Dry skin after pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Really dry skin on my face. Never had it before is it something that comes with pregnancy?
Avatar f tn 28 weeks today and my skin is very dry done lotion and its not working any more else having this issue.
Avatar f tn Don't get coconut oil mixed with hemp. Buy pure fractionated coconut oil. Most health food stores have them.
Avatar f tn Hello dear, This many happen during pregnancy so try to avoid some things like too much washing with harsh soaps can dry out your skin. Switch to a nonsoap cleanser and use it no more than once a day. Take care to keep your body well moisturized. This may helps you to make you skin healthy.
Avatar n tn I tried a pineapple/sugar scrub to take away dry skin, and that worked for a few days but now its back to chalky even after I moisturize. Does anyone know of at home remedies to cure it? I'm starting to feel like a dry sponge... Anything under $20 :-D THANKS SO MUCH!
492921 tn?1321293496 So I know there isn't anything that is going to prevent stretch marks if I'm gonna get them I'm gonna get them. I have had really dry skin and itchy. I normally use Bath and Body Works body cream and it's just to expensive to be going through a tube every 7-8 days. I bought Palmers Tummy Butter (cocoa butter oil) and I broke out and had a rash all over my body and made the itching worse. I stopped using it and with in a day the itching was gone and about 5 days the rash was gone.
8531034 tn?1419097581 Before you shower in the morning take a cotton ball soak it and rub it all over your face let it dry then just rinse it in the shower. And before bed after you take off your make up rub it all over your face let it dry then rinse and pat dry my acne got sooooooo bad I hated looking in the mirror and now its almost gone.
Avatar f tn You can also use calamine lotion or cream with zinc oxide paste applied directly to wet skin after bathing. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
9536744 tn?1414125631 It helped tremendously with my itchy skin it was so dry I would take off my shirt and flakes of skin would fall out and be stuck to my shirt but now my skin is healthy and hydrated
Avatar f tn Just curious if anyone else is experiencing very dry itchy skin. I have had dry skin all my life but this pregnancy is making it almost unbearable! I keep putting lotion on but it doesnt even help.
492921 tn?1321293496 Have any of you had these changes with your skin and moisturizer I know pregnancy can cause dry skin but not usually this early. Thanks for any input.
Avatar n tn Usually because your skin was exposed to so much moisture being as it was in the water that when you dry off, your skin becomes dry as well. Try some lotion maybe...? are there any other signs you might be pregnant?
Avatar f tn The first time we had sex, he woke up the next morning with what looked like dry skin. Then the day after that (so two days after sex) he had a red dot (not a bump) and the dry skin. The doctor said it looked like just irritated skin, and to use lotion,no sex for a week, and to come back if it didn't go away. It went away within a day or two. So we waited a week, had sex again, and the exact same thing: dry looking skin, and three red dots (not bumps.
Avatar f tn I use Utter Butter for stretch marks and dry skin. You can use it on your nipples too during and after pregnancy. The Utter Butter is completely safe for the baby even as it's nursing so you're covered either way. With your body changing and skin stretching, you're probably going to end up with a lot of dry skin problems and some flaky patches here and there.
Avatar n tn You should be tested for PUPPs (I believe that is the correct acronym?!). Mine is not dry and patchy or itchy. It's just the skin in that area has darkened. Skin problems do arise in pregnancy, some more serious than others. You could call and see if you should move your appointment up.
Avatar f tn A lotion called CeraVe has helped me with the dry skin I've been having (you can get it most places, but it's cheapest at walmart), but you should mention it to your OB because in some cases itchy skin can be a sign of an issue.
268356 tn?1236006204 No havent heard of the dry skin complaint........Heard that pregnancy makes your skin greasy and spotty but not dry. As for the hip, not sure, i know that i have pain in my let side due to cysts on my ovarys, is it a dull ache or sharp pain?
Avatar f tn I hate using ChapStick and I've gotten so use to only needing to before bed, after brushing teeth and if I feel dry but lately they have been so dry no matter what! I did notice that if I exfoliate my lips with a washcloth in the shower and then apply a genorous amount of lip balm that they end up feeling less dry during the day. Doesn't help that it's cold outside, but hopefully it goes away soon.
202436 tn?1326477933 I have EXTREMELY dry skin, always have. It gets a lot worse during pregnancy. I haven't been able to find anything that works for my skin....until now. All the other lotions I've tried still leave my skin ashy, itchy, dry and old looking no matter how many times I put it on or how much. I could put lotion on and wait 10 minutes and then scratch my arm and it would leave white ashy lines. I was at walmart the other day checking out the lotions they have...
Avatar f tn It usually disappears right after delivery. You may also find that things that normally make you itchy, such as dry skin, make you even itchier when you're pregnant. Eczema often worsens during pregnancy, though some women find that their condition actually improves. With psoriasis the situation is reversed: Many women report less severe symptoms during pregnancy, while a few find that being pregnant makes their psoriasis worse.
192918 tn?1199454779 Being really cold is a symptom (I never experienced this). I did gain a lot of weight (after losing all of it immediately after the birth of my 2nd baby) Originally I was hyperthyroid and then it flipped to hypo...apparently very common to have this happen. TIRED, I WAS LETHARGIC...that is another symptom of "hypo" I thought it was from being a mother of 2 under 2...silly me.
1123420 tn?1350564758 This is for the ladies who have had/have excessive hair loss after pregnancy. Its so frustrating and overwhelms me at times, and DB jokes that I'm gonna be balled soon :( I'm not exaggerating, like I am seriously losing soo much hair, I have handfuls of it when I get out of the shower and rub mouse in my hair, its sickening. If I toss my hair out of the way I lose a bundle of hair no joke. I'm really upset about this and want it to end. I am 6 months PP...
Avatar n tn However, to shed a little light on pregnancy after tubaligation, you sure can get pregnant after having your tubes tied and I am living proof. After having my fourth son and fourth c-section 13 years ago I decided to have my tubes tied. Well to make a long story short I'm now sitting here 4 months pregnant and the baby is in the uterus. My doctor had not giving me any explainantion as to why this happen.
Avatar f tn So my doctor keeps saying watch out for extra moisture which is normal in pregnancy but im actually doing the opposite. Im extremely dry like more then i was before pregnancy. O actually wish it was a little moist because it makes sex difficult i feel like a old couple that need lube im screaming the ehole time and hes frustrated.
Avatar n tn Put the same cream on it that you're putting on your belly. I use cocoa butter on my itchy dry skin. Also, drink a lot of water. It'll help hydrate your skin internally.
Avatar f tn itchy nipples is normal during your entire pregnancy especially at the begginig though because your entire boob is growing along with your nipple so it stretches the skin sometimes breaking your skin and causing irritation and itchness and stuff so thats normal i wouldnt worry about it. im not to sure about the dry vagina though.......
Avatar f tn My fiance has very thick dry skin on the palms of his hands and the bottoms of his feet; it's like the whole palm or sole is callussed. I know it's genetic, almost everyone on that side of the family have it. What is it?
7827642 tn?1396962358 Your welcome just a heads up After you rinse it your hair will feel like it's dry. It did for me But once I let it dry my hair felt so soft.
Avatar n tn When I was about 6months pregnant, my skin started to dry out so badly that it statred have patches of darker drier skin only on my arms, chest and tummy. I am black but my neck became even darker.Now I am 11months post pregnancy and yet the pigmentation on my arms and chest have only faded slightly. My friends says its the hormones. What do I do to clear this pigmentations.? Can the hormones still be an issue after this long? My skin looks really horrible.