more. Never had cracked lips or dry mouth the entire tx but now it has really set in. Why now? Very strange drugs.
Avatar n tn Beside lightheadedness and weakness, you might noticed a less amount of dark-colored morning urine with a stronger smell than usual, dry mouth, dry skin and prolonged skin turgor (skin fold on the back of the hand flattens slowly, after you pinch and release it. http://www.allhealthsite.com/26/complications-of-diarrhea-dehydration-malnutrition-etc-2/ Not energy drinks (no coffeine, taurine!
Avatar m tn i work in the heat so i thought it was prickly heat but i didn't see the little red dots.. so i was thinking what else could it be, its so uncomfortable...ist it nerves or dry skin..
Avatar n tn I've noticed a small rounded dry patch skin into my arm and I get alarmed because we are treating a baby with eczema. I'm not so sure if I also got it from a detergent soap, since I also do the washing most of the time. So I've just applied E45 cream, then red spots appeared suddenly. Its not itchy though but it gets bigger and I think its jumping. I've noticed now I've got it on my right arm too. I'm afraid it might be some kind of a skin disease I might have got it fom the baby.
Avatar f tn My son is 28, has rheumatoid arthritis, sjogren's syndrome, & Down Syndrome. His eyes & mouth are severely dry from the sjogren's. He is having a problem with what we believe is either dehydration or overheating when he does any activity that is cardio. He drinks a sports drink before, during, and after basketball or the treadmill.
544468 tn?1225200966 Hi, Xerosis is the medical term for dry skin. It can have many different causes, including general dehydration, Vitamin A deficiency, and diabetes. Apart from the various lotions/creams etc. you should drink plenty of water every day to keep skin well hydrated. Also include plenty of greens and yellow-orange colored fruits and vegetables as they all contain Vit A in plenty. You cannot undo the damage caused by alcohol by just drinking plenty of water.
674555 tn?1272603976 It could very well be a virus that has caused this heart condition. Signs of dehydration are cherry red lips, dry inside the mouth, sunken eyes, loss of elasticity to the skin. The pedialyte is better for dehydration than water itself. You want to replace your electrolytes. Pop is good for replacing electrolytes also along with Gatorade. If you are not vomiting or have diarrhea, I would doubt that you are dehydrated.
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for keeping me posted! Yes diarrhea, increased urination and dehydration can make your skin dry and wrinkled. You are understandably very anxious and hence facing all these anxiety related problems. Please go through this link for possible causes of chronic diarrhea: http://www.cdc.gov/Ncidod/dpd/parasites/diarrhea/factsht_chronic_diarrhea.htm HIV test is negative in the window period. The test is only positive after two months of exposure.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to have oily skin in the summer, more humid times and dry skin in the winter, less humid times? Thank you in advance for someone helping me with my question.
Avatar n tn Also, my skin is so much more resilient and soft now. I also used to get really dry skin on hands and feet, had to use tons of creams to moisturize....but not anymore after LCHF.
Avatar n tn My incivek rash was the beginning of the skin issues. Long story short I'm dealing with cracked skin, especially on my shins, dry skin, like parchmentt paper, dry scalp and falling out hair and eyebrows and dry eyes! I've tried all Aveeno products, gold bond, coconut oil etc. I feel like Ive aged 100 years in the past 5+ months. I'm hoping my liver looks better than my outside. I've been UND since week two. Thank God I'm almost finished.
Avatar m tn Hello, This dry flaking skin can be due to seborrheic dermatitis. It is usually caused by overgrowth of Malassezia furfur. This skin disease commonly affects adolescents and young adults, especially in warm and humid climates and is aggravated by sweating and humidity. Topical antifungals and mild steroids are the usual treatment and combination of the two can be used to treat stubborn patches.
Avatar m tn any delay in skin flattening speaks for dehydration. This test obviously doesn't work in people who have wrinkled skin even when well hydrated; it may also not work in obese individuals in whom the skin can flatten quickly even when dehydrated. Decreased skin elasticity probably appears only when you miss more than one liter of water in your body. 5. Dry mouth (and later, lips). Also not an early, but when you miss more than 1-2 liters of water, you wil very likely experience dry mouth.
Avatar n tn Although I wouldn't decribe the knuckles as 'dry' anymore, they still have a dry almost 'wrinkled' appearence that my other knuckles don't have. I have moisturised CONSTANTLY since I noticed this but it doesn't really seem to make any difference. I have tried the whole water sealed in with vasaline thing, thinking that it might be dehydration, I use hand cream all of the time, i drink lots and lots of water and i've even condidered my diet, but I'm running out of idea's!
Avatar m tn Hi there, I seem to have a case of very dry lips. Have mines for 3-4 yrs now but seems to be getting a bit worst. I've tried EVERYTHING. Have very very dry lips top and bottom, no itching, and at times i get little rashes after using various products. Lips get extremely white dry and looks horrible, very embarrassing.
Avatar n tn Hello and I am 14 and I recievered oral sex 1-2 months ago, Now on my penis everytime I masturbate dry skin forms on the head of the penis, dry white flaky skin. It doesn't hurt or sting Its just annoying, it comes off when i wash it off. I have also masturbated in the shower and the dry skin does not form.
Avatar f tn On my arms and legs sometimes I have patches of dry skin, sometimes they get inflamed and become very itchy and red, nothing seems to work. The ones on my arm leave my skin white where the patch was. Awhile ago I've been noticing that the patches have been starting to form around my cheeks and my chin. I've visited many doctors for my skin, and they've all been left puzzled. They have diagnosed me with enzyme and I have been prescribed many creams and pills.. Which haven't helped at all.
Avatar m tn Does anyone have any idea of good lotions to use or whether this is some type of condition that I need to see a doctor for? The skin isn't just dry, it has become very thick and leathery and is somewhat gross to the touch if i want to hold hands with a girl so it is somewhat embarassing. I'd like to get rid of it somehow but just don't know. Thanks for the help...